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Galena Tile and Brick Company Photo Collection of Gene Fuller (1)
This photo collection of Gene Fuller shows the history of the Galena Tile and Brick company in Galena Village, Delaware County, Ohio. Mr. Fuller worked at Galena Tile and Brick for a number of years. The company was in business from 1893 -1983.

This photo of the Galena volunteer firemen appears in the Oct. 11, 1951 edition of the Sunbury News.

"Left to right are the volunteer firemen: Herbert Coleman, Woodrow Stover, Oakey Potts, Carl Stein, Joe Hubbard, Bud Mays, Ford Hubbard, Chief…

Virginia Ihle
This is a video of an interview with Virginia Ihle in which she talks about her family, education, career and the Dustin House.

First Train - 1873.JPG
This photograph shows the railroad water tank in Galena with a train sitting in front of the tank. The caption on the front of the photograph reads "First train-1873."

A View of Galena Ohio Both Past and Present (1)
This book is a collection of full color photographs taken by Floyd Siebert and several other photographers from the Westerville, Ohio, Senior Center, and the Delaware County Source Point Center. This combined group of photographers took pictures of…

gas station now.jpg
This is a photo of the Galena Tire and Battery Shell Station on the south side of Galena Square. In the past, the building was used as a grocery store.

This is a photograph of a grocery store on the south side of Galena Square. A man dressed in a suit and a young boy are standing in front of the store.

If you know the names of the man and the young boy, please contact the library at 740-965-3901…

Galena Square-North Side.jpg
This is a photograph of the north side of Galena Square.

This photograph of the railroad water tank was taken by a member of the Mid-Buckeye Camera Club of Sunbury.

Dustin House.jpg
This is a photograph of the Dustin House on the west side of Galena Square. The building has been used as the office of Galena physician Dr. L.M. Ihle, and it is currently being used as an attorney's office.
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