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Fire Threatens Auto Agency, House Trailer

Scioto-Olentangy Game Features County League

Jury Gives Freeway Land Owner $25,095

Photo of Wilson Road, looking from east to west on the stretch between North Galena and Carter's Corner. This photo was taken before the North Star Golf Club and subdivision were built.

Delaware County Ohio Will Records Vol. 1 1812-1835 (p. 1)
Delaware County Will Records Vol. 1 1812-1835. This book is located at the Delaware County Records Center at 2079 US 23 North PO Box 8006 Delaware, Ohio 43015.

The Sunbury News

Record Book of Berkshire Township No. 2 1807-1843 (p. 1)
Record Book of Berkshire Township No. 2 1807-1843 is the record book of the settlement that has become known as Berkshire Corners, located at the intersection of what is now St. Rt. 37 and Galena Rd. The book is a record of some of the settlers'…

Cemetery Record Galena and Berkshire Cemetery (p. 1)
This book lists the names of deceased persons buried in the Berkshire Cemetery from March 19, 1909-November 15, 1948; the Galena Cemetery from May 12, 1930- September 25, 1949; and Redbank and Burnside Cemeteries from April 11, 1947-July 30, 1947. …

Atlas of Delaware Co. Ohio (p. 9)
This map shows the area known locally as Berkshire Corners as it was in 1866. The map includes a key identifying businesses and advertisers in the area.

Daniel Bennett, Jr. (p. 1)
This document is the biography of Daniel Bennett, Jr., written
by his grandchildren Louise Bennett Pinney and Raymond Durling Bennett to
commemorate the 150th annivesary of his birth.
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