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Early Delaware County Sunbury and Community (p. 1)
Carleton Burrer's brief history of early Delaware County and Sunbury was written upon the 175th anniversay of the establishment of Delaware County. The growth and development of the Village of Sunbury, and the evolution of the Burrer's flour mill and…

The Sunbury and Galena Communities and how they were in 1938 when Sunbury Lions Club Originated (p. 1)
Carleton Burrer's history of the origin of the Sunbury Lion's Club and a description of what the communities of Galena and Sunbury were like at the time of the club's establishment in 1938. Mr. Burrer describes each of the businesses located on the…

The Origin of the Name Sunbury (p. 1)
This book presents Carleton and Dorothy Burrer's research findings of how the town of Sunbury in Berkshire Township, Ohio, received its name. The Burrer's trips to England and people encountered during their travels are described. Some information on…
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