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Village of Ashley Assorted People (p.1)
This collection features black and white photographs of people from the Village of Ashley in Delaware County, Ohio.

Brick & Tile Mill at Dennis Farms
Brick & Tile Mill at Dennis Farms

Village of Ashley Historical Buildings (p. 1)
Assorted historical buildings of Ashley, OH

Ashley Dominant Band
Ashley Dominant Band 1900 Copy for Ashley Library[sic] Ashley Dominant Band (per picture - about 1900)

Roosevelt House
The Roosevelt House burned circa 1970. It was also known as Claude Lee's house. The house was located east of Ashley past creek on the North Side.

Ashley Opera House
Picture of Ashley Opera House
written on back March 20, 1978 Delaware Gazette

Ashley Fair and Junior Fair Combined (p. 1)
This 1949 fair program contains the following: fair officers & board members, constitution, entry form, premiums paid, and local business advertisements.

Our Frontier 1800-1860 and the Birth of Our Town of Ashley 1849 (p. 1)
Information and stories about the early days of frontier life in Delaware County and the formation of the village of Ashley, Ohio.

The Buckeye Hat Story (p. 1)
Bicentennial Edition of The Buckeye Hat Story (in pictures) by Kenneth I. Lea
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