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This picture shows the birthplace of Foster Lane (1903-1992) on Centerburg Rd. in Porter Township.

Photograph of the Blainey hotel and stagecoach stop in East Liberty on St. Rt. 656.

This picture shows the Seymour Chambers (1831-1912) house built in 1881. According to census records, Mr. Chambers worked as a farmer in Porter Township throughout his life.

Photograph of Lane Aviation founder Foster Lane (1903-1992) standing in front of one of his airplanes.

This house was most likely built before 1901, and was the home of one of Olive Green's founders, Christopher Lindenberger. In 1836, Lindenberger established himself as a merchant in Olive Green.

Clawson House.jpg
This house is described as the old Clawson House in the
"Big Walnut area: historical survey of buildings, structures, and natural items of interest in the area," published in 1993. The picture shown here was taken October 7, 2022, and is available…

This is a photograph of the Mt. Pleasant Church at 5697 Condit Road in Porter Township. The photo is available at the Real Estate Data Search on the county Auditor's website, Delaware County, Ohio.

First Train - 1873.JPG
This photograph shows the railroad water tank in Galena with a train sitting in front of the tank. The caption on the front of the photograph reads "First train-1873."

This is a video of reunions taking place in various schools in Porter Township.

This is a photograph of men working on the Hartford Road bridge in Trenton township.

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