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I-DENTITY (p. 1)


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In grateful acknowledgement of the sacrifices and

perseverance of our forebears; I-DENTITY

is dedicated to my children and to Longshore Posterity


Respectfully submitted


Maxine Longshore

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I-DENTITY (p. 2)


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I-DENTITY was written to satisfy the hunger each of us has

to know "who am I and where did I come from?" Perhaps the

background will give a sense of direction to the foreground.

The following is an explanation of the purpose of this work

and is by no means an apology for it.

A genealogy is simply an account of family ancestors and rel-

atives with their pedigrees. No doubt some will find it dull,

dry, boring-while others will think it exciting. In my

research, I have found references to different families' occupat-

ions, careers, and special projects which are included to add

interest. Hopefully each Longshore family will find this work

helpful whenever he would like to find out where Great, Great

Uncle Harry lived and what he did for a living, who his wife was

and how many kids did he have anyway, and why did he leave Ohio

(or wherever) in the first place! You will not find all the

answers but you may find some valuable clues. I have carefully

researched and tried to validate all statements. However, by the

very nature of the subject, some data has to be based on tradit-

ion, hearsay, and the reliability of someone's memory. Even the

census takers made mistakes in their recordings of names and

birthdates, partly because at times the respondents themselves

did not know how to spell their names, read, or write and oftentimes

the early census takers themselves were just one step ahead of the

illiterate. So please take any mistakes in stride and try to

understand how it could happen even among very conscientious

recorders; and make your own corrections and additions.

The genuine history student no doubt will thrill as he fits

his own ancestor into the proper time slot and location, and his

imagination can run riot as he pictures his courageous OWN-striving

for religious freedom, fighting the wars, clearing the

wilderness, fleeing the Indians, burying their children, strugg-

ling to stave off starvation and other privations. He can also

envision happy times such as barn dances, family and community

gatherings, games and contests, the plain simple family together-

ness in work and recreation. Americans have always played, sung

their songs, and danced, and most importantly - laughed!

Many thanks to each of you who has cooperated so beautifully

and contributed in any way. Special gratitude to my father-in-law,

Lester Longshore, who patiently racked his brain to answer my

persistent questions; Harold and Bessie Longshore who drove to

Ohio from Iowa last fall special to bring their data on the Truman

Longshore line, compiled in part by the late Homer Longshore and

Matilda Longshore Rule; Claire Longshore Raybuck who helped me

read tedious microfilm at the libraries; my husband, Russell, who

tolerated my meanderings in the cemeteries, and my absent-mindedness

while I was focusing on people, dates, and places of yesteryear;

but most of all to my daughter, Janet Nuckles Mallett, who gave

freely of her expertise and time to photocopy this story.

I have loved every minute of this experience, especially the

making of new friends. If in any way, my probings into family

matters has offended anyone, please forgive.

Respectfully Submitted,

Maxine [Mrs. Russell] Longshore
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I-DENTITY (p. 3)


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Family members

Delaware County History of 1880 by Baskins

History of Bucks County, Pa. by Davis (1905)

Early Friends, Families of Upper Bucks by Roberts

Memoranda and Diary of Thomas Ellwood Longshore (1835)

1800 Census of Bucks County, Pa.

1850 and 1860 Delaware County Census from Ohio

Delaware County Tax Records of 1812 (Ohio)

Various deeds and wills from Delaware County, Ohio

Delaware County Vital Statistics

Wills from Pa

Books of Tombstone Inscriptions from Delaware County, Ohio and

Muskingum County, Ohio

Delaware County Atlas of 1860

Longshore Reunion Records from 1898

World Book

Richard Skolnik's Great Heritage Books

These various references were found at The Columbus Branch of

The Latter Day Saints Library, Ohio Historical Center, Ohio

State Library, Westerville Library, Columbus Library, Community

Library in Sunbury, Delaware Library, Delaware County Courthouse,

and the Probate Court in Doylestown, Pa., Cemeteries at Sunbury,

Galena, Condit, and Westerville, Ohio
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I-DENTITY (p. 4)


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Index to the Longshore History


1 -11 Possible Pa. ancestry and background

12 Introduction of David Longshore, 1806 Ohio Emigrant

13 - 16 Early Delaware County History

17 Possible Euclydus (II) Longshore descendants

18 Introduction to David Longshore's children

19 IA John Longshore, David's 1st child

19 - 20 IB Introduction of Cyrus' (David's 2nd child) children

and Cyrus Longshore's Will

20 Jonathon and Minor Longshore and Charles (Cyrus' sons)

21 Introduction of Charles Longshore's family (Cyrus' son)

21 Introduction of Minor Wm. "Tine" Longshore family (Chas' son)

22 - 24 Minor Longshore's family continued

25 Harlow A. Longshore, Cyrus' son

25 Isaac Newton "I. N." Longshore, Cyrus' son

32 Truman Longshore, Cyrus' son

32 Edson Longshore, Truman's son

32 - 36 William Armanthus Longshore branch (Truman's son)

37 - 43 Clem Longshore branch (Truman's son)

43 - 45 Dean Longshore branch (Truman's son)

46 May Longshore Clevenger (Truman's daughter)

47 - 49 Isaac Newton (Newt) Longshore (Truman's son)

50 - 51 Milo E. Longshore (Truman's son)

52 - 53 Nellie Longshore Clayton (Truman's daughter)

56 IC Warner Longshore, David's 3rd child

57 Norton Longshore, Warner (2nd) son

58 Harriet Longshore Ginn, Warner's 2nd child

58 Tammison Longshore Watters, Warner's 3rd child

59 Mary Longshore, Warner's 4th child

59 Harmon Longshore, Warner's 5th child

60 - 61 Warner Longshore (the 2nd), son of Harmon

61 ID Rachel Longshore Squires, 4th child of David

61 - 62 Longshore Reunion History

63 IE Sarah Longshore Carpenter, 5th child of David

64 IF Charles Longshore, 6th child of David

64 Eugenia Longshore Carpenter, daughter of Charles Longshore

64 - 70 Fred Carpenter Branch, son of Eugenia Carpenter

71 IG David Longshore, Jr., 7th child of David

71 IH 8th child of David's, a daughter, but no data

I-DENTITY (p. 5)


I-DENTITY (p. 5)


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Organization and Numbering

I have endeavored to keep the numbering system simple for

easy, prompt reference. I will attempt to explain the method.

The generations will start with Pennsylvania emigrant,

David Longshore. Since this is a vertical genealogy; that is

each ancestor's descendants follow his introduction, the

Roman numerals will represent the generations and will be used

for each family grouping. A generation is considered to be

roughly a span of 30 years, but sometimes they overlap in the

larger families. David Longshore's children will be Generation

I, and each of his children will have a Capital letter in

order of birth, to set them apart from the later generations.

Following generations will have only the Roman numeral with

an Aramaic numeral to indicate the birth sequence among the

brothers and sisters. For example:

David Longshore, emigrant from Pa. in 1806

Issue: I IA John Longshore

IB Cyrus Longshore

IC Warner Longshore

ID Rachel Longshore

IE Sarah Longshore

IF Charles Longshore

IG David Longshore, Jr.

IH Daughter Longshore (?)

Cyrus IB = second child of David (the first)

Truman IIB4 = fourth child of Cyrus

Clem IIIB3 = third child of Truman

William Bryan IVB1 = first child of Clem

Leona Longshore Pratt VB2 = 2nd child of Wm. Bryan

Patti Ann Pratt VIB1 = 1st child of Leona Pratt

The index will tell which page each family group is on, so

the reader can turn immediately to the branch he is particu-

larly interested in at the moment, without having to thumb

through reams of irrelevant material.

It is suggested that corrections and additions be made on

the back of the corresponding sheets so as to keep the book

legible and neat. Extra sheets can be inserted or added at

the back.

I-DENTITY (p. 6)


I-DENTITY (p. 6)


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Possible Pennsylvania Beginnings of Longshores

Robert Longshore

"Robert Longshore, gentleman"! With all that this word

connotes, WHY would Robert ever leave his established, secure,

comfortable home in England, to delve into an unknown, untamed

land? Perhaps his young blood raced at the thought of making

his mark in America, the land of opportunity! Maybe he was

simply an adventurous sort wishing to break the bonds of family

and tradition. Could be, Robert was seeking religious freedom such as the

Quaker, William Penn, had sought in America. Whatever

his reasons, the real truth of it will never be known. It is

known that many grossly exaggerated stories of America's wealth

and opportunities had floated back to England and enticed folk

there to migrate to the "land of the free". Consequently, thousands

of Europeans sailed to America shortly after Robert's arrival in

1681. Most likely Robert Longshore, a surveyor, had already been

commissioned as a deputy surveyor to Thomas Holme before he left

his homeland, which would have assured him a measure of security.

Robert Longshore did help Holme survey and plan the city of Philadelphia

for William Penn. This beautiful port city along the

Delaware River became known as the city of Brotherly Love, because

its proprieter ruled it and the colony with fairness and love,

allowing total freedom of worship. Penn endeavored to treat the

Indians fairly also and did not incur their hatred as leaders in

other colonies had done.

There were 45,333 square miles in this grant of wilderness

land which had been given to Penn at his request as settlement

of an $80,000 debt owed by King Charles II of England to William

Penn's father, Admiral Sir William Penn. William Penn wanted a

refuge for himself and his Quaker followers away from the com-

pulsory attendance to the church of England. Matter of fact,

since he had been jailed several times because of his rebellion

and religious fervor, he had become a nuisance to the Crown and

an embarrassment to his father; therefore they were relieved to

be rid of this rebel, William Penn. Robert Longshore, himself,

could have been a part of this Quaker movement!

At any rate, this city Robert had helped lay out soon became

a cultural center and prospered. It rivaled Boston and was the

capital of colonial Pa. Pennsylvania became a leader among the

other 12 colonies, namely; Virginia, Massachusetts, Rhode Island,

New Jersey, Delaware, Connecticut, Maryland, New York, New Hamp-

shire, The Carolinas, and Georgia and became known as the Key-

stone State because of its location. Pennsylvania and Maryland

were the only two proprietary colonies, which meant they were

owned by individuals.

Robert Longshore situated himself in the center of Phila-

delphia on the corner of Market and Front Streets. In due time,

this founding father of the American Longshores met and wed

Margaret Cock, a daughter of Pieter Larson Cock. Pieter had

been among the first Swedish immigrants coming to Pa. in 1641.

He was a collector of tolls, imports and exports, for the

colonies. He also served a magistrate for New Sweden and later

as a deputy governor.
I-DENTITY (p. 7)


I-DENTITY (p. 7)


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Sometime after Robert and Margaret's union, he purchased

500 acres of land in Bristol Township, Bucks County, Pa. and

settled there. Robert and Margaret probably were born about

1660, give or take a few years. There is no record to show

how many children they presented to their new country but most

likely they did their duty. A son, Euclydus I, was born about


Not much is known of Euclydus I, except on Jan. 8, 1715,

he married Alice Stackhouse (b1699) when she was but 16. Alice

was a daughter of Thomas and Grace Heaton Stackhouse, one of

14 children. Alice's father was a descendant of Thomas Stack-

house, who arrived on the boat "Welcome"in 1682, and her mother,

a daughter of Robert and Alice Heaton of Middletown, Pa. It is

said that the 1st generation children of the Stackhouses inter-

married with the families of Clark, Stone, Wilson, Longshore,

Copeland, Gilbert, Watson, Plumley, Cary, Haring, Janney, Mitchell,

Stephenson, Tomlinson, and others and that their descendants are

almost legion --. Euclydus I and Alice lived in Middletown, Pa.,

where he died in 1764.

Issue of Euclydus I and Alice Stackhouse Longshore:

Robert 10/13/1716
Grace 2/24/1717 - 1726
Thomas 9/13/1721
Margaret 4/21/1724
Alice 7/ 4/1726
Grace (2) 6/18/1728
Euclydus 12/ 4/1730 - 1732
Mary 10/30/1732 - 1734
* Euclydus II 4/27/1735 - 6/14/1804

This descension shows the high death rate among children

at that time. Since only five of Euclydus I's children sur-

vived him, out of nine produced, sorrow was no stranger to

Euclydus and Alice. At this period in the country's history,

manpower was needed and so large families were desirable to help

with the work, usually on a farm where they could raise their

own food; and to offset the death toll. Because of frequent

childbirth, hard work, hardships, lack of medical attention,

women too fell prey to the grim reaper, and it was not uncommon

at all for a man to have two, three, four wives in his life-


The family line is picked up through Euclydus II and it seems

he was the most prolific of the Longshores, fathering 22 children,

11 by each wife. No one could accuse him of showing favoritism!

I-DENTITY (p. 8)


I-DENTITY (p. 8)


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Issue of Euclydus II and Susannah VanHorn who were married 1760

The children's names all started with an "A". Their religion was


1 Abner b 1762 m(c)1789 Sarah Powers d 1848
2 Asher b 1764 d before [illegible]
3 Asa b 1766 (c) d before 1804
4 Anna (Gilbert VanHorn) b 1768 (c)
5 Alice (Isiah VanHorn - Cremer) b 1769 (c) m1.1787 2.?
6 Abigal (Minor - Scout) b 1776
7 A
8 A
9 A
10 A
11 A

At age 45, Euclydus II on 5/11/1780, married Sarah Gillam, the

daughter of Lucas and Anna (Dungan) Gillam, also a Quaker.

1 Sarah d infant
2 Euclydus III 1781 - 1838 md Sarah Cox 1802
3 Margaret 1783 - 1855 md Slack
4 Abraham 1785 md Rhoda Skelton 1807 md Mary White [illegible]
5 Mary 1787
6 Joseph 1788
7 Grace 1790 - d a young woman
8 Rachel L. 1792 - 1865 md Valentine Dickinson 1811
9 Thomas Canby 1794 md Jane Moved-Franklin,
10 James 1797 md Frances 1815
11 _______

The following are copies of the wills of Euclydus I and Euclydus II;

Will of Euclydus Longshore I - 1760

Be it remembered that I, Euclydus Longshore of Middletown, in the

County of Bucks and Province of Pennsylvania ---

Being weak of body but of sound mind and memory and calling to

mind the mortality of this body as also the uncertainity of time

do make my last will and testament touching what temporal

matters it hath pleased Almighty God to bless me withal in manner

and form, following viz: But first and principally recommend my

soul into the hands of Almighty God that gave it. Next my will is

that my body be decently buried at the discretion of my dear and

well beloved wife. Next my will is that all my just debts and

funeral expenses be duly paid and discharged by my executors

herein and after named. Next to give and bequeath unto my beloved

wife Alice Longshore all that my land and plantation whereon we now

dwell with the rents, issues, and profits
I-DENTITY (p. 9)


I-DENTITY (p. 9)


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thereof during her natural

life that is to say the said land is to east and as far westward as

the state road and after her decease my will is the above said

land and plantation descend immediately unto my son, Euclydus

Longshore, to whom I give and

bequeath the sum of ____(blurred) to be enjoyed by him and his

heirs and assigns forever also I give and bequeath unto my be-

loved wife aforesaid, the sum of seventy pounds of lawful money

of the province aforesaid to be paid her out of my personal

estate as soon as payable after my decease. Next I give and

bequeath unto my son Robert Longshore, all my wearing apparel

and to be fully discharged of all my demands against him and

further I give aforesaid unto him my said son Robert the full

sum of four pound lawful money as aforesaid to be paid unto him

his heirs or assigns in two full years after my decease Next I

give and bequeath my daughter Margarate Atkinson two acres and

twenty four ____(parcels or barchos) of land with the appurt-

enances thereunto belonging situate at the northwest corner of

my land adjoining upon N. Jhamba Cook and laid out by a draft

survey by Evan Jonos and the same to be possessed and enjoyed

by her and her heirs during her natural life from the day of my

decease also my will is that after her decease the same land

and premises descend unto my grandson Isaac Pearson and the same

to be possessed and enjoyed by him the said Isaac Pearson and

his heirs and assigns forever Next I give and bequeath unto my

son Thomas Longshore all the residue and remaining part of my

land and premises situate on the west side of the road leading

from Bristol to Newtown supposed to be about fifty acres be the

same more or less and the same to be possessed and enjoyed by

him my said son Thomas his heirs and assigns forever provided

he my said son Thomas render and pay unto his sister Margarate

Atkinson aforesaid out of the value thereof of the full sum of

five pound money aforesaid within the space of two years after

my decease and also to pay aforesaid unto his sister Alice

Lamb her heirs and assigns the sum of forty shillings money

aforesaid yearly and every year for the space of four years after

my decease also I give and bequeath unto my daughter Alice afore-

said her heirs and assigns the full sum of four pound of money

aforesaid to be paid out of my personal estate in two years after

my decease and in order to enable my executors to discharge my

last will as aforesaid; my will is that my executors hereafter

named do sell all that my house and lot be the same and more or

less which is now situate near the four lane ends adjoining

George Walker's lot and the same to convey to the purchaser or

purchasers as I myself might or could do was I personally present

and the land and money arising therefrom be the same more or less

to be taken from personal estate Also my will is that if any

remains of my personal estate appears to be after all my debts

and legacies are duly discharged that the same be divided one

____or half part to be paid unto my beloved wife Alice as her

rightful property and the other half to be equally divided amongst

all my surviving children, son or sons and daughter or daughters

share and share alike Lastly I nominate constitute and appoint

my trusty and well beloved wife and my esteemed friend Thomas

Jienks Executor this my last will and testament hereby revoking and
disannulling other other and former will or wills heretofore

by me made ratifying this andthis only to be my last will and

as aforesaid. In witness whereof I have hereforth set my hand

and seal this eighth day of the eleventh month in the year of

our Lord one thousand seven hundred & Sixty
I-DENTITY (p. 10)


I-DENTITY (p. 10)


[page 10]

[corresponds to page 9 of I-DENTITY]

Signed Sealed Published

Declared to be the last will and testament of the testator in

the presence of: Samuel Sykes, Sam Smith, S___ Cary

Signed Euclydus Longshore 1760

Will of Euclydus Longshore (ll)

Died 4/28/1804

This twenty eighth day of the fourth month in the year of our

Lord one thousand eight hundred and four

I, Euclidus Longshore of Middletown in the County Bucks and

state of Pennsylvania being of sound mind but through divine

favor calling to mind the mortality of the body and that it

is appointed for all men once to die, do make this my last will

and testament touching the disposal of what temporal estate

it hath pleased God to bless me with in this life recommending

my spirit to God who gave it and my body to be decently buried

at the discretion of my beloved wife and first my will is that

all my just debts and funeral expenses be duly paid and dis-

charged; secondly I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife

Sarah Longshore all that land on the north side of the great

road as it is now laid out likewise that house nearest the house

where we live with about three acres of land on the south side

of said road be the same more or less to be the same length of

chain on the west end as it is; measuring from a large whitoak

stump near the house to the north line formerly Woolstons and

Martins to have and hold and to bequeath while she remains my

widow or if necessity requireth, my will is that she sell the

land or any part of said land that she may make her life com-

fortable while in a state of widowhood,but if she should marry

any other man and be in possession of said land my will is that

the land be sold by my executors and divided amongst my eight

youngest children and my will is that she my beloved wife may

have twenty five pounds in lawful money two feather beds and

bedding drawers, cupboards and the pewter; frying pan bake-iron

and teakettle with all other articles necessary for keeping

house; likewise that she my wife have ____(blurred) and one

best cow two best hogs and all the poultry with my tin plate

stove and my will is further that my wife have one best frame

barrick (barouche, a 4 wheel carriage) and two loads of hay

likewise that she have one half the grain that is growing and

is gathered, with potatoes for house use; I likewise give and

bequeath unto my son Abner Longshore the sum of twenty pounds

($70.00) to be paid one year after my decease I likewise be-

queath all the remainder of my estate both real and personal to

my eleven other children namely Anna VanHorn, Alice Cremer,

Aby Scout, Euclydus, Margaret, Abraham, Joseph, Grace, Rachel,

Thomas, and James Longshore, and the same to be sold and equally

divided amongst them as they arrive at age but my will is that

my three married daughters named Anna Alice and Abi have a de-

duction made out of their legacy the amount standing against

them; likewise my will is that my son Euclydus have his legacy

paid at the discretion of my executors; ---

For the due performance hereof I nominate and appoint my beloved

friends Simon Gillam and James Wildman to be my true and lawful

Exceutor of this will and testament hereby revoking disannulling

and making void all other wills
I-DENTITY (p. 11)


I-DENTITY (p. 11)


[page 11]

[corresponds to page 10 of I-DENTITY]

heretofore by me made ratifying

and confirming this only to be my last will and testament.

Signed seal'd and declared by the said Euclydus Longshore to

be his last will and testament in the presence of us

John Blakely)

William Gillam) Euclydus Longshore

and my will is that if any of my younger children should die

before they arrive to age or the possession of said estate that

the same be divided amonst my last wife's children and likewise

the small account I have standing against my son Abner Longshore

be deducted out of his legacy before mentioned.

Witness present Euclydus Longshore

John Blakely

William Gillam June 22, 1804

It is to be noted that only twelve of Euclydus II's 22

children survived him, attesting again to the high infant mor-

tality rate. As late as 1900 and beyond, the infant mortality

rate was 50%. Since most people in the 18th and 19th centuries

had to make the caskets used by their family members, a supply

in different sizes was generally kept made up ahead. Many infants

succumbed to a disease called cholera infantum; typhoid, malaria,

& tuberculosis also claimed many lives. Not only did individual

families supply their own coffins, they likewise dug the graves;

so tragedy made a double impact on them in the early days.

According to Thomas Ellwood Longshore, from whom most of

the previous data has come and who supplied many records up

to 1890, the following is from his compilation regarding

Euclydus II's family:

Some of Abner Longshore's descendants settled in Ohio

Anna Longshore's daughter, Betty Atkinson, lived in


Margaret Longshore md James Slack

Joseph Longshore md Joanna Kelley

ch: Amos and Kelley Longshore

Rachel Longshore md Valentine Dickerson

ch: Sarah, William, John, Joseph, Elizabeth, Rebecca,

Ann Dickerson

Thomas Canby Longshore md Jane Gaine

ch: Jane, Maria, Sally

James Longshore md Sarah Roberts - owns a candy & con-

fectioner's business in Columbus, Ohio

I-DENTITY (p. 12)


I-DENTITY (p. 12)


[page 12]

[corresponds to page 11 of I-DENTITY]

Abraham Longshore md Rhoda Skelton, dau of Joseph and

Mary Carey Skelton, of Salvury, Bucks Co.,Pa. on 3/11/1807

ch: Sarah Ann, Joseph S., Mary, Thomas E., Carey, Isaac S.,

John Watson, William, Samuel C., Elizabeth S., Mary

This author wishes to digress at this point from the direct

line to follow a sideline. Euclydus Longshore II's son, Abraham's

family, had some active, interesting, and distinguished members

whose contributions to society will give some insight to the par-

ticular line this compiler is pursuing.

"Memoranda and Notes of the Longshore Family, Pioneers of

Which Settled in Bucks Co., Pa." is also written by the same

descendant, Thomas E. Longshore, son ofAbraham Longshore, and

was compiled from tradition and the records he had found. Some

of his data used in this narration heretofore has been paraphased

but this item is verbatim. It will be of interest to the family

today because it shows how Thomas E.'s grandfather's and father's

families weathered the hard time of the late 1700s and early

1800s when this new country was suffering growing pains follow-

ing its independence. Suffice it to say that these gentlemen did

not serve in the Revolutionary War probably because they had

such large families to support. Many of their descendants served

in later wars, proving their patriotism.

"Euclydus Longshore, our grandfather, from the impression

I have received from different members of the family, was rather

an easy, good-natured man with a kind of dry humor. He was of a

light, sandy complexion with light brown hair. At the time,

Father, (Abraham) was born (11/6/1785), I believe the family was

living in a stone, one story house, north of John Watson's farm,

in Middletown, Bucks Co.,Pa., on the south side of the

road. Grandfather was not much of a farmer but things

drifted anyhow. The children went to work as soon as old

enough. Father went to James Wildman's to live at age 12,

as a "taken" boy * He did not get along satisfactorily

with old Adam Adams, their colored hired man, and refused

to thresh in the barn with him because of being so abused.

Father kept a daily diary as proof of his grievances so he

could be freed from his indenture*. Euclydus, my grand-

father, died when Father (Abraham) was 19. Father borrowed

$1000. to purchase a farm and it was all he could do to pay

interest. We all had to do what we could to save money by

living poor and dressing in homespun clothing, eating mush,

rye bread without butter or molasses, and potatoes, no tea

or coffee, or sugar, or even lard, rye pie shortened with

smoked pot-skimmings and dried apples so sour we made the

less of it answer. Father had gone to school 3 months and

learned to read, write, and cipher. He had a good memory

and could sing 100 songs. He loved to read, mostly the

Bible". (Abraham's father, Euclydus II, died in 1804)

*"Apprenticeship in early days was serious business.

Articles of indenture were drawn up with all the care of a

conveyance of real estate and corresponding obligations of

master and apprentice were specifically set forth." (Taken

I-DENTITY (p. 13)


I-DENTITY (p. 13)


[page 13]

[corresponds to page 12 of I-DENTITY]

an early history book). Many time the master was a tyrant

dictating every breath his servant took, including his morals

and use of his leisure time (what little there was). *Abraham

was able by virtue of his diary to obtain a hearing and get

out of his obligation to James Wildman. However, in some in-

stances, apprenticeship served a good purpose when the "indenturee"

was able to learn a trade as well as earn room and board. There

were no public schools to teach a trade and most of the common

people could not read or write so how else were they to learn!

Too often though the masters abused and exploited the trainees.

Issue of Abraham and Rhoda Skelton Longshore - 11 children

Sarah Ann (Walker-Taylor) 12/26/1808

Joseph S. 9/18/1809 - 1879

Mary 8/16/1811 d @ 2 1/2 Y

Thomas Ellwood 11/11/1812

Carey 8/ 1 1814 d 5/24/1888 Langhorne,

Isaac S. 8/ 6/1816 d 5/24/1888 . . Pa.

John Watson 5/ 5/1818 d 1839 Rock Is.Ill.

William 1820 d infancy

Samuel C. 11/ 2/1822

Elizabeth S. 4/28/1825

Mary 4/16/1829

The brothers, Carey and Isaac, died the same day, same hour, and

buried same service at Friends Grounds in Woodbury, New Jersey

Family of Abraham and Rhoda Skelton Longshore Children and Families

1 Sarah Ann md Holcomb Walker

ch: Horace, Linford, Caroline, Anna Mary Walker

2 Joseph S. Longshore md Julia LaRue; he was an author,

lecturer, and doctor of medicine; no ch.

4 Thomas E. Longshore md Hannah E. Myers

ch: Channing md Maria Pierce

ch: Elsie and Rudolph Longshore

Lucretia md Rudolph Blankenship

ch: Julia Blankenship

5 Carey Longshore md Matilda Holcomb

ch: Elizabeth, single

Sallie md Henry Morrell

ch: Emma and Frederick Morrell
I-DENTITY (p. 14)


I-DENTITY (p. 14)


[page 14]

[corresponds to page 13 of I-DENTITY]

ch 3: Samuel md Adella LeCompt

ch: William, Marian, Clinton, and Horace LeCompt

6 Isaac S. Longshore md Mary Burgess

ch: Edward md Debora Smith, M.D. - no ch.

Rhoda md Benjamin F. Knowles

ch: Bertha and Rhoda Knowles

Rhoda's I's second husband - George Mason

ch: one son, lives in Kansas ____Mason

Rachel md Israel Walton - no ch.

Alfred md Mary ___?__

ch: Edward, Joseph, Debora, Emma Longshore

8 William Longshore md ____Hellings, no ch:; 2nd wife ____

ch: Abraham md Hannah Whitson

ch: Oscar Longshore

Abraham 2nd wife, Adeline Howell of N.Y.

ch: H. Walker Longshore, lives in L.A., Cal.

Elizabeth md Samuel Watson - no ch.

9 Samuel C. Longshore md Sarah Ann Case - no ch.

Samuel's 2nd wife - Rebecca Reynolds - no ch.

10 Elizabeth S. Longshore md William Burgess

ch: Frank C. Burgess md Lissie Baker

ch: Stella

Frank's 2nd wife, Addie Johnson, no ch.

Anna Mary Burgess - b&d 1849

Alpheus Burgess (1851) md Ida I. Sheets

ch: none

Marianna Burgess (1853) unmarried

William Watson Burgess (1855) md Mamie Roberts

ch: none

Charles A. Burgess (1851) md Mamie Roberts

Henry Edwin Burgess (1859) unmarried

(Of this large family, there was no progeny)

11 Anna Mary Longshore md Lambert H. Potts

ch: Emerson J. Potts (1855) md Flora M. Jamieson

ch: William Lambert Potts (1882)

Charles Jamieson Potts (1887)
I-DENTITY (p. 15)


I-DENTITY (p. 15)


[page 15]

[corresponds to page 14 of I-DENTITY]

Excerpt from HISTORY OF BUCKS CO., PA. by Davis - published 1905

Another son of Abraham Longshore

"Among the prominent sons of Middletown, who live in history,

Joseph S. Longshore, b 1809 d 1879, is entitled to a niche. He

lost partial use of one leg when a boy and was lamed for life.

Turning his attention to the medical profession, he graduated in

medicine from the University of Pa. at age 24 and practiced

several years at Attleborough (later named Langhorne). In 1850,

he established a medical College in Philadelphia for women, the

first of its kind in the world. He was also an ardent advocate

of total abstinence and an active abolitionist, at a period when

it required no little courage to declare oneself."

Another historical excerpt, this time from EARLY FRIENDS,

FAMILIES OF UPPER BUCKS" by Roberts about a daughter-in-law of

Abraham Longshore.

"Hannah Myers, daughter of Samuel and Pauline (Iden) Meyers,

born in Sandy Springs, Md., 5/30/1819 d 10/18/1901.

Graduated from Women's Medical College in Philadelphia, 1851.

She was a pioneer woman physician, accumulated a modest

forturn. Hannah married Thomas Ellwood Longshore 3/26/1841.

He was a son of Abraham and Rhoda (Skelton) Longshore. He

was born 11/11/1812 on a farm in Middletown Township, Bucks

Co., Pa., died 8/19/1898 in Phil.; he and his wife having

moved to that city in 1850. Children: Channing b 11/24/1842

md Sidney Maria Pierce; Lucretia Mott b 5/8/1845 md Rudolph


Issue: Channing Longshore (sone of T.E. & Hannah Longshore)

Studied medicine and practiced in Sheldon, Iowa

ch: T. Ellwood Longshore b 1878 d 1879

Hannah Elsie Longshore b 1881 md Howard Garrett

ch: Priscilla and Jane Garrett

Rudolph Channing Longhsore b 1883 md Leila ____,

lives in Montana

ch: Dorothy

Lucretia Mott Longshore (dau. of T.E. & Hannah

Longshore) born in 1845 at New Lisbon, Ohio while

mother was there on a visit to her parents.

Lucretia was president of Pa. State Suffrage Association

(1892-1908), 1st vice pres. of General Education of

Women's Clubs (1912-1914) and a member of the New

Century Club, Civic Club, etc. Lucretia md Rudolph

Blankenship in 1867. He was one of the originators

of the Citizen's Permanent Relief Committee and

visited, as its representative, the famine regions

of Russia in 1892. He was active in Reform Politics,

and was elected as a county commissioner; also

served as a Reform Mayor beginning in 1911."
I-DENTITY (p. 16)


I-DENTITY (p. 16)


[page 16]

[corresponds to page 15 of I-DENTITY]

Again to deviate from the direct line, here is a presentation

from another of Robert's descendants

Volume I (published 1906)

"Longshore Family, long residents in Pa. Founder of

family in Pa. was Robert Longshore, who came from

England and settled at Front and Market Sts. in Phila-

delphia; later moved to Bucks Co."

The name of the person who sent in this biography to the previously

mentioned book is not mentioned so there is no way to know which

of Isaish Longshore's grandchildren wrote it -

"Isaiah Longshore, grandfather, lived at Beach Haven,

where he kept a hotel and boarding house, died at age 47

and buried there. Ch: A.B. b 1812 and Alfred R.

Alfred was a justice of the peace, had 3 dau., d age 82 Y.

A.B. Longshore, M.D. reared at Shickshinny, studied medi-

cine with his uncle, A.B. Wildon, graduated from Jeffer-

son Medical College in Philadelphia in 1843 with honors.

Spoke both English and fluent German, d in 1875, age 63.

Practiced medicine in mountain region in Wyoming County.

Practice so extensive he called five of his students to

assist him in this vast area. 8 ch. - Dr. Wm. R. Longshore

only survivor."

"Dr. Wm. R. Longshore, M.D., son of Ashbel B. and

Maria J. (Righter) Longshore b 9/10/1838 in Beaver

Meadows, Pa. Studied medicine at Jefferson Medical

College and Pa. College of Medicine from which he

graduated March, 1860. Worked as assistant in male

department of Pa. Hospital for Insane under Dr.

Kirkbride until 1862. Was Commander's assistant

surgeon with rank of 1st Lt. in 147th Reg. Pa. Vol-

unteers in Sept. 1863 and was promoted to surgeon

and rank of major. A Mason. 1 child, Harry Carter

Longshore, d at 14; adopted a dau., Jane Martin, md

to Wallace Ellerslie Engle and she has a son,

William Longshore Engle, who resides in Hazelton."

These historic and biographic passages are used for one

purpose - to show that some of the early Longshores were human-

itarians; vitally interested in their country, in the healing

arts, women's rights, foreign aid, and political reform. They

were great contributors to their fellow man, be it on a local,

state, or national scale; always ready to serve.
I-DENTITY (p. 17)


I-DENTITY (p. 17)


[page 17]

[corresponds to back of page 15 of I-DENTITY, a letter to Mrs. Maxine Longshore]

7224 E.17th St. N.

Wichita, KS 67206

August 11, 1991

Dear Mrs. Longshore:

join the DAR and wrote to two of her father's cousins, one a Davidson

and one a Longshore. She didn't get to join but the letters she re-

ceived were very helpful when I started my research. Incidentally,

the Longshore cousin she wrote to was James C. who was loving at 1201

Hamlet St. in Columbus at the time. I don't know what year he died

but he was elderly at the time-79-and only he and his sister Sarah

were still alive.

The reason that you don't find a complete list of the children

of Euclydus and Susannah Van Horn is that they were married out of

meeting. All of the children of that first marriage had names beginning

with A. When Euclydus returned to the Quakers he took what children he

could back with him and his son Abner was one of the witnesses at his

marriage to Sarah Gillam. I was told recently by one of my earlier

correspondents that another lady had told him that the David Longshore

who married Elizaneth Warner was the son of Cyrus Longshore, who was

marred to Mary David and waws the son of Thomas Longshore and Joanna


Thomas Longshore was the son of euclydus Longshore and Alice

Stackhouse and was born the 13th day of the 9th month 1721. He was

married to Johanna Vance on the 10th day of the 4th month 1742 at the

Middletown Monthly Meeting (LDS film 20403, pp.308-9). Thomas' will

is file # 1162, Bucks Co., PA. It is dated 11 Jan 1777 and proved 13

Feb 1777. Johanna died between the writing of her will dated 22 d 4m

1792 and the probate date of 14 June 1794 and is file # 2535 Bucks. Co.

Her parents are as yet unknown but she has a sister, Jane McLear.

the first child of Thomas and Johanna was born less than nine months

after their marriage and Thomas became angry with the reprimand of

the Quakers. In his will, thomas mentions his wife Johanna, his sons

Thomas, cyrus, and euclydus and his daughters, elizabeth Hunter and

Margaret Wiley. I found deeds dated 14 Apr 1784, filed 27 Sept 1785,

of Cyrus and wife mary and euclydus and wife Jane. They mention that

the land came from their father, Thomas. Johanna in her will mentions

her sister, Jane McLear, her son Euclydus, her daughters, Elizabeth

Hunter (wife of Andrew) and her daughter Margaret Wiley, her grandson

Amos (the son of thomas who later married Ann cox) and her granddaughter

Jane (the daughter of Cyrus who later married Aaron Cox). These are

known facts and I have written to the lady in Iowa to find out the

facts on which she bases her conclusions. The death date given for

David Longshore is 3 Nov 1859. The 1800 Tax list for Middletown Twp.,

Bucks Co. shows him as a single man. 20 Jan 1802 david Longshore

of Middletown m. Elizabeth Weber/Warner, Isaac Hicks, J.P. then 1810

Tax list in delaware Co., 67A., Range 17, Twp 4, Section 1 and the same in

1814. I will let you know when I hear on what the lady has based her


Can you suggest any of the other descendants of the branch of

David Longshore-Elizabeth Warner to whom I could write to bring other

lines down to the present? Is it possible to secure copies of wills,

obits, and the other pertinant data? I would pay copying costs if

that would help.



I-DENTITY (p. 18)


I-DENTITY (p. 18)


[page 18]

[corresponds to page 16 of I-DENTITY]

To get back on the track -

The Ohio progenitor of the Longshores is David Longshore.

There is data to prove he came to Ohio in 1806; to Del. Co. with

his brother, Euclydus (III), in 1808; purchased land in Delaware

County in 1811. Many clues link David to the line of Robert,

Euclydus I, Euclydus II; but actually there is no record found,

as of this date, to prove a David Longshore, born Jan. 1779,

was born to this line or any other line! This author is still

researching on this puzzle and if additional information is ever

unearthed, it will be attached at the end of the story. It is

the considered opinion of this compiler that the "missing link"

can be theorized as follows: Perhaps[underlined] David was the youngest

child of Euclydus ** and ____Cox Longshore and possibly his

mother died at his birth or shortly thereafter. In the con-

fusion, his birth was never recorded. This thought is based

on his birthdate of Jan. 25, 1779; the fact Euclydus II remarried

on May 1780; and his first child by the second wife, Euclydus III,

was born in 1781. Since all of the children by Euclydus II's first

wife had names beginning with an "A", it could be that David did

not like his "A____" name, whatever it was, and decided to use his

other given name and change his image when he came to Ohio. At

any rate, there is no hint of the "A" in any of his legal papers.

The following excerpts are from biographies submitted by

one of David's children (Charles) and one of his daughter-in-laws

(Margaret) will bear out the fact David did come from Pa. in

1806 and settled in Delaware County, Ohio in 1808.


"Charles Longshore, farmer: P.O. Condit; is a son of

David and Elizabeth (Warner) Longshore; his father

was born in Pa. and came to Ohio in 1806, settling in

Berkshire Township, west of Sunbury, on the farm now

owned by Mrs. Grist, where he lived until his death;

it was then a dense forest, there being but one house

between Delaware and Johnstown, and that where George

Gibson now resides; the only neighbor for some time was

a brother; their first nights were spent in the woods

around a fire, with a friendly Indian as company."

"Margaret Longshore, P.O. Condit; was born July 2, 1804,

a daughter of Christian and Sallie (Linderman) Young;

her father settled in Ohio about 1816, and farmed near

Galena until his death in 1838. She was married June

22, 1826, to Cyrus Longshore, by whom she has had six

children, four are now living; her husband was born

Nov. 24, 1804, in Muskingum Co., *Ohio, and came with

his parents to Delaware Co. about 1808, settling west

of Sunbury on a farm now owned by the Landon Brothers,

and in 1836 on the farm owned by Mrs. (Margaret) Long-

shore; he died May 3, 1870."

I-DENTITY (p. 19)


I-DENTITY (p. 19)


[page 19]

[corresponds to page 17 of I-DENTITY]

* There is a discrepancy about the place of Cyrus' birth;

the 1850 and 1860 Delaware County Census, also his death record,

state that he was born in Pa. It is possible David stopped in

Muskingum County in 1806 where other relatives lived, on his way

to central Ohio. This biography states he came to Delaware

County in 1808, which is entirely plausible. Somewhere else

there is a reference to David's having lived in Sunbury Township

before purchasing his farm in 1811 in Berkshire Township.

David Longshore was born three years after the birth of

the United States of America, and ten years before George

Washington became president in 1789. He arrived in Ohio during

the term of Thomas Jefferson, and in Delaware County in time to
['Del. Co. in 1808' handwritten in margin]

see Delaware City laid out in 1811, Columbus in 1812,

and Sunbury in 1816 and just four years before the War of 1812. At that time

Ohio was considered the Crossroads of the Nation. A big busines

boom existed immediately following that war. The schedule of

prices shown here will show the prosperity that lasted until 1819

when prices slid back to pre-war levels.

Pre-war Prices Prices 1812 - 1819

hogs - $1.50 per 100# hogs - $4.00 per 100#

oats - .50 per bu. oats - 1.00 per bu.

corn - .50 per bu. corn - 1.00 per bu.

flour - 1.00 per 100# flour - 4.00 per 100#

hay - 10.00 per ton hay - 20.00 per ton

Some prices nose-dived to below pre-war values, such as;

corn sold for 10-12 cents per bu.; potatoes - 12 cents bu., etc.

Rigid economy was practiced by all grades of society - even the

wealthy drank rye coffee and distinguished men dressed in blue

linsey pantaloons for a time. In 1820 in Columbus, Ohio, over

one hundred parcels of real estate were advertised in one ad-

vertisement of sheriff's sales! Gradually though the nation

recuperated from the recession. One blessing for the white

man was that he never again was bothered by the red man in

these parts after 1812. David and Euclydus (III) purchased

their 134 acres in Range 17, Twp. 4, Lot 4, from

Thomas Brown for $268.67 1/2. The 1812 Tax record values it at 67 1/2 cents

an acre! In 1816, it seems they sold half of this same land -

67 7/16 acres - for $400., tripling their money. Perhaps this

is a further example of the inflation of that period. Later

however, in 1819, a quit claim deed is recorded whereby Euclydus

(III) and Sarah, of Muskingum County, transferred the east half of

134 7/8 acres for the sum of $202. to David Longshore. Reference

to David, in Charles' biography, states that David lived on the

land he settled until his death in 1858. At the time this farm

was purchased in 1811, there were only 2000 people in the entire

county! By 1850, there were 1557 persons in Berkshire Township

but this dropped to 1392 in 1860. Nevertheless, it was not over-

populated at that time.

Following is a copy of the original land purchase by

David and Euclydus and their wives. (Euclydus is spelled 2

different ways in this same deed) -

I-DENTITY (p. 20)


I-DENTITY (p. 20)


[page 20]

[corresponds to page 18 of I-DENTITY]

Thomas Brown

Deed to

E. & D. Longshore "Know all men by these presents that I

Thomas Brown of Berkshire in Delaware

County & State of Ohio in consideration

of two hundred & Sixty eight dollars eighty seven and an half cents

paid me by Euclydus & David Longshore both of Sunbury in the

county of aforesaid the receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge

do hereby give grant sell & convey unto the said Euclydes &

David a certain tract of parcel of land lying & being in the

first quarter of the fourth Township in the seventeenth Range

of U.S. Military land in the State of Ohio & more particularly

distinguished as the north part of lot no. eight in the western

Tier of lots in the aforesaid quarter agreeable to a sur-

vey thereof made by Joseph Eaton in 1806 reference thereto being

had & to extend South from the whole length of the North line

of the aforesaid lot so far as to contain one hundred and thirty

four acres & seven eighths of an acre To have and to hold the

afore granted premises to the said Euclydus & David & to their

heirs & assigns to their use & Behalf forever & I do covenant

with the said Euclydus & David & their heirs & assigns that I

am lawfully seized in fee of the afore granted premises that

they are free of all emcumbrances that I have good right to sell

& convey the same to the aforesaid Euclydus & David & that I will

warrant & defend the same premises to the said Euclydus Longshore

& David Longshore & to their heirs & assigns forever against the

lawful claims of all persons. In witness whereof I the said

Thomas Brown & Betsey, my wife in token of her assent & release

of dower in the premises have hereunto set our hands & seals

the fourth day of Sept 1811

In presence of Thomas Brown

Sophronia Brown Betsy Brown

Mary Thurston Be it remembered that on the 11th day

of Feb., 1812, personally approved

State of Ohio Thomas Brown & Betsey his wife who being

Delaware, County examined separate & apart from her hus-

band the each acknowledged the foregoing instrument to be their

free act and deed -- In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my

hand & seal the day above written Soloman Jones J P

Received and recorded the forgoing deed this 14 day of Feb 1812

Mert Reuben Lamb, recorder

Delaware County

(Note) The preceding document was all hand written, of course,

with no punctuation or abbreviation except that "and" was

always written "&".

I-DENTITY (p. 21)


I-DENTITY (p. 21)


[page 21]

[corresponds to page 19 of I-DENTITY]

From the description in this deed and comparison with a

map of this area in 1811 and 1860, it is pretty well determined

that David's farm lay west of Sunbury, beginning at the corner

of St.Rt. 37 and Twp. Rt. 72, running along the southside of County

Rt 72 as far as the Henry Beaver farm. At the corner of RT. 37,

in more recent years, this area was known as the Burt Cornell

farm, and the old brick house about 1/8 mile west of Rt. 37 on Co. Rt.

72 was the homestead. Remnants of this house still lay there

up until about 10 years ago, when a new ranch-style house was

built by that grove of trees, and some of that farmland was

portioned into building lots. Jon-Jon's Restaurant is on the

corner now of Rts. 37 & Twp. Rt. 72. David's son, John, owned

land in this same territory which partially adjoined his father's

and that land is now owned by the V.M. Green heirs. Before it

came into the Green ownership, the land in the general area was

owned by Griste and Landon families. The original land purchase

passed from Longshore hands before 1860, probably at the time of

David's decease in 1858. Coincidentally, before he had any know-

ledge of where his ancestors had first settled, a descendant of

David's, Russell Longshore, purchased an acreage across the road

from the original plot and built a house on it 17 years ago (1959)!

At the turn of the 19th century, the land where David took

up abode could scarecely be seen for the trees; now the land can

scarcely be seen for the houses, shopping center, and commercial

buildings: Super highways have replaced the scenic byways and

the accelerated pulse of modern civilization - even in this rural

area - has supplanted the leisurely heart throb of nature and its

wonders. But then, that's progress! Everyone enjoys the modern

conveniences but they want the slower pace, and somehow oil and

water just don't mix.

"Despite technological advances, inventions, and explor-

ations that would have seemed miraculous to our grandparents;

indeed, that even seem miraculous to us, people are still people.

Go back in time - or forward - ten years, a hundred, or a thousand -

you'll find people loving, hating, desiring, and fearing the same

things as thoday. You'll find people valuing the same things -

success, status, comfort, friendship, love." An excerpt from


In this bicentennial year, it is popular to look back to

"the good ole days" and see only the good part; especially when

the TV announcer comes on with his "and this is the way it was,

200 years ago" accompanied by a fife and drum playing their

version of "Yankee Doodle". A little tingle goes up the spine

and one feels a yearning for the peace (?) of bygone days. It

is easy then to forget the hardships the pioneers faced each day.

It is doubtful if anyone of this generation could accurately define

a pioneer hardship because no one nowadays has experienced it; so

"starvation", "privation", "Indian massacre" are just words in today's

vocabulary. But then, possibly, the pioneer could not define the

words of this day, such as: "mugging", "freak-outs", "spaced out",

"murder contracts", et cetera.

I-DENTITY (p. 22)


I-DENTITY (p. 22)


[page 22]

[corresponds to page 20 of I-DENTITY]

Possible Eucyldus III Family Connections:

Muskingum Co. Marriage Records (1804-1835)

Longshore, Amos md Lydia Hopkins 4/13/1834

(Brushcreek Twp)

Longshore, David to Sarah Ellen Butt 2/14/1826

Longshore, Thomas to Effie Boyd 4/ /1830

Longshore, Elizabeth to Benjamin Berry 1/24/1830

Longshore, Elizabeth to Morris Worstall 12/19/1833

(Brushcreek Twp)

Longshore, Ruth to Benjamin Crane 1/ 4/1831


Longshore, Perry d 1865 A 20 Pvt Co B of 159th O.N.G.

(Everhart's History of Muskingum Co.) publ 1882 p.308


"Bethel Cemetery, Newtown Twp, Muskingum Co., Ohio"

In the book was the notation, "sons of Euclidus & S.E. Longshore",

but it was not clear which names were the sons.

David Longshore b 3/4/1804 d 3/5/1873

Mathilda Scott Longshore b 2/2/1817 d 7/28/1896

Burzellaw Longshore d 1/21/1895 age 26Y 11M 9D

John W. Longshore d 11/4/1865 - 1Y12D

Thomas Longshore 10/10/1807 d 10/12/1886

Effie Boyd Longshore 3/6/1803 d 4/30/1885

(Daughter of Robert Boyd, Revolutionary War soldier)

Other Longshore researchers have additional information on this

line, so it would be possible to follow through on this line, if



And so it has been established that David and Elizabeth

(Warner) Longshore emigrated to Ohio in 1806, and came to Del-

aware County by 1808, lived in Sunbury (had to be township),

and then settled on the farm west of town by 1811. Soon three

more boys and three girls were added to the score making a total

of eight.

I-DENTITY (p. 23)


I-DENTITY (p. 23)


[page 23]

[corresponds to page 21 of I-DENTITY]

Zada Longshore, widow of Gail Longshore, contributed the

following chart which had been given to Gail by Seth Longshore

when Gail was asking him one day about the family history.

"David & Sara* Longshore came from Vermont* 1806. Gail's great,

great grandfather settled in brick house west of Sunbury."

Charles: Eugenie (Carpenter)

Warner: Harriett (Ginn), Norton, Allen

Allie (Foster) Albert, Noah, Edith

Minnie (Budd)

Elmine (Youman) Veo, Otis, Gail

Cyrus: Truman, Isaac Newton, Charles, Jonathan, Harlow

May Clem Seth David

Nell Edd Mark Minor

Dean Will Sid

I.N Molly Jane

Milo Dell

(This chart noted that David I had 3 daughters-;

in major points it agrees with this


I-DENTITY (p. 24)


I-DENTITY (p. 24)


[page 24]

[corresponds to page 22 of I-DENTITY]

Family of David Longshore

LONGSHORE DAVID b 1/25/1779 d 11/3/1858 Age 79Y 9M 8D md about

1802 to Elizabeth Warner (1/22/1783 d 8/8/1840

Age 57Y 6M 17D They emigrated from Pa. to Ohio

in 1806 Settled in Del. Co. Berkshire Twp 1808

Issue: I

I A John 1803-1877 b Pa.

I B Cyrus 1804-1870 b Pa.

I C Warner 1807-1892 b Ohio

I D Rachel 1810-1852 b Ohio

I E Sarah 1816- b Ohio

I F Charles 1818-1904 b Ohio

I G David Jr. 1822- b Ohio

I H Girl ____ b Ohio

Since this compiler has no data on the third girl, at

present, all the descendants hereafter mentioned will stem

from one of these seven children of David and Elizabeth's.

After the first Elizabeth's death in 1840, David married

another Elizabeth (Betsey Benton) and she survived him.

Apparently David did not leave a will but following is an

inventory or schedule of his property, which evidently was done

room by room:

David Longshore - Oliver Stark Administrator

Dec., 10, 1858

12 month support ($200.) to widow

Appraisal - 1 set of dishes, 2 chairs, 2 bureaus, brass

clock, 1 stand, 1 lott of carpenting, 1 table & oil cloth,

1 pair andirons, 1 tar bucket, 1 cubboard, 1 bedquilt &

old carpet, 1 kettle, 1 iron kettle, 2 iron kettles, 1

small brass kettle, 1 feather bed, 1 small brass kettle,

1 feather bed, 1 small brass kettle, feather bed, 1 bed-

stead, 1 coverlid, 2 blankets, 2 bedquilts, 2 bedquilts,

4 bedquilts, 3 bedquilts, 1 bedstead, 1 chest of drawers,

1 looking glass, 1 lott of carpeting, 1 looking glass, 1

set of harness, 1 fanning mill, 1 saddle, 1 cream mare

Sarah Carpenter (Fester Utley, Roswell F. Fowles,

Norman Detrick, appraisors)

Appraisal of all chattels & goods

Schedule of personal property belonging to widow not

accounted for: 1 bed & bedding, 1 table, 6 knives & 6

forks, 6 plates, 6 teacups & saucers, 12 spoons, 1 cook-

stove, all clothing of widow & deceased, 6 chairs, library

not to exceed $50., 1 family Bible, all ornaments of


Notes: S.Carpenter -$23.20; George Benton - $20.00

Personal property sold on Jan. 6, 1859

I-DENTITY (p. 25)


I-DENTITY (p. 25)


[page 25]

[corresponds to page 23 of I-DENTITY]

Sarah Carpenter, Alfred Benton, Norton Longshore, Cyrus

Longshore, Alex McD Wlaker, J.D. Wilcox, Wm. McDaniel,

David Longshore, J.W. Longshore, John Longshore,Charles


Betsey Longshore received year allowance of $200.

John Longshore, first child of David

I A John b Pa in 1803 d 3/18/1877 (death due to a tumor) A 74

Clarinda ____ (b 1807 d 1871 b in N.Y.) d A 64 bd Sunbury,O.

Issue: II

1 David b 1827

2 Aaron b 1829 d 1855 A 26Y

3 Hannah b 1842 d 1864 A 22 Y

I B Cyrus b Pa in 1804 d 1870 of dropsy age 66 bd Trenton Cem.

Margaret (Young) md 6/22/1826.

To give a clear idea of Cyrus and Margaret's life, her biography

is repeated here, although it was used earlier.

"Margaret Longshore, P.O.Condit; was born July 2, 1804,

a dau. of Christian and Sallie (Linderman) Young; her

father settled in Ohio about 1816, and farmed near Galena

until his death in 1838. She was married June 22, 1826,

to Cyrus Longshore, by whom she has had six children,

four are now living; her husband was born Nov. 24, 1804,

in Muskingum Co., Ohio, and came with his parents to

Delaware Co. about 1808, settling west of Sunbury on a

farm owned by Mrs. (Margaret) Longshore; he died May 3, 1870"

Issue: 11 six sons all born Ohio

1 - Jonathan Longshore 1827 -

2 - Minor Longshore 1829-1856

3 - Charles Longshore 1830-1921

4 - Truman Longshore 1833-1913

5 - Harlow A. Longshore 1835-

6 - Isaac Newton Longshore 1839-1920

Cyrus farmed east of Sunbury, between Condit and Vans Valley,

on what is now State Route 605, on a farm now known as the

Ted Gray farm. In the 1860

I-DENTITY (p. 26)


I-DENTITY (p. 26)


[page 26]

[corresponds to page 24 of I-DENTITY]

Census, his worth was listed as

$5775 Real Estate value and $1000 personal property, which

compared to other listings was quite prosperous for farmers

in the area. Tradition has it that an old Indian used to stop

to visit Cyrus and to trade items for whiskey. The tavern

was just about a half mile away where the Zieschang house is.

The Indian told that there was a silver mine in that are

but none was ever found.

Cyrus Longshore's will follows:

Will of Cyrus Longshore

In the name of the benevolent Father of all

I Cyrus Longshore in view of the certainty of Death

and the uncertainty of life do make and publish this

my last will and testament

Item 1 I direct that after my decease all my just debts and

funeral expenses be paid by my Executors out of my


Item 2 I direct that my beloved wife Margaret Longshore have

the entire use and controll of all my estate boath

real and personal during her natural life

Item 3 I direct that should the rents and incomes of my said

estate be not sufficient for her maintainance and

support in the style in which we are now living that

said estate be sold and so much of the proceed as may

be necessary used for her support as aforesaid

Item 4 I direct that at the death of my said wife my estate

that may be remaining be equally divided among my heirs

as follows

To wit my sons Charles Truman Harlo A. and Isaac

Newton and the heirs of my deceased son J.W. Longshore

Item 5 I hereby nominate and appoint my wife Margaret Long-

shore and my son Truman Longshore my Executors of this

my last will and testament

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and

seal this twenty fourth Day of April A.D. one thousand

eight hundred and seventy

Cyrus Longshore (his own signature)

E.H. Dent

John Sinkey

We E.H. Dent and John Sinkey hereby certify

that Cyrus Longshore signed the foregoing

instrument in our presence as his will and

that we signed the same in his presence as


E.H. Dent

John Sinkey

This document was done in beautiful handwriting, with the

punctuation (mostly by spacing), capitalization, and spelling

popular in that period)

I-DENTITY (p. 27)


I-DENTITY (p. 27)


[page 27]

[corresponds to page 25 of I-DENTITY]

IIB 1 Jonathan Longshore - sone of Cyrus - b 1827 d ____ Born

in Ohio md Clarissa Lewis 1852 (3/1) Delaware Co.,b 1833

Issue III

1 - Volney L. b 1853

2 - Truman D. b 1855

3 - Miles N. b 1857

4 - Ida B. b 1859

5 - Ada b 1859

IIB 2 Minor Longshore - son of Cyrus -b 1829 d 6/15/1856 A 27

md Sarah Clark in 1854 (11/16) in Delaware Co., Ohio

Issue: III

1 - Harold

IIB 3 Charles Longshore - sone of Cyrus - b 11/30/1830 d 3/19/1921

bd Marysville, Union Co., Ohio; he was a Civil War Veteran,

lost a leg in the war and wore a wooden leg. md

Susan Tracy (b Muskingum County, be Marysville). Susan

was a dau of David Tracy

II B - 3 Family of Charles Longshore (sone of Cyrus)

Issue: III

1 - Sidney Longshore

2 - Mary E. Longshore

3 - Jane Longshore

4 - Bertha Longshore

5 - Minor William Longshore

6 - Molly Longshore

7 - Annie Longshore

8 - David Longshore

Note - Glen (grandson of Minor (Tine) and his wife, Cheryl

Longshore, of Salem, Oregon, are also researchers.

They sent the information on the Charles (Cyrus' son)

Longshore family, also the following pictures of Minor

and Janetta Longshore and their young family.

Glen's father, Irven Longshore, remembers his grandfather,

Charles' wooden leg and the fact his father, Minor Wm.

(Tine) played at Murphys's Hill near Sunbury, Ohio, as

a boy. (The Murphys and Trenton Twp. Longshores lived

on farms in the same community. It was always said the

two families emigrated to Ohio about the same time.

Although one of Charles' children was born in Ill. in

1858, and possibly the family lived there at that time,

the family was listed in the Ohio 1860 census with

Charles as a farmer worth $7200 real estate and $1000

personal worth; this rated as very prosperous at that

time in the Delaware County farming community. His

father's worth at that time was

I-DENTITY (p. 28)


I-DENTITY (p. 28)


[page 28]

[corresponds to page 26 of I-DENTITY]

estimated to be $5775.

At any rate, it is known that Charles was married and

a father at the time of the Civil War.

Issue: III

1 - Sidney - no info on this

2 - Mary E. - b 1857

3 - Jane - b 1858 in Illinois md Sivey (1) & Arts (2)

4 - Bertha - b ____ md Raymer

5 - Minor Wm.-b 1861 (more about him later)

6 - Molly - b about 1856 d A 46 4/2/1903 (Longshore

Reunion Book) md Jaunt Grandstaff. Molly

d in Magnetic Springs, Ohio

7 - Annie - b 1871 in Harlem Twp. d A 46 on 11/9/1916

md David Gilbert (Bert) Meddles (d 1921)

8 - Bert - b ____ died age 14

IIB 3 Family of Charles Longshore (son of Cyrus) continued

through Charles' son, Minor Wm. Longshore

IIIB 5 Minor William (Tine) Longshore b 6/9/1861 in Union Co., O.

d 3/29/1943 in Hardin Co., Ohio md Janetta Hites (dau.

of Benjamin and Margaret McGinnis Hites - b 8/26/1870

d 4/6/1898 md Janetta in Richwood, Ohio and both Minor

and Janetta are bd at Roundhead Cemetery, Roundhead, O.

Janetta b McDonald Twp., Hardin Co., Ohio Minor was

md before and his lst wife's and child's names are

unknown but they are bd in Sunbury Cemetery. It is

thought they were either typhoid or TB victims.

Issue: IV 8 children

1 Florence May b 2/6/1899 d 7/8/1937 in Ridgeway, O.

d Russell Point, O. Md Truman Dunn Herring

in 1918

Issue: V Minor, Joan, Russell, Bob Herring

2 Sidney Ray Longshore b 4/28/1902 in McDonald Twp.

Hardin Co., O. md Cloa Orth 12/24/1923 in Kenton, O.

Issue: V Melvin Longshore

3 Carl Clayton Longshore b 5/9/1904 McDonald Twp

spent a year in Kansas where he found his wife

and brought her back here. At one time her

family had lived in a sod house in his yard for

exhibition. As a consequence, there was a big

write-up about it in a Sunday Columbus Dispatch

a couple years ago, and sightseers go to see it.

Prospect, Ohio commissioned him and a crew of men

to build one for display in the Park as a bicentennial

exhibit. He built that one in 11 days. Carl md

Florence Opal Symonton on 9/17/1927 in Colby, Kansas.

I-DENTITY (p. 29)


I-DENTITY (p. 29)


[page 29]

[corresponds to page 27 of I-DENTITY]

Family of Minor William (Tine) Longshore continued

Issue: V - Vinita, Ralph, and Carlyne Longshore

1 Vinita b 1928 md Earl Tillman

Issue: VI

1 Larry Tillman b 1948

2 Ralph Longshore b 1931 md Helen Oathodt

Issue: VI

1 Randy b 1966

3 Carlyne Longshore b 3/24/1938 md Garry

Massie No ch.

4 Ethel Longshore md Crew Ferguson

Issue: VI

Robert, Blanche, Dwight, Fred Ferguson


5 Unnamed Boy d age 10 da either 1907/08

6 Irven Roscoe Longshore b 9/19/1909, McDonald Twp,

Hardin Co., Ohio md Vivian Mary Thomas on 6/11/1939

Glendora, Calif.

Issue: V

1 Glen Longshore b Lives in Salem, Oregon

md Cheryl Frad

7 Juanita Gertrude b 8/29/1911 in Huntsville, Ohio

md Wilbur Barnhart

Issue: V Patricia, Lester, Richard Barnhart

8 Perry Elwood Longshore b 5/1/1913 md June Harraman

Issue: V

1 Harold Eugene Longshore b 9/28/1938 md

Issue: VI

1 Cheryl Ann Longshore b 6/21/1958

in Kenton, O. md 5/14/1976 to

Darrell Wampler (11/15/1956) son of

Eugene and Doris Wampler

2 Linda Lee Longshore b 5/10/1960 in

Marysville, Ohio

3 Gary Eugene Longshore b 12/11/1962

in Kenton

4 David Neil Longshore b 8/3/1964 b

in Richwood

5 Harold Eugene Longshore, Jr. 7/28/1968

in Sunbury, O.

2 Barbara Longshore md Clifford Conley

Issue: Timothy Wayne b about 1965, (adopted

when an infant) Conley

3 Nancy Longshore md Bud Yoakam

Issue: VI Mike, Tony, Penny Yoakam

4 Jeannie Longshore md Bob Hildreth

Issue: VI Ricky and Robin

5 Minor LeRoy d infancy

6 Gary Lee Longshore died in infancy

I-DENTITY (p. 30)


I-DENTITY (p. 30)


[page 30]

[corresponds to page 28 of I-DENTITY]

The Family of Cyrus (IB) continues.

Truman Longshore is the fourth son of Cyrus and should

come next but because his line is so prolific, it seems best

to skip him for the moment and compile his two younger brothers


II B 5 Harlow A. Longshore, fifth son of Cyrus, b 1835 d ____

He married Massa Linnabary ( b 1843) on 2/8/1864

According to deed transfers at Del. Co. C H in Ohio,

Harlow and wife, Massa, purchased land from Sarah E.

Longshore (probably Mrs. David Jr.) in 1866 and in

1870 sold this same land to Cyrus Longshore, his father.

Evidently they then moved from the area and no further

trace has been found to date, by this compiler. In the

1860 Census, he was age 25, living in his father's

house, farming.

II B 6 Issac Newton Longshore b 6/14/1839 d 5/11/1920 bd Trenton

Md Angeline T. Bourne (1840-1936) on 11/23/1865. In

the 1880 HISTORY OF DELAWARE CO. by Baskins, it says

that I.N. Longshore was very active in the Christian

Union Church (Bethel, in Licking Co.), of which he was

an Elder and Superintendent of Sunday Schools. The

biography also states he once carried mail from Johns-

town to Newark daily for one year, worked as a carpen-

ter for years, but mostly he farmed. Angeline was

born in Ohio just one year after her parents, Almerian

and Elizabeth (Jewett) Bourn who were born in Mass.,

came to Ohio in 1839. "After marriage, I.N. and Angeline

settled on the old homestead where their resident still

is (in 1880). (This is where the Harvey McElroy farm

now is on Ross Rd., Trenton Twp.) In May of 1880, I.N.

sold his farm for $1000. cash and soon after bought one

of 47 acres at $60.00 an acre from A. C. Bowers; he

also worked 83 acres of his mother's (Cyrus' and Margaret's)

farm." In late years he retired to a house and lot in

Condit across from the schoolhouse and cemetery. His

son, Seth, then took over the farming.

Issue III: Alvey Seth and Mark

1 - Alvey Seth b. 1867 died 1953 md Estella M. (1872-1952)

both buried in Trenton Cemetery, Condit, Ohio. Seth was a farmer.

I-DENTITY (p. 31)


I-DENTITY (p. 31)


[page 31]

[corresponds to page 29 of I-DENTITY]

Continuation of the family of Isaac Newton, the 6th child of Cyrus, Seth and Estella
Longshore family

Issue IV Eva, Von, Fern, and Iva Longshore

1 - Eva Longshore b 1891 on 10/26/1923 md Grover

Gorsuch (d 1/28/1971)

Issue V:

1 - Ceeta Gorsuch b 12/4/1927 md on 12/23/1951 to

Lawrence J. Sillan live in Newark

Issue VI:

1 - Robert Emory Sillan b 9/1952

2 - Diane Sillan b 1957

2 - Von Longshore b 1896 md Clifton Feasel 10/19/1922

live in Condit, Ohio no ch.

[obituary: Lucile Bailey]

3 - Fern b 1893 d 1979 md. Harry Cornell on 6/19/1913

Harry died 1963 from effects of a paralyzing stroke

a few years earlier. He was a school bus driver

and later a railroader. They had lived in Trenton

Twp., Mt. Vernon, and in late years during his

invalidism, they lived with son, Alva, in Cincinnati,

where Fern kept house for him and his motherless

daughters. Harry died there.

[obituary: Fern Elizabeth Cornell]

Issue: V: Lucille Cornell and Alva Clay Cornell

1 - Lucille Cornell b 4/20/1914 md Dale Bailey


They live in Trenton Twp. Dale Bailey

recently retired as Landmark County Manager

Issue: VI- Marvin, Joan, Mary Lou

1. Marvin Bailey b 8/20/1935 md Gwendolyn

in 1955 Marvin is an employee of Landmark

Inc. They live in Delaware, Ohio

Issue: VII Bruce, Keith, Steve Bailey

1 - Bruce Bailey b 9/3/1956

2 - Keith Bailey b 9/5/1958

3 - Steve Bailey b 1/29/1960

2 - Joan Bailey b 5/20/1937 md Richard Moore on

5/29/1955, Richard farms near Johnstown

Issue: VII Don, Carolyn, Dianne, Linda, Connie Moore

I-DENTITY (p. 32)


I-DENTITY (p. 32)


[page 32]

[corresponds to page 30 of I-DENTITY]

Continuation of the family of Isaac Newton, the 6th child of Cyrus-Family of

Seth and Estella descendants.

[obituary: Forest Dale Bailey]

3 - Mary Lou Bailey b 1/17/1940 md Ted C. Harper

They live in Columbus

Issue VI-

1 - Kenny Dale Harper b 4/23/1964

2 - Lee Orva Harper b 8/23/1965

II B 6 V 2 - Alva Clay Cornell b 9/26/1917 md Ruth McKenzie

(III 1) on 2/19/1943

Issue VI-

1 - Charles David Cornell b 1/16/1944 to Ruth

Alva and Ruth divorced

Alva md Iola Frye (d in 1961)

2 - Alice Jean Cornell b 5/29/1953

3 - Phyllis Marie Cornell b 5/29/1953

Alva md Bina Von Bolborth on 1/3/1969

No children. They live in Cincinnati, Ohio

IV 4 Iva Longshore b. md Harold Bailey on 9/30/1920

He farms. They live on Trenton Rd. in Harlem Twp.

Delaware County, Ohio

Issue V- Marcella Bailey

1 - Marcella Bailey b 5/9/1921 md Forrest Earl

Edwards in 1937 Divorced

Issue VI Forrest LeRoy (Jack Edwards b


Marcella md2 George Lynn in 1942 and live Trenton

Twp. Delaware County, Ohio

Issue VI Carolyn Sue Lynn and Peggy Lorraine

1 - Carolyn Sue Lynn b 5/29/1947

md Robert Smith in 1965

Issue VII:

1 - Bobby Smith

2 - Jodie Smith

3 - Shelly Smith

4 - Jennifer Smith

2 - Peggy Lorraine Lynn b 9/28/1950

Md Robert Berridge live in Harlem

Twp. Delaware County

Issue VII:

1 - Valerie Berridge

2 - Patricia Berridge

Issue III - Mark b. 1868- There is a great mystery in connection with Mark. As a young

man, he suddenly decided to take a trip; later writing an affectionate letteer from

Wisconsin to his parents expressing regret as to necessary for the trip but still not

explaining it. He was never heard from again. His grieving family and fiance could only

believe he had met with foul play somewhere.

I-DENTITY (p. 33)


I-DENTITY (p. 33)


[page 33]

[corresponds to page 31 of I-DENTITY]

Carlyle once said that "History is the essense of innumerable

biographies". An appropriate follow-up might be a statement

by Longfellow in which he said, "We judge ourselves by what

we feel capable of doing, while we judge others by what they

have done." Oft times later generations can be inspired by the

achievements of those gone on before or be put on guard by their

failures. We cannot rest on the laurels of our ancestors; neither

are we held to account for their deeds; we can rise above or sink

below their character, but the fact remains we are a composite

of our ancestors and that is why Susie may "take after" Aunt Mary

or Johnny after Uncle Joe or Granddad. Strange how the genes



After the death of Truman's 2nd wife, Lucretia, in 1881, Truman brought

his motherless children back to Ohio and he never went out west again. The

children were taken in by various family members until old enough to go on their

own. Since Harriet (Longshore) and her husband, George Ginn, only had one child,

Elmine, at home they took 14 year old Milo into their home. One day when Milo

was near 18 years of age, he went downtown to get a loaf of bread for his aunt.

Two years later he returned and tossed a loaf of bread on the table, saying,

"Here's your loaf of bread!"

The 2nd time he left he kept in contact with them. The Ginns also had been

in Iowas for three years but George become so homesick they came back to Ohio.

This was prior to Truman's tragedy.

When Clem Longshore, along with his parents, Truman and Lucretia and their

family were traveling out west from Ohio, they used a flat bed wagon. They

had a team of horses, two cows, one sow, and a dog. On the wagon was a bed,

dresser, and two stoves. The womenfolk rode on the wagon and drove the team

while the father and sons walked. When they came to a cabin, it was customary

for that family to provide accommodations for the travelers. They fed the

family and livestock. The men of the house went outside and slept under the

wagon with the traveling men while the women all slept inside the house.

When the Longshores arrived at their destination, they turned the horses

out to pasture. The horses ran off toward home with the dog. The dog made it

on home but the horses stopped at the "big river". Later the horses were found

beside a large river (which lay on the homeward route) which evidently they

were reluctant to cross. A postcard informed the

Longshores of the horses' whereabouts. Truman took a train to retrieve the


I-DENTITY (p. 34)


I-DENTITY (p. 34)


[page 34]

[corresponds to page 32 of I-DENTITY]


You got it from your father,

It was all he had to give,

So it's yours to use and cherish

For as long as you may live.

If you abuse the watch he gave you,

It can always be replaced,

But a black mark on your name,

Can never be erased.

It was clean the day he gave it

And a worthy name to bear,

When you got it from your father

There was no dishonor there.

So make sure you guard it wisely, for

After all is said and done,

You'll be glad the name is spotless

When you give it to your son.

I-DENTITY (p. 35)


I-DENTITY (p. 35)


[page 35]

[corresponds to page 34 of I-DENTITY]

Truman Longshore

Fourth Son of Cyrus Longshore II B4

The Truman Longshore line is being recorded out of sequence of Cyrus'

sons because his family seemed to be more prolific, plus the fact he and most

of his Ohio ancestors and their descendants remained or still live in the

particular area where this compiler lives. Therefore, information is more

accessible as well as personal knowledge and contact with the subjects and

availability of resource material gives more insight to this line. Every effort has

been made to research the other lines and all submitted material has been

appreciated and used. Consequently an abundance of data follows: possibly Job

14:1-9 expresses what he may have felt at times: "Man is born of woman, is of

few days, and full of trouble."

Truman was one of the four, out of six, sons who survived his father,

Cyrus; Jonathan and Minor having died before 1870. He and his mother,

Margaret were executors of Cyrus' will. Truman was sort of a jack-of-all-trades,

having farmed a great amount, he was a competent teamster, operated a

sawmill and tile mill, et cetera. He must have been somewhat of an adventurer

considering that he got around considerably for that day of poor traveling

facilities. The railroad came to Delaware in 1851 and it was called the "Big Four"

since it ran through Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis, and

Truman could have used its accommodations some of the time. At any rate, get

around he did, whether by horseback, carriage, stagecoach, covered wagon, or

by rail. To travel by any of these methods required super desire, courage, a

strong constitution, and perseverance! Truman may have been enticed to

pursue greener pastures by the lectures of Horace Greeley who was a journalist

and politician who went around over the country lecturing with the clarion call

"Go west, young man!" hinting of riches and acclaim that lay just beyond for

the going and claiming. It is known that some of Truman's Longshore cousins

also answered this call and went West; perhaps forming a wagon train.

Rumblings from some of the wives' grumblings are still being heard of, such as;

"Haint no sense to it at all!" The women were content with their lot in life right

where they were. The gold rush of 1849 (although Truman at 14 was too young

to embark at that time) may have had some appeal although there is no record

of any Longshore having found gold! Some of the Longshores must have found

something they liked in Illinois and Iowa because some went and stayed. Most

of them eventually came back to Ohio and their roots here.

It is known that Truman found his first wife, Larusia Bouier, in Peoria,

Illinois in 1859. Most likely he lived out there farming before and in the early

part of his marriage. His son, Clem, many times told the story of his father's

second move out to Illinois. They went by covered wagon. In the late fall, they

turned the horses out to open pasture as was the custom there. The horses and

dog must have been homesick because they ran off toward Ohio. Later the

horses were found beside a large river (which lay on the homeward route)

which evidently they were reluctant to cross. The dog left them (as compared to

Ohio's at that time) and said that one time he harrowed corn all day and didn't

get over the field.

I-DENTITY (p. 36)


I-DENTITY (p. 36)


[page 36]

[corresponds to page 35 of I-DENTITY]

It is thought that the first three of Truman's children

were born in Ohio and the other five in Illinois. It is re-

corded that Will was born in Ohio and that Clem was born in

a log house on his grandfather Cyrus' farm - possibly the tenant

house, in 1865. Truman was back in Ohio at that time and also

in 1870 at the time of his father's death. Larusia had died

the year before at age 35. She is buried at Condit, Ohio. In

1871, Truman married Lucretia [underlined] Peters. A copy of her father's

biography follows: Also taken from Baskins 1880 Delaware County

History --

Daniel H. Peters, farmer and stockraiser; P.O. Green,

Licking County, Ohio is a son of William and Sarah

(Bashford) Peters; his father was of English descent,

and born in Maryland; his mother of Irish descent;

her father was from Cork, Ireland. Mr. Peters's father

emigrated to Ohio about 1816, and his grandfather came

to America in 1808, and served awhile in the War of

1812. Mr. Peters was born Jun 26, 1820, in Pickaway

County, Ohio and came to Licking Co., in April, 1822.

Nov. 27, 1842, he was married to Miss R. Iles; she

was born in Licking Co.; they had nine children -

Sarah J., Lucretia, James W. Effie, Oliver, Emma,

William P., Melissa, and Martha. His wife died Oct. 6,

1863; she was a member of the M.E. Church. Daniel

was again married, in 1864, to Mary A., daughter of

Edward and Mary Lake, by whom he had six children;

five living - Rose D., Frank J., Milton H., Mark M.,

William S. and John M who died Nov. 21, 1869. He

(Daniel) lived, after marriage in Licking Co. four

years and then rented his present farm of 124 acres,

which he bought two years afterward. About 1859,

he learned the carpenter's trade, and has thus been

enabled to make his own farm improvements; in 1864, he

commenced dealing in Spanish merino sheep, which he

supplies to those wanting at fair prices; he has

filled his share of the township offices, and is now

a member of the Christian Union Church, as are also

five members of his family. He has served as Supt. of

Sunday School for 25 yrs, and many years as Elder.

This church now has membershp of 100. He is a

member of Sparrow Lodge, No. 400, A.F.& M.

According to a granddaughter, Daniel Peters score of children

reached 17!

(Daniel H. Peters: June 26, 1820 - Aug 23, 1900 Mary I. Iles: Jan. 17, 1840 -

Nov. 10, 1900 b d in Wapello Cemetery, Iowa

After 1871, Truman and Lucretia moved to Ill. with his

family of three sons: William, Edson B., and Clem. Soon Dean,

Mae, Newton, Milo, and Nellie joined the throng. But again

tragedy struck when Lucretia died in 1881 at age 36. A broken

man returend to Ohio with a ['covered' crossed out] wagon load of motherless

children. Will, the eldest at 21, returned to the West and was

married that fall. It is thought that he kept 2 year old Nellie

and Newt, age 7. It is not known what 19 yr old Edson did but

Clem at age 16 was old enough to do a man's work so he lived

with his father's uncle, Warner and Cordelia and daughter, Mary,

on the farm. Cordelia passed away in 1882 so then the spinster

daughter, Mary, kept house for her father and Clem. Warner's


I-DENTITY (p. 37)


I-DENTITY (p. 37)


[page 37]

[corresponds to page 36 of I-DENTITY]

Harriett and her husband George Ginn, having only one (at home)

child, Elmine aged 9, took five year old Milo to raise. Mae,

who was eight went to live with a sister of Lucretia's in Mich.

It is not known where Dean, aged 9, stayed, but when he turned 18

he went to Iowa where he settled. So, compassionate relatives

"took in" the children and it was such a commendable thing to do.

Everyone did the best they could but still the family circle was

broken. However the family, though scattered hither and yon,

remained close in spirit and all kept in touch, visiting each as

often as possible. Most of them eventually settled in Central

Ohio. Truman did not set up housekeeping again until Mae was

old enough to keep house for him. He then purchased a place

in Olive Green in 1886. At that time a Doc Foster and Truman

became business partners in a tile mill. All went well until

Doc decided to shoot himself dead in a tile kiln. Just one more

upheaval in Truman's life. He lived to age 78 and died in 1913.

All of his children lived long lives except Nellie, who died

at 35. The others averaged out to over 78; Clem lived to be

the oldest-passing on at age 90 in 1955.

Reading of the trauma that went on in these families' lives

reminds one of Elizabeth Akers Allen's poem:

Rock Me to Sleep

Backward, turn backward, O Time in your flight,

Make me a child again, just for tonight!

Mother, come back from the echoless shore,

Take me again to your heart as of yore;

Kiss from my forehead the furrows of care,

Smooth a few silver threads out of my hair;

Over my slumbers your loving watch keep;--

Rock me to sleep, Mother, - rock me to sleep!

I am so weary of toil and of tears;

Toil without recompense,

Tears all in vain;

Take them, and give me my childhood again!

I have grown weary of dust and decay, -

Weary of flinging my soul wealth away;

Weary of sowing for others to reap; -

Rock me to sleep, Mother, - rock me to sleep!

Elizabeth Akers Allen's poem, "Rock Me to Sleep"

3rd verse

Tired of the follow, the base, the untrue,

Mother, O Mother, my heart calls for you!

Many a summer the grass has grown green,

Blossomed and faded, our faces between;

Yet with strong yearning and passionate pain,

Long I tonight for your presence again.

Come from the silence so long and so deep; -

Rock me to sleep, Mother, - rock me to sleep!

Over my heart in the days that are flown,

No love like mother love ever has shown;

No other worship abides and endures,

Faithful, unselfish, and patient like yours;

None like a mother can charm away pain

From the sick soul, and the world-weary brain,

I-DENTITY (p. 38)


I-DENTITY (p. 38)


[page 38]

[corresponds to page 37 of I-DENTITY]

Slumber's soft calm o'er my heavy lids creep; -

Rock me to sleep, Mother, - rock me to sleep!

Come let your brown hair, just lighted with gold;

Fall on your shoulders again, as of old;

Let it drop over my forehead tonight,

Shading my faint eyes away from the light;

For with its sunny edged shadows once more,

Happily will throng the sweet visions of yore;

Lovingly, softly, its bright billows sweep; -

Rock me to sleep, Mother, - rock me to sleep!

Mother, dear Mother, the years have been long

Since I last listened your lullaby song;

Sing, then unto my soul it shall seem

Womanhood's years have been only a dream;

Clasped to your heart in a loving embrace,

With your light lashes just sweeping my face,

Never hereafter to wake or to weep; -

Rock me to sleep, Mother, - rock me to sleep!

This poem was found in McGuffey's Fifth Reader Revised. It

is familiar to the scholars of that era. Many committed it

to memory.

The data on the Truman Longshore line was supplied mostly by

Harold Longshore, son of Homer, and his mother, Bessie, who

live in Wapello, Iowa. They have come to the Longshore reunions

throughout the years whenever possible and every year recently.

They have contributed greatly to the over-all effort to "keep

in touch".

The Family of Truman Longshore

Fourth Son of Cyrus Longshore

IB II 4 Truman Longshore b 11/6/1835 d 1/16/1913 md in 1859 to

Larusia Bouier (from Peoria Ill.- b 1834 d 2/20/1869 A 35) both

bd Trenton Cemetery, Condit, Ohio

Issue III:

1 - William Armanthus Longshore

2 - Edson B. Longshore

3 - Steven Clement Longshore

III- 2 Edson B. Longshore b 11/6/1863 d 7/19/1944 md Jane

Ham in 1909 Jane died 7/22/1913 No issue

Edson married Edna Ward on 8/21/1918 Edna d 8/4/1967

No issue

Truman Longshore, son of Cyrus line, William Armanthus Longshore Branch.

I-DENTITY (p. 39)


I-DENTITY (p. 39)


[page 39]

[corresponds to page 38 of I-DENTITY]

III-1 William Armanthus Longshore (Will) b 10/6/1860 d 10/14/1934

Age 74 settled in Minnesota

Most of his descendants live in that

general area of Albertlea, Minnesota.

md Amy Jane Peters (b 5/19/1862) on 10/6/1881

Will was a tall, big broad shouldered man It is thought that they kept his sister,
Nellie and brother, Newt, for awhile. Will was a farmer; the first to

raise field corn in the state of Minnesota.Prior to that,

Minnesotans raised caffer corn. Will kept visiting Ohio and taking back samples of

Ohio corn seed until finally he got a crop started


Issue IV: - Earl Francis, Louella May, Esther Longshore

1 - Earl Francis Longshore b 12/17/1885 d 7/26/1954

Md Merry Christmas Miller (b 12/25/1885) on

Christmas Day, 1905

Issue V: - Beverly Elise, Lois, Miller,

William Miller, and Rondald Longshore

V-1 Beverly Elise Longshore b 3/8/1907

md 9/29/1925 to Victor James

Christensen (b 4/4/1907)

Issue: VI - Jeanne Marie, Lloyd

LeRoy, Leslie James, Dale

Lincoln Christensen

VI - 1 Jeanne Marie Christensen b

4/29/1927 md on 2/14/1945 to

Carl B. Matthies (b 6/1922)

Issue VII: - Steven Carl and

Wendy Jeanne Matthies

VII - 1 Steven Carl Matthies b

10/15/1945 md on 4/9/1966

to Mary Bruder

2-Wendy Jeanne Matthies

b 2/18/1950

VI - 2 Lloyd LeRoy Christensen b 7/13/1930 on 9/19/1954

md Geraldine Bogan Schutz (b 11/10/1934)

Issue VII- 1 - Brian Scott Christensen b 9/7/1955

2 - David Loyd Christensen b 6/7/1959

3 - Mark Allen Christensen b 5/7/1962

VI-3 Leslie James Christensen b 7/13/1930 on 12/31/1950

md Yvonne Marie Amlet (b 7/6/1930)

Truman Longshore, son of Cyrus line, William Armanthus Longshore Branch

I-DENTITY (p. 40)


I-DENTITY (p. 40)


[page 40]

[corresponds to page 39 of I-DENTITY]

Issue: VII Cynthia Yvonne, Beth Ann, Leslie Jane,

and Donna Ranae Christensen

VII-1 Cynthia Yvonne Christensen b 9/30/1951

2 Beth Ann Christensen b 7/17/1953

3 Leslie Jane Christensen b 10/25/1958

4 Donna Ranae Christensen b 8/15/1962

VI- 4 Dale Lincoln Christensen b 9/4/1934 on 8/6/1955 md

Martha Judith Bruder (b 6/28/1936)

Issue VII Dean Dale and Dianne Lynn Christensen

VII-1 Dean Dale Christensen b 12/23/1956

2 Dianne Lynn Christensen b 5/12/1958

V-2 Lois Miller Longshore b 4/29/1915, on 10/19/1933 md

Luther LaVern Dillavou - live in Albertlea, Minn.

Luther LaVern Dillavou (b 3/4/1906)

Issue VI: Romelle Mae, Sandra Sue, Lois Geraldene,

and Earl LaVern Dillavou

VI-1 Romelle Mae Dillavou b 5/18/1936, on 5/28/1960

md Ernest H. Enderson (b 7/14/1931) - Romelle

md her first husband, George Flattum on

7/18/1954, dv in 1957 - 2 children adopted

by Ernest Enderson

Issue VII - Gary Alvin, Constance Mae,

Tomothy Ernest, and Patricia

Jean Enderson

VII-1 Gary Alvin (Flattum) Enderson

b 4/29/1955

2 Constance Mae (Flattum) Enderson

b 7/2/1956

3 Tomothy Ernest Enderson b 1/20/1961

4 Patricia Jean Enderson b 4/3/1962

VI-2 Sandra Sue Dillavou b 8/5/1937 on 12/26/1955

md Orin Roisen (b 3/8/1935)

Issue VII- Julie Gayle, Donna Lee, David

Orrin, and Roger LaVern Roisen

VII- 1 Julie Galye [Gayle] Roisen b 7/10/1956

2 Donna Lee Roisen b 12/1/1957

3 David Orrin Roisen b 1/1/1959

4 Roger LaVern Roisen b 4/1/1962

I-DENTITY (p. 41)


I-DENTITY (p. 41)


[page 41]

[corresponds to page 40 of I-DENTITY]

Truman Longshore, son of Cyrus Longshore, William Armanthus Longshore Branch



V 2 Clifford C. Hammer b 10/21/1920, on 12/10/1921 md Betty Jean

LaValle (b 12/10/1921)

Issue VI

1 - Annette Rae Hammer b 8/5/1941, on 6/9/1959

md Roger Alden Walberd (b 9/28/1939)

Issue VII

1 - Richard Roger Walberd b 12/10/1961

2 - Suzanne K. Hammer b 1/17/1948

3 - Charles C. Hammer b 3/4/1951

Third child of Wm. A. & Amy J. (Peters) Longshore

IV - 3 Esther Elma Longshore b 1/1/0/1893, on 7/18/1908 md

Alonzo Wilson Cram (b 9/19/1888 - d 9/11/1955)

Issue V: - Raymond Alonzo, Alma Beatrice, William Earl,

Amy Jane, Cleon Forrest, Clayton Clair, and

Marlene Rea Cram

V - 1 Raymond Alonzo Cram b 11/26/1908, on 12/20/1933

md Esther Alvira Anderson (b4/5/1914-

d 7/30/1968)

Issue VI:

1- Lonene Cram b 10/11/1936 on 8/6/1957

md Vincent Novak (b 1/11/1934)

2- Jack Cram b 6/30/1938, on 11/29/1958

md Mary Alice Pearce (b10/7/1941)

V - 2 Alma Beatrice Cram b 1/4/1911, on 3/19/1929

md Manly M. Olson (b 5/13/1909)

Issue VI - Doreen, Richard, Arlan, Karelyn


1 - Doreen VonDell Olson b 9/8/1930

on 7/29/1950 md Clifford H.

Plaisance (b 9/8/1929)

Issue VII

1 - Kim Clifford Plaisance

b 8/18/1951

2 - Angelesque Dee Plaisance

b 12/2/1954

2 - Richard Olson b 12/11/1931

on 8/9/1952 md Florence Young

b 10/10/1931

Issue VII

1 - Cynthia Louise Olson b


2 - Karen Ann Olson b


3 - Julie Ann b 7/25/1958

I-DENTITY (p. 42)


I-DENTITY (p. 42)


[page 42]

[corresponds to page 41 of I-DENTITY]

Truman Longshore, son of Cyrus line, William Armanthus Longshore Branch

through the family of his daughter,Esther, his third and last child.

Issue VI cont.

3 -Arlan Craig Olson b 8/25/1936, on 6/8/1957

md yla Abbott (b 1/24/1937)

Issue VII:

1 - Lisa Marie Olson b 4/11/1959

2 - Dayne Lynn Olson b 1/6/1961

4 -Karelyn Kay Olson b 12/2/1938, on 8/3/1958 md

Keith Alan Porter (b 6/8/1937)

Issue VII:

1 - Kristie Kay Porter b 7/2/1959

2 - Keith Alan Porter, Jr. b 1/14/1961

V - 3 William Earl Cram b 12/15/1915, on 9/22/1934 md

Hazel Torgerson (b 10/13/1914)

Issue VI:

1 - Lonna Byll Cram b 5/28/1937 d 3/12/1971

2 - Kath E. Cram b 10/7/1954

V - 4 Amy Jane b 5/13/1920 d 2/19/1926

V - 5 Cleon Forrest Cram b 6/11/1922, on 10/16/1942 md

Harriett Christenson

Issue VI:

1 - Marc A. Cram b 3/12/1946

2 - Todd A. Cram b 9/11/1947

3 - Carol Ann Cram b 7/7/1954

V - 6 Clayton Clair Cram b 9/25/1929, on 9/26/1950 md

Marlys Evenson (b 9/20/1930)

Issue VI:

1 - Nancy Jo Cram b 11/8/1951

2 - Jane Louise Cram b 11/1953

V - 7 Marlene Rea Cram b 7/7/1935
I-DENTITY (p. 43)


I-DENTITY (p. 43)


[page 43]

[corresponds to page 42 of I-DENTITY]

Line of Truman Longshore, son of Cyrus continued

The Longshore train comes back to its Ohio source for a time and visits

with the third son of Truman's, Clem Longshore. Depot - Sunbury, Ohio and

nearby areas.

Clem's three sons all live rural route Sunbury and their children have

about all settled nearby. Clem Longshore was born in Ohio; at age 16, he came

back from Illinois with his family as the result of his stepmother, Lucretia's

death. He lived with his Uncle Warner's family in Trenton twp., Delaware

County and worked on the farm there. Later he purchased the farm and

remained there the rest of his 90 years. The farm is now owned and operated

by his son, Lester, who have lived on it all of his 76 years.

Clem was a slightly built man, rather short in stature. Always in good

humor. He was a devoted husband caring tenderly for his wife Ella, during her invalidism

several years,before her death. He was a widower for 24 years. He

enjoyed traveling. His daughter-in-laws were as fond of him as his sons as he

treated them with respect. His grandchildren adored him. On his 77th birthday

he ice skated on the creek (in February) on his farm (this creek was and still is

the recreational spot for the whole family).

His grandchildren loved to fish but did not want to clean the small fish

so they would give them to Grandpa and he would clean them and fry them

crisp and crunch them, bones and all! Although he visited each of his sons

every day, he never caused any trouble because he never interfered in their

business or took sides in any disagreements. Everyone loved to see him come.

When his Great grandson, Jim, was born, Clem walked out across the

plowed field (in May, 1954) to where his son, John, was working and

announced, "Today I am a rich man" and then told of the birth of his first great

grandson (with the Longshore name). This was when he was 89 and he could

still get excited over the birth of a child!

He enjoyed doing favors for people and many is the time he took

someone to the doctor for regular treatments or took someone on an errand.

He seemed to enjoy his retirement because he could and did make himself


In his late years, his granddaughter, Betty and her husband, Sam Watts,

lived with Clem keeping house for him and caring for him when he needed it.

His life after age 16was somewhat serene and certainly more settled than his

father Truman's had been.
I-DENTITY (p. 44)


I-DENTITY (p. 44)


[page 44]

[corresponds to page 43 of I-DENTITY]

Family of Truman Longshore, son of Cyrus continued

Steven Clement Longshore

The third son of Truman Longshore

III - 3 Steven Clement Longshore b 2/22/1865 in Trenton Twp,

Delaware County, Ohio - d 10/27/1955 at him home at age 90.

On 5/28/1895, md Ella Watts (b 8/2/1862 - d 2/21/1931).Ella

was born in Genoa Twp. Delaware County, Ohio, daughter of John

and Lavina Ginn Watts, one of eight children. (Ella's Great Great

Grandfather (on her mother's side) was killed by the Indians, as

well as his wife, daughter and 2 sons during the Revolutionary

war. One son, Ella's Grandfather, was released by the Indians so

he could tell the sad news.)

Obituary of Clement Longshore

"Steven Clement Longshore was born Feb. 22, 1865 in Trenton

Township. He was the son of Truman and Lurusia Longshore.

On May 28, 1895, Clem was united in marriage to Ella Watts.

To this union four children were born: William, Bryan, James

Lester, and John Glendon. One child died in infancy. His wife,

Ella, preceded him in death. She died in 1931."

"Clem was a farmer for his active lifetime. He was member

of Vans Valley Methodist Church more than 50 years.

He passed into the life eternal on Oct. 27, 1955 leaving

to mourn his departure his 3 sons, 14 grandchildren, 6

greatgrandchildren and a host of other relatives and friends."

Issue IV: William Bryan, James Lester, John Glendon

1 - William Bryan Longshore b 7/20/1896 Trenton Twp.,

Delaware County, Ohio on 9/2/1922 md Inez Born

(b 3/9/1894 d 2/15/1985) Bill worked for 35 years as a

foreman in Hamilton Milk Plant in Columbus.(later

owned by Borden's) until retirement. Has lived most of

his married life in Berkshire Twp., Delaware County,


IV 2 James Lester Longshore b 4/23/1900 Trenton Twp.,

Delaware County, Ohio On 10/10/1921 md Ina Lillian

Adams (b 11/25/1904 - d 4/10/1943).

Ina was a daughter of Frank and Mary (Morrison)

Adams, b in Ohio.

Issue: V

V - 1 - Ruth Evelyn Longshore b Columbus, Ohio

b 8/1/1924 works as an accountantlives in

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
I-DENTITY (p. 45)


I-DENTITY (p. 45)


[page 45]

[corresponds to page 44 of I-DENTITY]

Family of Truman Longshore, son of Cyrus, James Lester and Ina (Adams)

Longshore family

V - 2 Leona May Longshore b 7/25/1928 on 3/8/1949

md John Eli Pratt (b 11/2/1927) Mgr. of General

Tire Store West in Columbus. they live in Hilliard,


Issue VI:

1 - Patti Ann Pratt (b 9/14/1959)

Patti will be a senior at Hilliard High and

recently (from a scholarship test) rated in

the upper 2% of students in United


2 - Pamela Ruth Pratt b 8/27/1961

Leona and Ruth both were born in Columbus but

moved to Berkshire Twp. in 1930.

IV 2 James Lester Longshore b 4/23/1900 d 10/31/1988'Trenton Twp.

Ohio. On 10/10/1921 md. Ina Lillian Adams (b 11/25/1904

d 4/10/1943 Ina was a daughter of Frank and Mary (Morrison)

Adams, b in Ohio.

Issue V: 7 children - Betty Ellen, James Russell, Violet

May,Kenneth Lee, Dorothy Lurusia, Margaret Darlene,

and Phillip Bruce Longshore.

Lester md Beatrice (Glass) Goings (b 4/9/1918) on

6/9/1950 Beatrice had 3 children:

Margaret Louise Going b 4/28/1938, in Pagetown, West

Virginia, md Donald McGlothlin 12/5/1955 - dv in 1970 -

Margaret md2 Jim Fish in 1972,Delaware

Issue: Donald McGlothlin Jr. b 11/29/1956

1 - Donald md Teresa

Issue: Delisha Dawn McGlothlin

2 - Drema Jean McGlothlin b 12/16/1965

Marjorie Carol Goings b 9/8/1939 md Delano Walker

(b 4/10/1937) on 10/5/1955 - live on a farm near

Condit in Trenton Twp.

Issue: William LeRoy Walker b 1956

Bart Walker b 1960

Nancy L. Goings b 7/19/1942 md Elmer Clayton on

9/5/1958 - dv 1964

Issue: Linda, Michael, and Lisa Clayton

Nancy Clayton md Eduardo Quijada

Issue: Lisa (Clayton) Quijada b 2/5/1965

adopted by Eduardo

Eduardo Quijada, Jr. (Sonny) b 1/25/1968

This family lives in Delaware, Ohio.

I-DENTITY (p. 46)


I-DENTITY (p. 46)


[page 46]

[corresponds to page 45 of I-DENTITY]

Line of Truman Longshore, son of Cyrus, Family of Clem and Ella Watts

Longshore--Lester and Ina Adams Longshore family continued

IV 2 V 1 - Betty Ellen Longshore b 11/7/1922 in Trenton Twp. md

Charles (Sam) Watts (b 4/16/1919) on 3/17/1942

Sam Watts works for Nestle's Inc. and Betty for The Sunbury

News. They live north of Sunbury on a farm.

Issue: VI

1 - Steven Bruce Watts b 3/17/1951 Trenton Twp.

Steve is a physical education teacher. He works Works with

Columbus Parks & Recreation centers.Lives in Columbus,


2 - Linda Rene Watts b 7/2/1954 Trenton Twp. md Larry

Arthur DeMint on 4/28/1973 Larry is a brick mason

contractor. Rene works for Farmers's Bank, Sunbury

Issue: V 2- James Russell Longshore b 5/25/1925, on 3/26/1950 md

Maxine (Linnabary) Nuckles (b 9/15/1919)

Issue VI; Ina Claire, James William, and Craig Thomas Longshore

Maxine had three children by a previous marriage:

Charles Allen, Janet Carole, and Cheryl Lynne Nuckles

VI - 1-Claire Longshore b 5/3/1951, on 8/5/1972 md John

Kenneth Raybuck (b 11/19/1949)

John is employed by Nationwide Insurance in

Columbus. Claire teaches 2nd grade in Gahanna Elementery.

They live in Gahanna, Ohio. Claire b Trenton twp. John

born in Reynoldsville, Pennsylvania but grew up in

Painesville, Ohio

ch: Jennifer, Joshua, Betsy

2- James William Longshore b 5/17/1954 in Trenton

Twp. Delaware County Employed by Cellar Lumber Co.,


3- Thomas Longshore b 6/15/1960 in Berkshire Twp.

Delaware County, Ohio. Attends Big Walnut High

School in sunbury

Russell formerly farmed but is now a Landmark employee

Russell's step-children: --

1 Charles Allen Nuckles b 6/8/1938 md in 1958 to

Barbara Jane Satterfield (b 8/1942)

Reside in Simi, Calif. (near Los Angeles)

Charles employed at Rocketdyn Aircraft

Charles b Trenton Twp.

I-DENTITY (p. 47)


I-DENTITY (p. 47)


[page 47]

[corresponds to page 46 of I-DENTITY]

Line of Truman Longshore, son of Cyrus, Family of Clem and Ella Watts

Longshore-- Russell and Maxine (Linnabary) Longshore family continued

Issue: Dennis Ray Nuckles and Denise Kay Nuckles

B 10/18/1958 in Sunbury, Ohio

2 Janet Carole Nuckles b 5/1/1943 in Sunbury md.

Bradford Leo Freeman in 1961 dv 1969

Issue: Jeffrey Allen Freeman b 11/13/1961 in Sunbury

Angela Eileen Freeman b 8/28/1964 in


Janet md 2 Charles E. Mallett (7/11/1946) on 9/5/1975 -

Live in Westerville

3- Cheryl Lynne Nuckles b 4/14/1946 in 1962 md

Lawrence Hancock dv 10/1963

Issue: Gina Louise Hancock b 2/4/1963

Cheryl md 2 Edgar Belford 10/10/1964 dv 1970

Issue: Gina Belford (Ed adopted Gina Hancock)

Michael Charles Belford b 11/5/1968

Cheryl md 3 Robert Harold Morgan (b 3/25/1945)

Live in Whittier, California

V 3 Violet Mae Longshore b 2/13/1927 Trenton Twp, in

1946 md Howard (Andy) Cline (b 9/24/1919) He is

employed by Limbach Mechanical Contractors. This family

lives in Lewis Center, near Delaware, Ohio

Issue VI: Jerry Neal, Robert Dean, Larry Edward, Sandra Sue,

Ronda Lou, Douglas Wesley

1 - Jerry Neal Cline b 4/26/1947 on 10/12/1968 md

Jeanne Beale (b 7/28/1949) Jerry employed by PPG.

Issue VII

1 - Jessica Jeanne Cline b 12/17/1974

2 - Jason Nathaniel Cline b 7//1976

2 - Robert Dean Cline 5/24/1949 on 8/2/1969 md

Sharon Karshner (b 12/29/1949) They live in

Westerville, Ohio and Bob is employed by Ohio


3 - Larry Edward Cline b 12/22/1958

Attends Olentangy High School

4 - Sandra Sue Cline b 4/2/1964 student


5 - Ronda Lou Cline b 4/2/1964 student

6 - Douglas Wesley Cline b 3/26/1969 student

V 4 Kenneth Lee Longshore b 9/16/1932 Trenton Twp., on

11/17/1957 md Julia Keller (b 9/19/1938)

They live in Trenton Twp. where Kenny farms.

I-DENTITY (p. 48)


I-DENTITY (p. 48)


[page 48]

[corresponds to back of page 46 of I-DENTITY]

[photo: Clem Longshore Family]

L-R - William (Bill) and wife, Inez

John and wife, Frances]

Lester and 2nd wife, Bea

I-DENTITY (p. 49)


I-DENTITY (p. 49)


[page 49]

[corresponds to page 47 of I-DENTITY]

Line of Truman Longshore, son of Cyrus, Family of Clem and Ella Watts

Longshore-- Kenneth and Julia (Keller) Longshore family continued

Issue VI

1 - Peggy Jo Longshore 4/7/1960 attends B.W.

High School

2 - Karen Lyn 10/28/1962 attends B.W. High


V-5 Dorothy Lurusia Longshore b 4/12/1934, Sunbury, Ohio

On 8/2/1953 md. Howard Hale (b 5/19/1931 - 9/13/1969)

Howard was a farmer in Trenton, where his sons are

presently farming his farm. Dorothy is an employee of Dollar

Federal Loan in Sunbury.

Issue VI:

1 - Howard Wayne Hale b 11/18/1955 student at


2 - David Lee Hale b 9/25/1958 will attend O.S.U.

this fall David recently received a unique

honor when he was selected as one of four

Outstanding Young Citizens in Ohio. He was

honored at a ceremony at which Archie Griffin

received a similar honor for Outstanding Adult

Citizen in Ohio

3 - John Allen Hale b 4/24/1961 student at B.W.


V-6 Margaret Darlene Longshore b 9/20/1938, Sunbury, Ohio

Rt #1 On 7/21/1956 md. Robert Kean (b 2/18/1937)

Robert is an employee of PPG in Delaware.Darlene is

employed by a Delaware bank. The family lives on

Longshore Road in Trenton Twp.

Issue VI:

1- Debora Marie Kean b 5/1/1957 An employee of

Penney's Ins. Co.

2- Diana Esther Kean b 2/16/1960

A student at B.W. High

V-7 Phillip Bruce Longshore b 4/17/1941 in Trenton Twp.

On 7/18/1959 md Judy Barr (7/18/1942)

Phil is a deputy sheriff for Delaware County

Judy works for the Delaware Unemployment Bureau

This family lives in Trenton Twp.

Issue VI:

1-Bruce William Longshore b 5/7/1960

2-Todd Allen Longshore b 2/11/1961

3-Sherri Lynn Longshore b 10/5/1963

4-Heidi Lee Longshore b 1/4/1965

At this writing all are students at B.W. High
I-DENTITY (p. 50)


I-DENTITY (p. 50)


[page 50]

[corresponds to page 48 of I-DENTITY]

IV 3 Third child of Clem and Ella (Watts) Longshore

John Glendon Longshore b 4/26/1904 Trenton Twp, on

6/26/1931 md Frances Simms (b 10/31/1907) A farmer

presently. In early marriage, lived in Columbus and drove a City Transit

Bus. He then moved to Trenton Twp. and farmed but after he

sold his dairy cows, he worked as a custodian for

Gahanna School System. He has now retired and resumed farming full

time. This family also lives on Longshore Road in Trenton

Twp., neighbors to his father's farm.

Issue: V Donald, Shirley, Carole, Robert, Randy

1- Donald Wayne Longshore b 8/29/1933 on

7/22/1963 md. Diana VanderHout in Milwaukee.

Donald is employed by Allis chalmers. This family

now lives near Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

2- Shirley Ann Longshore b 2/9/1936 on 8/22/1959

md William Mertel (b 10/12/1935) live near

Cleveland, Ohio. Bill is an Art teacher in a Jewish

school. Shirley is a temporarily retired kindergarten


Issue VI:

1 Lori Lynn Mertel b 5/17/1966

2 Lisa Ellen Mertel b 10/21/1969


3- Carole Lynn Longshore b 6/28/1938

On 10/8/1966 md Melvin Bell (b 6/18/1939)

Melvin's employed by Columbus & Southern Ohio

Electric. This family lives near Columbus, Ohio


Issue VI:

1- Lisa Ann b 12/19/1968

4- Robert Lee Longshore b 8/3/1942

Bob farms in Trenton Twp

5- Randy Allen Longshore b 4/5/1952 on 6/8/1973

md Kathy Ann Fuller (b 5/10/1955)

Randy is an employee of Landmark, Inc.


I-DENTITY (p. 51)


I-DENTITY (p. 51)


[page 51]

[corresponds to page 49 of I-DENTITY]

Continuation of Truman & Lucretia (Peters) Longshore line Jmaes Dean and

Nancy Elizabeth (Ryan) Family


III Descendants of Truman & Lucretia Peters Longshore

Issue IV: James Dean, Estella May, Isaac Newton,Milo E. & Nellie V.


1- James Dean b 1/16/1872 d 4/7/1952 Age 80

After age 18 settled in Iowa Born Delaware County, Ohio

On 10/30/1894 md. Nancy Elizabeth (Ryan)

This is a copy from a clipping out of the Wapello, Iowa newspaper sent to the

Longshore Reunion secretary at the time of Dean's death.


James Dean Longshore

Born Delaware County, Ohio January 26, 1872. At age 18

went to Iowa to farm. Married on October 30, 1894 to Nancy

Elizabeth Ryan. Children: Mattie Melissa, Homer Russell, Ernest

Cecil, Bertha May, Mabel Dean, Paul Marion, Lela Valentine,

James Vernon, Rollo Raymond, and Leslie Lewis. Elizabeth, his

wife, died June 24, 1930. Son of Truman and Lucretia (Peters)

Longshore. Lived with Paul. Three sisters and two brothers

preceded in death. Survived by two sons,Homer and Paul, and

daughter, Mrs. Mabel Murray (Oakville). Survived by two

brothers, Milo of Keokuk, Iowa and Clem Longshore of Sunbury,

Ohio. Died April 7, 1952.

Issue V:

1- Mattie Melissa Longshore b 12/13/1895

d 12/18/1909 d age 14

2- Homer Russell Longshore b 7/3/1897 d

9/21/1971 md Bessie E. Wilson (b 3/18/1906)

on 7/3/1927

Issue VI:

Harold Dean Longshore b 3/7/1929

LiveS in Wapello, Iowa

Both Homer and Harold worked for the state

Highway Dept.

3- Ernest Cecil Longshore b 9/20/1898

d 12/8/1927 on 6/28/1921 md Lela May Gunnells

b (5/1903)

Issue VI:

1 Nellie May b 5/12/1922 d 7/11/1923

I-DENTITY (p. 52)


I-DENTITY (p. 52)


[page 52]

[corresponds to page 50 of I-DENTITY]

Continuation of Truman & Lucretia (Peters) Longshore line James Dean and

Nancy Elizabeth (Ryan) Family

2-Marjorie Jean Longshore b 1926

Marjorie was just a little past 1 year of age

when her father died, so her aunt adopted her

More about this later.

4-Bertha May b 5/11/1903 d 8/13/1923 on

2/1/1922 md James J. McKinney

b 12/4/1890 d 12/11/1927) No issue:

5-Mabel Dean Longshore b 10/20/1904 on

6/14/1922 md Ben Murray (b 2/28/1903

d 6/19/1975)

Issue: VI

1- Marjorie Jean Murray (adopted 1930

from Lela (Gunnel) Longshore

Marjorie Jean Murray b 10/21/1926,

on 11/3/1944 md. Allan Gerst

(b 3/30/1923) dv 1966.

Issue VII: Marlan Allan, Karen Dean,

Janice Marie, Lynette Kay Gerst

1-Marlan Allan Gerst b 9/12/1947

md 3/7/1970 to Phyllis Jean

Hinrichs(b 8/22/1950)

2- Karen Dean Gerst b 11/1/1949

on 3/20/1970 md Ronald Humphrey

(b 7/8/1947)

3-Janice Marie Gerst b 9/29/1951

on 12/20/1969 md Robert V.

Hutchinson (b 12/5/1949)

Issue VI: Children

Nancy b 7/4/1970

Trudi Ann b 12/24/1973

4-Lynette Kay Gerst b 2/16/1954

Marjorie Jean (Murray-Gerst) md2 John

Humphries (b 6/18/1924) on 9/22/1966

6.Paul Marion Longshore b 3/15/1906

d 3/12/1970 md on 11/28/1928 to Margaret

Ellen Merrick (b 6/1/1903) Paul d age 64

Issue VI: Helen Pauline and Robert LeRoy


1 Helen Pauline b 1/19/1930 on 2/23/1952

md Richard W. Kenyon (b 6/1/1929)

I-DENTITY (p. 53)


I-DENTITY (p. 53)


[page 53]

[corresponds to page 51 of I-DENTITY]

Truman and Lucretia (Peters) Longshore line

Dean Longshore branch- Family of Paul Marion Longshore family

Issue VII:

1- Paula Michelle Kenyon b 8/13/1956

2- Richard Bruce Longshore b 4/15/1958

2-Robert LeRoy Longshore b 11/3/1933

On 6/23/1957 md. Mary Lou Hutchcroft

Issue VII

1-Kathleen Ann Longshore b 10/20/1958

2-Karen Michelle Longshore b 5/16/1966

7. Lela Valentine Longshore b 2/14/1908

d 2/21/1933 md Ernest Clayton (her 1st cousin)

on 12/30/1926 (More on this later) d age 25 -

Children: William D., Verlee, & Cecile

8. James Vernon Longshore b 11/16/1910 d 6/24/1929 Age 19

9. Leslie Lewis Longshore b 1/28/1916 d 1/29/1916

10. Rollo Raymond Longshore b 4/13/1918 d 4/14/1918

(Note- This completes the Dean & Elizabeth Ryan Longshore Branch)

10 children: namely - Mattie Melissa, Homer Russell, Ernest Cecil, Bertha May,

Mabel Dean, Paul Marion,Lela Valentine, James Vernon, Rollo Vernon [sic Raymond] Longshore

This family saw much tragedy as 2 died in infancy; 2 died as teenagers; and 3 in

their 20's.

I-DENTITY (p. 54)


I-DENTITY (p. 54)


[page 54]

[corresponds to page 52 of I-DENTITY]

Continuation of the Truman and Lucretia (Peters) Longshore line


IV 2 Estella Mae Longshore b 5/20/1873 d 9/24/1949

md 8/18/1897 to James C. Clevenger (b 3/31/1874

d 5/2/1947)

Issue V: Perry T., Carl C., and Eva Louise Clevenger

1 Perry T. Clevenger b 12/19/1898

d 3/22/1924 of TB md 7/23/1921 to

Everetta Weaver

2 Carl C. Clevenger b 9/23/1902 md 7/4/1923 d 1988 to

Ruth Hazelet (d 7/17/1926)

Carl md2 Lois Drutchell (b 1904) 8/20/1927

Carl and Lois formerly lived in Condit, Ohio and

moved about 15 years ago to Marysville Carl worked

many years as a house painter. He is now retired and

the family lives in Marysville, Union Co., Ohio.He is a

tall slender man.

Issue VI: Bernard, Donna & Norma

1 Bernard Clevenger b 3/12/1928 on

12/16/1950 md Mildred VanLoon dv

Issue VII:

1 James Edward Clevenger

b 6/11/1952

Bernard Clevenger md2 Frances Pruett


Issue VII:

2 Carla Ann Clevenger b 9/30/1960

2 Donna Mae Clevenger b 3/24/1930 on

8/21/1949 md Lee Crawford b


Donna owns and manages a Nursing Home

in Marysville. Lee Ann is a college student.

3. Norma La Vonne Clevenger b about 1932

Norma has an office job in Columbus,

Ohio, lives in Marysville.

3 Eva Louis Clevenger b 12/10/1910 d 1/28/1934

of TB md on 7/22/1930 to Sherman Walter Weiser.

It's been said that Jim and Mae clevenger were wonderful people. The kind who

were always on hand when a family or neighbor crisis arose; to comfort the

bereaved or ailing and to help in a physical sense. "Uncle" Jim always had a bit

of candy for the children; endearing himself to them.

I-DENTITY (p. 55)


I-DENTITY (p. 55)


[page 55]

[corresponds to page 53 of I-DENTITY]

Continuation of Truman and Lucretia (Peters) Longshore line
Isaac Newton

(Newt) and Susan (Roberts) Longshore family

IB III 3 Isaac Newton Longshore b 9/15/1874 d 11/4/1944

At age 70 on 10/1/1897 md susan C. Roberts (b 5/6/1876

d 7/3/1917) Newt was a slightly built man, known as a
good hostler

and driver of horses; also farmed in Trenton Twp, then
moved to

Galena where he worked for the Bennett Lumber Co.

Issue IV: Edward B., Ellen W., Alonzo J., Matilda May,William H,

Charles, and Mary Frances Longshore.

1 Edward B. Longshore b 2/17/1898 on 12/20/1927

md Letha Huse (b 2/17/1898 d 1/26/1971)

No Issue.

2 Ellen W. Longshore b 2/20/1900 on 8/20/1918 md Osco

Green (b 12/1/1893 d 12/10/1960) Lived in Mansfield.

Issue V: Pearl Louise, Harold Edward, & Beulah Mae Green

1 Pearl Louis Green b 4/8/1921 on 6/6/1942

md Clell Spearman

Issue VI:

1 Joseph Allan Spearman b 8/27/1947

2 Kay Ellen Spearman b 11/22/1953

3 Betsy Jane Spearman b 10/17/1954

2 Harold Green b 2/3/1924 on 6/30/1946

md Martha Young (b 8/21/1928)

Issue VI:

1 Roger Allan Green b 10/27/1947

2 Ralph Edward Green b 8/24/1949

3 Randy Lea Green b 11/9/1956

4 Robby Lynn Green b 8/23/1958

3 Buelah Mae Green b 4/5/1926 on 12/15/1953

md Clare Tucker

Issue VI:

1 Thomas Randal Tucker b 12/18/1955

2 Jerry Eugene Tucker b 12/13/1961

3 Alonzo J. Longshore b 6/6/1902 d 5/6/1960 on 10/3/1923

md Zella Downing (b 5/9/1903) Lived in Mansfield area.

Issue V:

1- Neland J. Longshore b 6/14/1924 on 9/1/1946

md Marilyn Ryner [sic Kyner]

4 Matilda Mae Longshore b 2/8/1905 on 6/12/1930

md Clyde Ruhl (b 10/12/1896) Lives in Mansfield, Ohio

Issue V: Dale Arnold Ruhl, Robert Eugene, Ruth Irene, Ralph

William, and Jean Ruhl

1-Dale Arnold Ruhl b 2/24/1933 d 3/25/1933
I-DENTITY (p. 56)


I-DENTITY (p. 56)


[page 56]

[corresponds to page 54 of I-DENTITY]

Continuation of the Truman and Lucretia (Peters) Longshore line Isaac Newton

(Newt) and Susan (Roberts) Longshore family

2-Robert Eugene Ruhl b 7/14/1934 d 8/4/1934

3-Ruth Irene Ruhl b 3/9/1936 on 1/6/1956 md

Ronald Dean Brubaker (b 7/17/1936)

Issue VI:

1-Michelle Lynn Brubaker b 3/4/1962

2-Cynthia Kay Brubaker b 3/9/1963

3-Donald Douglas Brubaker b 6/14/1966

4-Ralph William Ruhl b 8/20/1939 on 4/29/1961

md Shirley Ludwig (b 12/18/1944)

Issue VI:

1 Teresa Marie Ruhl b 8/12/1961

2 William Eugene Ruhl b 5/8/1966

5-Barbara Jean Ruhl b 2/3/1941 on 12/28/1963

md Donald L. Queen (b 10/15/1941)

Issue VI:

1 David Harold Queen b 12/19/1966

2 Dianna Kay Queen b 4/27/1971

5 William H. Longshore b 1/20/1909 d 2/18/1930 d age 21

6 Charles Newton Longshore b 5/11/1912 on 11/4/1937

md Nellie DeBolt (b 10/23/1913) Always lived in Galena.

Issue V: Juanita Louise, Robert Eugene, Norma Jean,

James Lawrence, Charlene, Betty Longshore

1 Juanita Louise (Peggy) Longshore in 1958

md Norman Patrick Lafferty (b 11/21/1937)

Issue VI:

1 Leslie Diane Lafferty b 2/25/1959

2 Judy Marie Lafferty b 10/7/1960

3 Michael Patrick Lafferty b 11/2/1961

4 Steven Edward Lafferty b/26/1972

2 Robert Eugene Longshore b 2/3/1946

d 9/14/1948 age 2 1/2

3 Norma Jean Longshore b 2/4/1948

on 11/26/1968 md John Barrick Bowmar

(b 11/1/1943)

4 James Lawrence Longshore b 4/7/1949

on 6/18/1972 md Julia Silvers (b 9/15/1948)

5 Charlene Nancy Longshore b 1/14/1952

Died 12/24/1956 age 5

6 Betty Ann Longshore b 3/6/1955 on

12/14/1974 md Armando Munoz (b 8/27/1952)

Issue VI:

1 Genaro Carlos Munoz b 1976

I-DENTITY (p. 57)


I-DENTITY (p. 57)


[page 57]

[corresponds to page 55 of I-DENTITY]

Continuation of the Truman and Lucretia (Peters) Longshore line Isaac Newton

(Newt) and Susan (Roberts) Longshore family

7 (7th child of Isaac Newton & Susan Longshore)

Mary Frances Longshore b 4/4/1914 on 2/24/1946

md Arthur Zimmerman (b 4/8/1911)

Issue V:

1 Yvonne Sue Zimmerman b 6/18/1947

2 Garry Thomas Zimmerman b 10/28/1948

3 Carl Richard Zimmerman b 3/10/1951

Isaac Newton (Newt) Longshore md2 Eva Penin Green 11/27/1920

d 1/26/1938

Issue V:Earl Dean Longshore b 7/12/1921 on 11/4/1942

md Glenda Murray (Eva Green had 7 children by

her previous marriage; William, Jessie, Ray & Roy,

Ruby, Edison, and Almont Green)

On 2/14/1940, Newt md3 Mildred White Bennett


III 4 Milo Ernest Longshore 4th child of Truman & Lucretia

B 5/8/1867 d 6/17/1954 (A 87) bd Wapello Cemetery, Iowa

On 12/10/1902 md Susan F. Wilcox (b 9/16/1881 d 5/14/1926)

Issue IV: Leo H., Wilma Lucille, Hallie Rex, Dorothy Marie

IV Longshore

1 Leo H. Longshore b 12/5/1903 d 10/8/1966 age 63 on

11/10/1926 md Sara Hoffman (b 8/7/1907)

Issue V: Elva Jean, Wilma Maxine, Leo H., Jr., Bethene

Audray Longshore

1 Elva Jean Longshore b 2/27/1930 on

3/27/1949 md Richard Hedrick (b 8/27/1928)

Issue VI:

1 Lynn Diann Hedrick b 10/20/1956

2 Gail Ann Hedrick b 11/15/1957

2 Wilma Maxine Longshore b 10/3/1931 on

4/30/1950 md Don Harmon (b 9/14/1929)

Issue VI:

1 Rebecca Ann Harmon b 5/8/1951

2 Dale Harmon b

3 Leo H. Longshore, Jr. b 4/27/1937 on

8/30/1958 md Patricia Fritzmoser (b 6/6/1938)

Issue VI:

1 Nugent Michael Longshore b 7/22/1959

2 Patrick Douglas Longshore b 7/23/1961

3 Theresa Ann Longshore b 5/5/1963

4 Bethane Audray b 5/17/1939

2- Wilma Lucille Longshore b 3/11/1908 d 2/6/1909
I-DENTITY (p. 58)


I-DENTITY (p. 58)


[page 58]

[corresponds to page 56 of I-DENTITY]

Continuation of the Truman and Lucretia (Peters) Longshore line Milo and

Susan (Wilcox) Longshore family

3- Hallie Rex Longshore, 3rd child of Milo & Susan

b 11/21/1912 d 8/6/1941 on 4/24/1932 md Irene

Knight (b 8/29/1910)

Issue V:

1-Marrye Ann Longshore b 2/5/1933 on

8/27/1950 md Billie D. Hootman

Issue VI: Billie D., Dana Marie,Deanna Lynn,

& Erin Hootman

1- Billie C. Hootman, Jr. b 1/25/1952

d 1/27/1952

2- Dana Marie Hootman b 6/27/1953

md Patrick Bryan Conner on 5/5/1973

3- Deanna Lynn Hootman b 6/27/1953 on

6/5/1971 md Dennis Hess

4- Erin Hootman b 8/25/1960

2- Linda Irene Longshore b 6/1/1939 on

3/17/1962 md Clifford Eugene Barrett (b


Issue VI:

1- Shawn Lee Longshore Barrett b 9/1/1959

2-Kelley Joe Barrett b 7/7/1962

3-Stacie Lynne Barrett b 11/22/1963

3- Rose Marie Longshore b 1/1/1942 on 6/12/1963

md Allen Neilsen

Issue VI:

1-Rex Allen Neilsen b 6/12/1965

2-Jacalyn Suzette Neilsen b 9/27/1969

4- Hallie Rex Longshore, Jr. b 6/11/1940 on

6/11/1967 md Bonnie Lynne Gorrell

Issue VI:

1-Joseph Carl Longshore b 1/16/1969

2-Jacob Longshore b 11/4/1970

Hallie Rex Longshore, Jr. was ordained into Zion Lutheran Church at Hiawatha,

Iowa on 6/12/1966.

5- Dorothy Marie Longshore b 5/7/1919 in 1935

md Richard Paul Walker, dv

Issue VI:

1-James Walker b 7/20/1937 d 12/5/1984

2- Sharon Kay Walker b 10/31/1940 on 2/7/1959

md William Brenner

children Wm. Kent (Rocky) b 12/31/--

Rocky md Carol Lynn Hart 3/17/1989 in


- Anita Louise b 8/4/1962

- Brigitte Ann
I-DENTITY (p. 59)


I-DENTITY (p. 59)


[page 59]

[corresponds to page 57 of I-DENTITY]

Continuation of the Truman and Lucretia (Peters) Lngshore line through Milo

and Susan (Wilcox) Longshore family--Dana Marie Walker and Robert Browning


3- Dana Marie Walker b 8/24/1939 md

Robert Browning

Children: Kathleen b 11/30/58,Margaret (Peg) b 59

Thomas Oliver b 8/2/62,Jeannine Helene


4- Vernia b 8/24/1942 (Janis Marie Mezykowski)

md Frank F. Banicki

Children: 1- John Joseph b 7/16/1960 md Margaret


Children: Michael, Melissa

2- David Alan b 9/30/1961 md Margie


Children: Jennifer, David Jr.

3- Ronald Stanley b 4/15/1963 md Kim

Children: Matthew

4- Sharon Guadalupe b 7/9/1964 md

James Critchlow

Children: Jason, James Jr.

5- Barbara Jean b 7/17/1967

6- Thomas Michael b 9/6/1969 md Alma

Children: Amanda

7- Daniel Edward b 10/22/1971

8- Ann Marie b 9/1978

md2 Coy Winters in 1948 dv 1952

Issue VI 5: Susan Winters md Phillip


Children Kellie, Kristie

md3 Lawrence Cole in 7/28/1958

Issue VI:

6 - Martha Ann Cole b 10/6/1959 d 4/22/1989


7 - Lawrence Joseph Cole, Jr. b 1961

All the Walker children were born in South Bend, Indiana. Dorothy md Mr.

Winters in 1948 and divorced in 1952. She married (2) Mr. Cole in 1958,he died

in 1983.
I-DENTITY (p. 60)


I-DENTITY (p. 60)


[page 60]

[corresponds to page 58 of I-DENTITY]

Continuation of the Truman and Lucretia (Peters) Longshore line

III V: Nellie V. Longshore - 5th child of Truman & Lucretia Longshore

Nellie V. Longshore b 11/16/1879 d 7/4/1914 on 3/17/1898 md

Virgil D. (b 12/14/1875 d 1955)

Issue IV: Fred, Ethel, Ernest, Harvey, Dave, Forrest,Iva Maude


1-Fred Clayton b 4/16/1899 d 12/16/1918 age 19

2-Ethel Mae Clayton b 7/30/1900 d 1918 age 18

md William Evans in 1917

Issue: one daughter who died

3-Ernest T. Clayton b 2/15/1902 d 7/16/1979 on

12/20/1926 md Lela V. Longshore --daughter of Dean &

Nancy Longshore--(b 2/14/1908 d 2/21/1933 age 25)

Issue V: William D. Clayton, Verlee Clayton,

Cecile Clayton

1-William D. Clayton b 4/10/1928 on 6/27/1959

md Isabelle Mae Belt (b 11/7/1930)

Issue VI:

1 - Anita Marie Clayton b 8/28/1960

md Glenn Hunt 3/10/79

2 - Rebecca Diane Clayton b 6/27/1961

3- Tayna [sic Tanya] b 8/18/77

2a- Elizabeth Verlee Clayton b 11/10/1930 on

10/21/1945 md James D. Lance III, Jr. div

Issue VI: James, Linda, Donald Lance

1- James Daniel Lance III b 1/5/1947

md 7/2/1966 to Marilyn Holbrook

b 12/5/1951

Issue VII:

1 -Troy DeWayne Lance b 1/12/1967

2 -Samantha Ann Lance b 7/13/1971

2- Linda Lou Lance b 1/16/1948 md

10/15/1961 to Ernest Stanley Gayhart,Jr.

(b 6/28/1944)

Issue: VII

1-Diana Sue Gayhart b 1/20/1964

2-Brenda Kay Gayhart b 5/15/1965

3- Gayhart b 4/18/1969

3 - Donald Eugene Lance b 10/9/1949 md

2/14/1970 to Pamela Raley (b 2/5/1952)

Issue VII:

1-Donald Eugene Patrick Lance b 11/1/1972

2b (Elizabeth) Verlee md2 Grady N. White on 9/2/1951
I-DENTITY (p. 61)


I-DENTITY (p. 61)


[page 61]

[corresponds to page 59 of I-DENTITY]

Issue: VI

4 Michael Timothy White b 11/2/1951

5 Lilli Kathleen White b 8/29/1957

6 Grady Edward White b 10/15/1958

7 Tommy Dean White 9/26/1959

['* ch:

* ch:' handwritten in left margin]

[page 67]

[corresponds to page 53 of I-DENTITY]

Truman & Lucretia Longshore Line (II)

III Nellie V. Longshore Clayton (5th child)

Issue: IV 3

Cecile Viola Clayton b 1/8/1933 on 5/6/1951 md

Robert P. Ahr

Issue: Robin Pauline Ahr b 4/21/1955

Charles William Ahr b 4/24/1956

Ted Anthony Ahr b 9/8/1972

IV 4 4th child of Nellie V. Longshore Clayton

Harvey Clayton b 1/31/1905 d 6/24/1973 md on 2/28/1928

to Vergie Hubbard

Issue: V Irene and Giles

Letha Irene Clayton b 2/7/1929 md 9/18/1945

to Paul Poe

Issue: VI

1 Donna Jean Poe b 3/3/1946 d 8/4/1962

(killed in auto accident)

2 Dale Poe b 10/8/1947

3 Eddie Poe b 1/5/1949

4 Garry Lee Poe b

[photograph: unidentified]

Giles Raymond Clayton b 5/20/1932 on 12/1/1952

md Jeane Law

Issue: VI

1 Ronda clayton b md

Issue: VII

2 Randy Clayton b

3 Sherry Clayton

Harv md Louise Wilson of Iowa in 1935, no ch., dv.

Harvey md Cora Hess (b 10/9/1914) on 5/12/1937

Issue: V Elmer, Arbutus, Merle, Ruth, Kathy Clayton

1 Elmer Clayton b 7/7/1938 on 9/5/1958 md Nancy Goings dv

Issue: VI

1 Linda Sue Clayton b 12/6/1959

2 Michael Clayton b 9/5/1961

3 Lisa Sue b 2/5/1965 (later adopted by Eddie

Quijada) ['- Nancy's 2nd husband' handwritten)
I-DENTITY (p. 62)


I-DENTITY (p. 62)


[page 62]

[corresponds to page 60 of I-DENTITY]

Continuation of the Truman and Lucretia (Peters) Longshore

line - family of Harvey and Cora (Hess) cont.

2- Arbutus Clayton b 1/6/1940 on 10/25/1964

md Everett Swackhammer, a minister

Issue VI:

Eddie L. Swackhammer

3- Merle Clayton b 3/9/1942 md 8/16/1963 to

Janet Harris

Issue VI:

1 -Brenda Kay Clayton

4- Ruth Clayton b 7/30/1945 on 4/27/1964 md

Roger Ingmire

Issue VI:

1- Michelle

2- Melissa

3- Roger Allen

5- Kathy Clayton b 5/1/1951 md David Murphy

IV 5 Fifth child of Nellie Longshore and Virgil Clayton

Dave Clayton b 1/29/1907 on 12/20/1933 md Nellie


Issue V:

1- Erwin Edward Clayton b 6/7/1937 on 5/5/1961

md Mary Elizabeth Miller (b 8/13/1938)

Issue VI:

1- Dennis Edward Clayton b 12/5/1965

2- David William b 6/5/1967

3- Denise Leanne b 12/5/1969

2- Janet Carole Clayton b 10/12/1938 on 11/9/1953

md William Callan (b 8/29/1938 d 2/18/77

Issue VII:

1- Deborah Lee Callan b 12/5/1954 md

Gregory R 2/11/19

2- Robert Eugene Callan b 1/20/1958 md

Diana Moss 5/28/1975

IV 6 Sixth child of Nellie Longshore and Virgil Clayton

Forrest Alvy Clayton b 3/12/1909 d 7/16/1963 on

9/15/1934 md Erma Alberta Wilson- 12 children

Issue V: Foresteen Alberta, Martha Joan, Doris Marie,

Elva Elaine, Lola Mae, Patsy Lou, Ralph

Franklin, Nancy Beth, Minnie Lea, John

Delbert, Forrest Alvy, Jr., Shirley Louise

1- Foresteen Alberta b 7/22/1935

d 7/22/1935

2 - Martha Joan Clayton b 7/18/1936

d 3/28/1937
I-DENTITY (p. 63)


I-DENTITY (p. 63)


[page 63]

[corresponds to page 61 of I-DENTITY]

Continuation of the Truman and Lucretia (Peters) Longshore line - family of

Nellie Longshore and Virgil Clayton

3- Doris Marie Clayton b 9/8/1937

4- Elva Elaine clayton b 11/20/1938

d. 4/1974 on 6/8/1957 md Donald Fry

(b 8/20/1938)

Issue: VI

1 - David clayton Fry b 5/3/1960

2 - Stanley Clarence Fry b 7/28/1965

3 - Donald Edward Fry II b 10/7/1966

4 - Sheldon Fry

5-Lola Mae b 12/3/1939 on 12/18/1957

md Pet Evans (10/3/1931)

Issue VI:

1 - Foresteen JoAnne Evans

b 10/7/1958

2 - Carolyn Marie Evans b 4/10/1963

3 - Harvey Allen b 6/10/1969

6 - Patsy Lou Clayton b 4/8/1941 on


7 - Ralph Franklin Clayton b 5/4/1942 on

5/4/1942 md Barbara Stevens

Issue VI:

1- JoAnne Elizabeth Clayton b 2/8/1962

8 - Nancy Beth Clayton b 4/25/1944 on

1/26/1961 md Tommy Perkins (b 3/4/1941)

9 - Minnie Lea b 11/18/1945 on 11/1963

md David Behrens

10 - John Delbert Clayton b 4/22/1948 on

10/17/1969 md Cathy Reichert

11 - Forrest Alvy Clayton Jr. b 9/11/1949

12 - Shirley Louise Clayton b 11/13/1950

Note - These tabulations complete the Cyrus and Margaret Young

Longshore line.

I-DENTITY (p. 64)


I-DENTITY (p. 64)


[page 64]

[corresponds to page 62 of I-DENTITY]

Warner Longshore

The Third Child of David and Elizabeth Longshore

IC Warner Longshore b 10/18/1807 d 1/1/1892 age 84. Warner was born in

Ohio and is buried beside his two wives in Sunbury Memorial Park, Sunbury,

Ohio. He settled on a farm east of Sunbury in Trenton Twp, Delaware County,

Ohio. This farm is still owned by a Longshore. Lester farms it at present, and

his father, Clem, farmed it before him.

The farm is situated on Longshore Road. Warner was quite active in the Vans

Valley Methodist Church in his community and was a trustee there. His name

appears on the church deed. His family of seven children all took part in the

work of the church. He and his wife, Cordelia,"took in" his brother Cyrus'

grandson, Clem, (Truman's son) at the time of Clem's stepmother's death.

Warner and Mary Ann Buxton Longshore (b 11/24/1811 d 2/20/1846)

Issue II: Norton, Elizabeth, Allen, Harriett, Tammison

After Mary Ann's death, Warner md Cordelia Searles (b 1810 d 1882)

on 6/1846 Cordelia was from New York. She died of heart disease

Issue II: Mary and Harmon.

II 1 Norton Longshore b 9/9/1832 d 2/2/1893 age 60 of pneumonia bd

in Trenton Cemetery. Norton farmed on a farm located on what is now Meredith

St. Rd. and it is still owned and occupied by a family member, Zada Longshore.

Issue III: Edith, Noah, and Albert Longshore

1 - Edith H. Longshore b 7/3/1859 d 6/25/1864 age 5

2 - Noah D. Longshore b 1866 d 1890 bd Trenton

Cemetery d age 24 taught school and worked in a

nearby sawmill. He lived on what is now the Charlie

Lane property North Old 3C Hwy. in Trenton Twp.

He was killed in a saw mill accident. His leg was cut off

and he bled to death. They had no children.

3 - Albert Longshore b 1857 in Illinois d 1921 a 64

md 8/28/1878 to Emma E. Wright (b 1859) She died

of malarial fever bd. Trenton Cemetery.

Issue IV: Otis (reared by his grandparents)

1- Otis H. Longshore b 1880 d 1927 never md

lived in Cols. was a foreman for many

years at Tellings-Mt. Vernon Ice Cream

Plant in Columbus, working up until his

death of a heart attack at age 46.

Albert Longshore md2 Lizzy Curry on 11/20/1884

(d 3/16/1926)
I-DENTITY (p. 65)


I-DENTITY (p. 65)


[page 65]

[corresponds to page 63 of I-DENTITY]

continuation of the Warner Longshore line - Norton and Zada Longshore family.

Issue IV: Gail Norton Longshore b 9/30/1907 d 1961

following a few days' illness from a stroke. In 1919

md Zada Freas. Gail was in military training in

Columbus for WWI when war ended. He always

lived on and farmed the home place.

Issue V:

1 Erma Louise Longshore b 2/25/1921 md Don

Scott,(b 9/14/1919) from McConnelsville, OH.

He was a paratrooper in England during WWII

for 2 yrs. He was a school superintendent at a

Cleveland, Ohio school until his recent

retirement.Erma taught Commercial subjects

at Northfield High in Ohio at that time.

They now live in Johnson City, Tenn.

Issue VI:

1- Randy Scott b 7/24/1949 b at

Kirkersville, Ohio, md on 3/1/1969 to

Carol Cooper

Issue VII:

1-Stephanie b 6/22/1970

Randy Scott was a Marine and served

in Japan for 2 yrs. He now lives in

Memphis, Tennessee and works for the

Naval Intelligence Corps.

2- Linda Scott b 11/3/1953 at Wooster,

Ohio. Now teaches kindergarten at

Northfield Elementary, near Cleveland,


The foregoing information was solicited from Zada Longshore

II 2 Elizabeth Longshore b 1834 d 3/3/1905 md Isaac DeWitt in

1855 (No further information on her.)

II 3 Allen Longshore b 1837 d 12/28/1863, age 28 yrs. 11 mo in

1858 md Martha Forwood (b 1831 d 1863 age 32)

Issue III:

1-Ella A. b 1859 d 1863, age 3, died 3 wks after father

All this family were victims of typhoid fever.
I-DENTITY (p. 66)


I-DENTITY (p. 66)


[page 66]

[corresponds to back of page 63 of I-DENTITY]


Ezekiel Brown was born March 13, 1760 in Orange County, New York and died

April 23, 1841, in Delaware County, Ohio at the home of his daughter, Nancy Brown

Leonard. He was married to Jane Smith, Feb. 26, 1786. She was born Sept. 15, 1766 and

died Aug. 19, 1821. In 1808 he came to Berkshire Township and settled on land a little

northeast of where Galena now is. He came from Lycoming County, PA, where he had

been elected to Congress for one or two terms.

In 1776 he enlisted in the Revolutionary Army and joined the forces under

Washington, just after the Battle of Trenton. He participated in several engagements.

Two years later, while on a furlough to visit his home, then in what is now Lycoming

Co., PA, he was unfortunately captured by the Indians. The incidents, as related by his

daughter, Nancy Brown Leonard, are as follows.

There had been numerous Indian alarms and the neighbors had gathered at

Ezekiel's father's house; a strong, hewed log cabin, which was easy of defense. Here

they awaited the onset of the savages, but they did not make the attack when expected.

Instead they kept secreted in the neighborhood for days until the settlers, lulled into a

false sense of security, went into their homes. As soon as the savages saw their plans

succeeding, they rushed in upon the unsuspecting and defenseless settlers, and

commenced their work of butchery. Ezekiel's father, mother, and sister's husband

were ruthlessly murdered, and himself and sister with her seven children were carried

into Indian captivity. The mother was separated from her children, and the children from

each other. Ezekiel was forced to pass through the forms preceding adoption into the

tribe. Three times during the journey to the main town of the Cayugas, near where

Scipio, N.Y. now stands, he was forced to run the gauntlet. The first time, he received a

severe wound from a tomahawk. The second time, less fortunate, he received a terrible

blow from a war club which felled him to the ground in a fearfully mangled condition.

His life seemed ended, but he finally recovered and proceeded with his captors to their

destination, where, after another trial, he passed through the fearful ordeal unharmed and

was adopted by a family who had lost a son in the war. He was afterwards taken to

Canada where he found his sister, and a clue to the whereabouts of her children. He

managed to become employed by a trader and bought his freedom,but the ties of kindred

were too strong for him to leave his sister in captivity. He at once set about securing her

release and that of her children. He had secured all of her seven children but two, when

one boy came up with the Indians and claimed his mother, but she told him she was not

his mother. He had changed so much and was so dirty she could not own him. She asked

him if he had any brothers and he said he had and told their names and said he had an

uncle, Ezekiel. Then she had to own him. They now had all the children but one boy

twelve years old. It was nearing the time when Ezekiel hoped to return to his friends, that

he learned a party of Indians with this boy was about to start for a distant point to hunt. If

this should occur, he despaired of ever seeing the child again, and determined to kidnap

the boy. Calling the Indians into the trader's cabin, he treated them to liquor. When they

became drunk he pushed them out and the boy in, then barred the door and waited the

issue. This treatment was not relished by the savages. The resented it by kicks and more

forcible attacks upon the door. There were no signs of it yielding, so they had to leave

the boy behind. But the lad had become enamored with the wild life of the woods and

longed to be with his Indian friends. One day while out playing he saw his opportunity

and his Uncle Ezekiel saw him running with all his might to regain his friends. With

sinking heart and almost in despair, he started in pursuit. The boy was recaptured and

with the whole family returned in 1783 to their friends in PA., after five years of Indian

captivity. Seven years later, Ezekiel Brown moved to Ohio and in 1808 to Berkshire

Township. Ezekiel Brown was my grandfather and your great grandfather.
I-DENTITY (p. 67)


I-DENTITY (p. 67)


[page 67]

[corresponds to page 64 of I-DENTITY]

Continuation of the Warner Longshore line - Harriet Longshore Ginn family

II 4 Harriett Longshore (1839-5/28/1918) d age 79, bd Galena

md George Ginn (1839-11/11/1888) d age 49, This couple

raised Milo, Truman's son, along with their three daughters.

Issue: III Elmine, Minnie, Allie, and Greddie [Freddie] Ginn

Elmine Ginn b 1867 d age 89 md in 1903 to Bert C. Youman

(1868-1923) age 55

Issue IV: Zora Elizabeth Youman b 9/3/1904. Zora lived in

Westerville, OH. Was educated at Otterbein College,rec'd a degree for teaching

but graduated during the depression when there was no market for teachers.

She then took a business course and became a secretary at Westerville High. As

she says, a career she immensely enjoyed as it put her in touch with the school

personnel as well as the students and she often was a confidant of these

teenagers. Zora recently retired from her position as sec'y to the principal.

She never married.

2. Minnie Ginn (1862-1933), d age 71 md

Inman C. Budd (1865-8/6/1929), d age 61.

bd Galena

Issue IV: Madge Barrows (7/27/1920)

3. Allie Ginn (1850-1927), d age 77, md

William Foster

Issue V: Anabel and Mike Daugherty

Burr Foster md Grace Dill

Issue V: Dorothy Foster md Floyd Fickle

4. Freddie Ginn (12/1869-2/23/1871) d age 1 yr 2 months bd Galena

II 5 Tammison (Tammy) b 1846, md in 1865 to Isaac Watters

Issue III: Will Watters, Frank Watters (d 1915) in Toledo, Ohio,

Eva Watters, Gertie Watters, Clinton Watters, Destimona

Watters (d 1926)

Mary Ann (Buxton) Longshore died in 1846. Warner married Cordelia Searles in


II 6 Mary Longshore (1847-9/28/1926),bd in Sunbury Cemetery She

never married, kept house for her father and Clem Longshore,her cousin, in

the house where she was born. After Clem and Ella were married, she

maintained an apartment within the house.

II 7 Harmon Longshore (1851-10/8/1898) died age 46 of typhoid

fever, md Abbie Ross (1852-4/4/1939)
I-DENTITY (p. 68)


I-DENTITY (p. 68)


[page 68]

[corresponds to page 65 of I-DENTITY]

Continuation of the Warner Longshore line - Warner and Cordelia (Searles)
Longshore family

Issue III: Wilbur, Bertha, Warner (II), Clarence,Florence, and

Elsie Longshore; Florence, Warner, Clarence were

born in Iowa.

1- Wilbur Longshore (1874-5/7/1948) married in

1900 to Edna Mann, dv. md2 Nettie Smith


Issue IV: Abner Ross Longshore (4/21/1903-

7/1930) died age 27

2 - Bertha Longshore (1875-1952), d age 77, md

George Reiselt (1856-1934)

Issue IV: Howard Harmon Reiselt (7/1/1897) on

3/17/1917 md Sylvia Mae Huff

Issue V: Bernard, Marjorie Jane, Barbara,

Kenny,and Hilda Reiselt

1- Bernard Reiselt md Edna Mitchell,

ch: Ronald,Clifford, Richard, &

Edward Reiselt

Issue VI:

1- Ronald Resielt md Nancy

Overturf, ch David & Kevin

2- Clifford Reiselt md Sharon

Grice, ch Bart Reiselt

3- Richard Reiselt md Mary

Smith ch: Cindy Reiselt

4-Edward Reiselt md Sharon

Grimes, ch: Jeff & Craig

5-Marjorie Jane Reiselt md

Carl Harrington ch: Brenda

Harrington md Myron

Burdg, ch: Sarah,Julia, and

Jason Burdg

6-Barbara Reiselt md Eugene

Cahill, ch: Barb (Moller)

and Linda (Scheiderer), ch: Tiffany

7- Kenny Reiselt md Charlene

Armston, ch: Leslie Reiselt

md Charleve Armston, ch:

Leslie Reiselt md Susie Kandel

8- Hilda Reiselt md Carroll

Kandel, ch: Terry Kandel
I-DENTITY (p. 69)


I-DENTITY (p. 69)


[page 69]

[corresponds to page 66 of I-DENTITY]

Continuation of Warner Longshore Line - Warner and Cordelia (Searles)
Longshore Family

3. Warner Longshore -2 (1876-3/1/1940) md in 1899 to

Alice Miles (1873-1/13/1928) Warner was a rather short,

stocky built man, he worked as a log hauler, railroader, and lastly on the State Highway

in Ohio. He lived in and around Galena most of his life.

Issue IV: Dellena Wave, Kelley Miles, Clyde, Harold, Pearl,

and Ralph Longshore

1-Dellena Wave Longshore (b & d 1904)

2- Kelly Miles Longshore (11/9/1905) about 1938

md Gertrude Davison. He was a railroader until

retirement. They live in Tuscon, Arizona,

no children

3- Clyde Longshore (1908-1975) md Soophia [Sophia] Miles

on 12/6/1933;settled in Cardington, Ohio,

where he farmed, ch: Marilyn Jean and James


Issue V:

1- Marilyn Longshore (4/28/1938) md Richard

Shoemaker, ch: Tony, Larry, and Cindy


2- James Longshore (6/8/1946)

4- Harold Longshore (1910) md Leota Millins [Mullins] in

1931. They live Rural Route Galena, retired from

North American Aviation.

Issue V: Harold Richard, Donna, Linda, & Larry Longshore

1 - Harold Richard Longshore (8/22/1932) md

Jackie Marshall in 1952, dv., ch: Steven

(10/29/1955) and Janet Longshore (2/6/1957)

H. Richard Longshore md Dee ___, live in

Dayton, Ohio, ch: Harold Richard, Jr. (5/3/1958),

James (10/23/1960), and Penny Sue (9/3/1962)

2 - Donna Longshore (2/8/1938) md Andrew Gallick

(7/18/1955), live Huntsville, Alabama, ch:

Mark (3/31/1963), and Sheryl Gallick (1/16/1965)

3 - Linda Longshore (2/16/1944), on 9/13/1963 md

Ray Downing (10/23/1943), live in Wash. C.H., Ohio

ch: Kevin (4/27/1965) and Karin (12/19/1967) Downing
I-DENTITY (p. 70)


I-DENTITY (p. 70)


[page 70]

[corresponds to back of page 67 of I-DENTITY]

Continuation of the Warner Longshore line - Warner and Cordelia (Searles)

Longshore family through Harold & Leota (Millin) Longshore family


4. Larry Michael Longshore (3/27/1951)

in 1970 md Debbie Hunter

(8/30/1955), live near Westerville

ch: Gary Longshore (7/4/1970)

III 6 Elsie b about 1884 md Roy Burnett dv

She Lives in Cols. Also made her living as a

seamstress in downtown stores in Columbus. Elsie,

much later, md a Mr. Luminais, dv

Issue IV: Frances Burnett b._ _ _ _ _ not married

This completes the Warner (I) Longshore line


Rachel Longshore

The Fourth child of the founding father David Longshore

(and wife, Elizabeth)

I D There is not much evidence to support the fact Rachel Longshore was a

child of David's, except it is known they had three daughters; that Rachel was

born in the same age bracket;and in the Vital Statistics in Delaware County

Library archives, a Rachel Longshore in 1836 md Tallman Squires. The Squires

always knew there was a family connection, even though they were not able to

trace it down,and in the early days of the Longshore Reunion, which began in

1898, they attended regularly.


A history of how the Longshore Reunion all began follows:

The Longshore Reunion idea was conceived on September 4,1897 at Condit,

Ohio in the home of Mrs. Ida Longshore (widow of David's son, Charles). Her

daughter, Eugenie Carpenter invited some folks into their home to celebrate

Ida's 80th birthday. It was then the well-wishers present decided to organize an

annual get-together beginning the next year, planning to have the first meeting

in the home of I.N. Longshore the 2nd Thursday of August, 1898. The first
I-DENTITY (p. 71)


I-DENTITY (p. 71)


[page 71]

[corresponds to page 68 of I-DENTITY]

president was Seth Longshore, Secretary Burr Squires. The reunion date later

was changed to the 2nd Sunday in August. (The old-timers frowned on social

activity on Sunday) The reunion has met every year since, making this the 78th


This Reunion has been a large factor in holding the families together,

forming a nucleus, sort of. Although it was always held in central Ohio, since

that is the scene that the emigrators picked way back in 1808; family members

in various years have come from Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and Minnesota,as well

as distant points in Ohio. For many years, the annual affair was held in

different private homes; then in Galena Park where Charlie Longshore so

faithfully reserved the tables for the picnic; then it met a few times in Mt. Vernon

Municipal Park to be nearer the Mt. Vernon, Marion, and Mansfield contingent,

but for the past 15 or so years, the group has voted to meet in the beautiful

Centerburg Park facilities. It has shelter houses, horseshoe courts, basketball

court, and playground equipment in a lush setting beside a little stream. It has

been a tradition to serve ice cream in the afternoon following the business

meeting. Although everyone is stuffed to the brim with the abundance of good

food these excellent cooks turn out, there is always room made for this extra

treat. In these days of deep freezers, et cetera, ice cream is not the thrill it once

was, but yet the youngsters, who by then have run off their calories, look

forward to this part of the program, and yes, even the oldsters enjoy it!

Speaking of program, most likely everyone present can recall having

taken part in it in one way or another. The program through the years has taken on

every aspect in the entertainment field, and as one One that stands out is

Bob Cline telling us "That's Good; That's Bad" well --- and Jim Longshore's tale

about "No More Squoles". In this annual "talent show" there have been

reminiscences by the senior members; guitar and accordian playing; trios and

quartets; solos; tap dancing; patriotic readings; you name it, we've had it!
I-DENTITY (p. 72)


I-DENTITY (p. 72)


[page 72]

[corresponds to page 69 of I-DENTITY]

Some of the young adults remember fun things in their play; such as

walking the logs at the Galena Park, or the annual dousing someone's sure to

get in the babbling brook at Centerburg Park. Those on the Park Reserve

Committee could tell of some near fights over the saving of the shelter houses -

times when they have had to spend the night lying or sitting on one of the

tables in order to keep it! It is on a first-come-first-served basis for the early

bird gets the shelter house.

Best of all is the visiting and renewing of old acquaintances and the

making of new firends among relatives.

"Auld Lang Syne", "Till We Meet Again" !

There were 43 present in that first select group, 19 of them, Longshore by name,

but all related or family connected:

Mrs Ida (Charles) Longshore Charlie Longshore, Richwood

Mrs Eugenie (Longshore) Carpenter Mrs. Harriett Gin, Galena

Mrs. Della Carpenter Miss Elmine Ginn

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Carpenter Mrs. Minnie Budd

Chelsea, Clyde, Kenneth Madge Budd

& Frank Carpenter Mrs. Wm. Foster,Sunbury

Mr. & Mrs. Seth Longshore, Johnstown Zora, Burr, Wilma Foster

Eva,Von, Fern, Iva John Squires, Chesterville

Mr. & Mrs. I.N. Longshore, Sunbury Burr Squires

Mr. & Mrs. James White Eden Mr. & Mrs. Arton Squires

Miss Mary Longshore Vans Valley Mr. & Mrs. Ervin Squires

Mr. & Mrs. Clement Longshore Mr. & Mrs. James Clevenger

Bryan Longshore Mrs. Abbie Longshore, Galena

Florence, Elsie, Clarence Longshore

In 1898, 48 were present
I-DENTITY (p. 73)


I-DENTITY (p. 73)


[page 73]

[corresponds to page 70 of I-DENTITY]

Sarah Longshore

The Fifth child of the founding father David Longshore

(and wife, Elizabeth)

I E Sarah Longshore b 18116 - on 1/28/1836 md Hiram Carpenter in Delaware, Co. Ohio

The 1840 census shows the family had 2 children 1 boy, and 1 girl

Charles Longshore

The Sixth child of the founding father David Longshore

(and wife, Elizabeth)

I F Charles Longshore b 1818 d 8/1894 a 76, in 1840 md Ida Sharp (b 1817

d 8/23/1901 d a 83) three years afer the birthday party in her honor which

start the Longshore Reunion. Ida had a very tragic life, having borne 5 children,

three of whom died as young men and one as a small boy. Only the daughter

survived. (See preceding biography)

Issue II:

1- Cyrus Clinton Longshore b 1845 d 10/3/1848 age 3

2- Jasper W. Longshsore b 1842 d 3/10/1867 Co 96 Reg OVI

Served in the Civil War

3- Robert Clark Longshore b 1843 d 7/18/1868 age 25

4- Eugenia Longshore b 1846 d 1920 d age 74

5- James Seth b 1852 - d 3/26/1867 age 15

Charles, of course, shared in all this sadness. He farmed all his life

near Condit in Trenton Twp. on N. 3C Hwy.

4- Eugenia Longshore b 1846 d 1920 bd Trenton

md Johnson Carpenter b 1836 d 1870 bd Galena.

He was in the Civil War 3 years serving as a Cpl. in Co. C of

the 32nd Inf.

Eugenia was a widow 50 of her 74 years, and lived with her

parents, on the farm she later owned. In her late years, she

moved to Maryland with her son, Fred, and died there. She

is bd in Trenton Cemetery.

Issue III: Fred and Frank Carpenter

2 - Frank died at age 26 of TB, md but no children.

1 - Fred b 1868 d 1950 md Cora Fox dv. d age 82

Death Notice of Fred Carpenter

"Fred A. Carpenter, son of Eugenia and Johnson Carpenter.

Born Trenton Township, Delaware County 1/15/1868

d 2/8/1950 at Kilbourne. Married Cora Fox 2/25/1892.

Survived by 3 sons and 2 daughters: Clyde,Kenneth, Elmer,

Beatrice, and Florence. Chelsea, Frank, and Earl preceded in

death. Survived by 23 grandchildren and 25 great grand-


I-DENTITY (p. 74)


I-DENTITY (p. 74)


[page 74]

[corresponds to page 71 of I-DENTITY]

Continuation of the Charles & Ida (Sharp) Longshore line

Fred was a railroader and in later working years lived in Maryland, taking his

mother, Eugenie, and son, Chelsea to live with him. During his retirement years,

he lived in Kilbourne. He was a mathematical "whiZ" as he could add several

columns of figures at once in his head.

Issue IV: Chelsea, Clyde, Frank, Kenneth, Earl, Beatrice,

Elmer, Florence

IV 1 - Chelsea Carpenter b 1890 d 3/1926 age 36

md Aline Scott,lived in Cheshire, Ohio. At age

7, he went to live with his grandmother,

Eugenie Carpenter, and at age 17 moved to

Maryland with her to live with his father.

Issue V:

1 - Helen Ruth Carpenter b 10/16/1916 md

Ralph Alton on 6/1937. After his death

she married a Mr. Jolly. They live in


2- Merle Scott Carpenter b 1918 d ,

killed by a fall from a silo, which caused

a skull fracture.

3- Cecil Carlyle Carpenter b 1/20/1921

4- Albert Lincoln Carpenter b 6/14/1923,

lived with his grandmother, Cora

Carpenter, after his father's death when

he was 3. The other children were sent

to the Children's Home.

IV 2 - Clyde Carpenter b 1893 d 8/1950, md

Helen Updike

Issue V:

1- DeWitt Carpenter

2- Bob Carpenter

IV 3 - Frank Carpenter (#2) b 1894 d 6/9/1938

(according to his sister, Bea Barcus, as she

says he was age 44 at death - there is a)

discrepancy here). He died of a stroke and

heart attack, is bd in Trenton Cemetery

md 7/3/1915 to Nellie Nash (1897 d 1976)

Issue V: Hilda, Frances, George E., Mary,

Juanita Jane.

1- Hilda Carpenter b 1916 md Ernest

Bennett 1/1938 live in Columbus.

Issue VI:
I-DENTITY (p. 75)


I-DENTITY (p. 75)


[page 75]

[corresponds to page 72 of I-DENTITY]

Continuation of the Fred and Cora (Fox) Carpenter line

Emory Bennett b 11/25/1942 md.

Dianne Whitehead - no children

2- Frances Carpenter b 1918 on 6/20/1937 md

Lauris Bennett (b 8/4/1901)

Issue VI: Patricia, Donna, Larry Curtis, and

Suzanne - all born Galena where

they have always lived

1.Patricia Bennett b 11/27/1938, in

1956 md Ellis Adkins, Jr.

Roy, Randolph, Liza Jane, Sarah Marie.

Issue VII:

1 Roger Adkins b 12/24/1958

2 RoseMary Adkins b 6/2/1960

3- Judith Ann Adkins b 10/5/1966

4- Ellis Adkins III b 1/20/1964

5- Roy Adkins b 5/14/1966

6- Randolph b 3/14/1970

7- Liza Jane b 8/27/1972

8- Sarah Marie b 8/21/1975

This family lives near Bristol, Virginia

2-Donna Bennett b 8/22/1940 on

3/17/1960 md George Hogg

(b 11/24/1938). George is post-

master in Galena, Ohio.

Issue VII: 5 adopted children

1- Troy Hogg b 4/18/1954

md Patricia

2- Eugene Hogg b 11/30/1961

3- Eugenia Hogg b 11/30/1961

4- Michael Hogg b 1962

5- Richard Hogg b 12/13/1962

3- Larry Curtis Bennett b 1/3/1943

md Phyllis Cookson (b 3/27/1945)

on 9/5/1964

Issue VII:

1-Jerry Lee Bennett b 6/8/1866

2-Curtis Allen b 12/8/1970

3-Rebecca Lynn Bennett

b 10/22/1972

This family lives in Galena

4-Suzanne Bennett b 9/5/1947 on

11/1968 md Richard Alexander

(b 5/22/1944)
I-DENTITY (p. 76)


I-DENTITY (p. 76)


[page 76]

[corresponds to page 73 of I-DENTITY]

Issue VII:

1-Tammy Sue Alexander

b 6/7/1970

2- Richard (Ricky) Alexander

b 9/11/1973

V 3- George E. Carpenter b 12/9/1920 the third

child of Frank and Nellie Nash Carpenter

d 1/1965 of a heart attack age 45 md Bonita

Grove dv

Issue VI: Raymond Carpenter by #1

Debora Carpenter by #2

1- Raymond Carpenter b 3/1940

md Carol Brinkman (4/19/1938)

Issue VII:

1- Gordon Earl Carpenter b 11/17/1960

2- Kristy Kay Carpenter b 9/9/1962

3- Dana Lynn Carpenter b 12/18/1963

4- Brian Henry Carpenter b 2/8/1965

This family lived in Greenwood, Ind.

V 4- Mary Carpenter b 1925 md. Harold Fetter, Jr.

Issue V:

1- Christine Fetter

VI - suzie

2- Sallie Fetter

3- Julia Fetter

4- Franklin Fetter

5- Jennifer Fetter

V 5- Juanita Jane Carpenter b 1928 md1

Robert Newberry md2 Lester Murray

Live in Columbus, Ohio.

Issue V:
1- Robert Newberry

2- Theresa Newberry

IV -4 Kenneth Carpenter- Fourth son of Fred Carpenter & Cora

Carpenter b 1895 d 1976 age 80 md Grace Bennett

on 6/4/1917 dv later md2 Iris ____ (d 1963)

Kenneth was a Sgt. in the Army during WWI and was in France 1918 & 1919.

He was quite versatile in his occupations: having worked as a blacksmith,

carpenter, schoolbus driver, driver on a bus for Buckeye

Stage lines and in later years was guard at the Ordinance Plant in Marion, Ohio.

He died in Marion.
I-DENTITY (p. 77)


I-DENTITY (p. 77)


[page 77]

[corresponds to page 74 of I-DENTITY]

Continuation of the Charles Longshore line through daughter Eugenia, family

of Fred and Cora Carpenter

Issue V:

1- Viola Carpenter b 1921

2- Gladys Carpenter b 1923

V- 1 Viola Marie Carpenter b 2/11/1921, on

3/9/1939 md Webster (Bud) Potts

Issue VI: David, Dora, Joyce Elizabeth, Velma

Nadine, Verle Potts

1-David Potts b 1940 md Marjorie

Hubbard on 5/1960

Issue VII:

1- Kevin Wayne Potts b 2/26/1961

2- Kimberly Wynne b 6/17/1963

2-Dora Potts b 4/14/1942 md Tom

Stockdale 8/29/1964

Issue VII:

1-Anna Louise Stockdale b 4/8/1967

2-Alice Lynn Stockdale b 4/8/1968

3-Jason Lloyd Stockdale b 9/17/1969

3-Joyce Elizabeth Potts b 11/11/1944

md Harold Harris on 12/21/1963

Issue VII:

1-Karen Marie Harris b 8/17/1964

2-Gregory Dean Harris b 5/22/1967

3-Christina Lois Harris b 10/22/1969

4-Kelli Nadine Harris b 3/15/1972

4-Velma Nadine Potts b 10/19/1949 md

Marshall Hicks on 12/24/1970

Issue VII:

1-John Marshall Hicks b 12/22/1973

2-Rebecca Adele Hicks b 3/9/1975

5-Verle Potts b 3/7/1951 md Kathy Cook

on 2/21/1970

Issue VII:

1-Jill Kimberly Potts b 9/8/1970

Verle was in the Marines during the Vietnam War

V 2 Gladys Marguerite Carpenter-second daughter of Kenneth &

Grace Carpenter - md Coy Green, 1948, dv

Issue VI: 1-Coy Green, Jr. b 1949

Gladys m2 Strader

Issue VI: 2- Patricia Strader (b 1957)

3- Marguerite Strader (b 1965)

I-DENTITY (p. 78)


I-DENTITY (p. 78)


[page 78]

[corresponds to page 75 of I-DENTITY]

Continuation Charles Longshore line --Earl Carpenter Family

IV 5 -Earl Carpenter b 1900 d 1/1/1936 md 4/10/1924 to

Ruth Powless

m2 Bernice Rush Earl was killed in a truck accident on New

Year's Day

Issue V:

1 Betty Jean Carpenter md ____ Biggs, lives in Delaware

(She is Earl and Ruth's child)

2 Minnie Margaret

Ted Carpenter

Loyce Carpenter

(These last three, Earl and Bernice's children)

IV 6- Beatrice Carpenter b 1903 md Norman Barcus 1921

Lives in Sunbury

Issue V:

1- Leonard Gale Barcus b 1923 md Magdalene Skaggs

in 1950. They live in Hilliard, Ohio. Gale recenlty retired

from Westinghouse, Inc. and will soon become an

ordained Methodist minister. Magdalene works for the

DynaTrol Corp.

Issue VI: Vivian, Norman, Leonard Barcus

1-Vivian Barcus b 1951 md LeRoy Gaines

Issue VII:

1 Michael Gaines

2 Shawn Gaines

3 Shannon Gaines

2 Margaret Irene Barcus b 8/1/1925 md Meade Faye

Irene and Meade live in Newark

Issue VI:

1 Earl William Faye not md., lives in Cleveland, OH

2 Robert Eugene Faye b---- works at New Hope

Boys' Ranch, Reynoldsville, Ohio

3 Caroline Sue Faye b---- md Steven Cramer

Issue VII:

1- Regina Lynn Cramer b 1974

3 Jean Marie Barcus b 4/21/1930 md William Klick

Now live near Sunbury, Ohio; formerly lived in San

Diego, California.

Issue VII:

1- Karen Klick (adopted) md John Helms II

Issue VII:

1-John Helms III b 1976

4 Arthur Milton (Jake) Barcus b 11/24/1932 d 10/1968

md Phyllis Tucker

Issue VI:

1 Cathy Jo Barcus b 1959

2 Cindy Leigh Barcus b 5/27/1962
I-DENTITY (p. 79)


I-DENTITY (p. 79)


[page 79]

[corresponds to page 76 of I-DENTITY]

3-John Charles Barcus b 7/6/1966

Continuation Charles Longshore line -- Beatrice (Carpenter) & Norman Barcus family

5-Donald Cloise Barcus b 7/27/1934 md Betty Brown dv 1974

Issue VI:

1 David Barcus b 1956 lives in Florida

2 Danny Barcus b 1959

3 Terry Lee Barcus b 8/1966

4 Carman Barcus b 11/

Donald md2 Janet Bullock in 1976 He is a retired Navy Career

man, and now lives in Doylestown, Pennsylvania

IV 7 Elmer George Carpenter - the seventh child of Fred & Cora Carpenter

Elmer George Carpenter b 5/3/1905 d 4/9/1967 age 62

md to Lila ----

Issue V:

1- Elmer William Carpenter b 6/1923

2- Floyd Carpenter b 8/24/1927, was in WWII, died during the

war from measles contracted while in Japan.

3- Allen Carpenter b

4- Peggy Carpenter b in San Diego, California

The following is the death notice of Elmer G. Carpenter from a newspaper clipping:

"Elmer G. Carpenter, Croton died Doctor's Hospital, Columbus, Ohio

of heart attack 4/9/1967. Retiree Naval Career (electronics); Veteran WWII,

Police Reserve Officer in Security. Retired 10/31/1966. Survivors: wife Lila of

Croton, 2 sisters, Beatrice Barcus and Florence Huffman, 2 children -

Peggy Carpenter of San Diego, Calif. and Allen Carpenter of Mt. Vernon,

Ohio. Military funeral Service Wednesday Snyder-Melick Funeral Home

Interment East Lawn, Centerburg."

Elmer had spent his last years in Texas and San Diego and had moved to Croton, Ohio

just 2 weeks before his sudden death.

IV 8 Florence Carpenter -Last child of Fred and Cora (Fox) Carpenter

b 7/1/1907 in Galena md Homer Huffman 1926; they recently

celebrated 50 years of marriage. They live in Centerburg.

Issue V:

1- Clark E. Huffman b 3/10/1928

2 Mabel Beatrice Huffman b 3/26/1933 md Bob Pruett

Issue VI:

1 Cheryl Pruett

2 Michael Pruett

3 Cathy Pruett

This completes the Charles and Ida Sharp Longshore Branch (Charles was the 6th child

of David and Elizabeth (Warner) Longshore

I-DENTITY (p. 80)


I-DENTITY (p. 80)


[page 80]

[corresponds to page 77 of I-DENTITY]

David Longshore, Jr.

The Seventh child of David and Elizabeth (Warner) Longshore

IG David Longshore, was born 1823 in Ohio md Sarah Shannon


1- Augusta Longshore b. 1849

2- Mary Longshore b. 1850

3- Serepta J. Longshore b. 1853

4- Frank Longshore b 1860

For additional information by Judy (Longshore) Campbell see Addendum


Girl (Unknown name) Longshore

The Eighth child of David and Elziabeth (Warner) Longshore

IH The eighth child is a daughter, ----, and so far there is no data on her.

Perhaps she was not number eight in the "line-up" but it seems best to put her

in that sequence, since no date has been found by this compiler.


Note - This completes the tabulations of the David and Elizabeth (Warner) Longshore line

by this compiler. Every effort has been made to keep the lines

straight but if some should have crossed, it is because sometimes there

were so many Davids, Charles', et cetera, most without benefit of I, II, Sr.,

Jr., or whatever. It was the custom to have namesakes in the early days,

more then than now, and so babies were named not only after parents

and grandparents but also after aunts, uncles, etc., so again a confusion

develops - and there's no one to ask in most instances!

Also much of this information has been gathered via telephone so again

there is a greater margin for error in that type communication. And I may

as well admit it - sometimes I "goof" just for no reason at all! Seriously

though, all of this compiling has been done with the best of Intentions,

and no slights or errors intended.

So now, you know "who's who" among the Longshores!

I-DENTITY (p. 81)


I-DENTITY (p. 81)


[page 81]

[corresponds to page 78 of I-DENTITY]

Note - The following material is included because this writer feels it can be fit into the

family history somewhere,although she has not been able to find the "hook-up" as of

now.(1976) It was submittted by Curtis Longshore of Johnstown, Ohio last October at

his home when this compiler visited him there as he was recuperating from surgery.

He died a few months later.


"Isaac Longshore, resides in Blendon Twp, born in Zanesville, Muskingum Co.,

Ohio 10/17/1844. His parents being Thomas & Mary A.(Evans) Longshore whose

6 children are: William H., a farmer Pawnee Station, Kansas; George W., a fruit

grower in Grand Junction, Colorado; Isaac; Charles, a resident farmer of

Missouri; Thomas H a businessman in Kansas City, Missouri; and Margaret A.,

wife of Martin Brown of Ft. Scott, Kansas.

Thomas was born in Pennsylvania in 1811, son of Amos. Thomas, with his

father,came to Ohio during early childhood where his family settled on a farm

in Hocking Co. where Thomas was reared to manhood. In Muskingum Co.,

Thomas and Miss Evans (b 1817). Thomas took up abode in Zanesville and

operated a sawmill and sale of lumber until late 1850s when he purchased a

farm in Perry Co.,Ohio, 6 miles east of New Lexington, until 1884; sold farm and

went to Kansas making his home with his children, residing there in his 89th

year, well preserved at this time (1901). Thomas is a staunch republican, served

as a J.P. and township trustee several years; deacon in Baptist Church. Wife died

in 1892 at age 75 (wife of Thomas)

Isaac bought the homestead from his father, Thomas. House was over 100 years

old. He later married Elizabeth Driggs and moved to Morgan Co., purchased 80

acres of land near Beavertown. He operated the farm there until 8 years later

and then came to Blendon Twp., corner of 161 & 3C. Isaac's 5 children:

Jeremiah W. (Cincinnati Railway mail service); Archibald A.(1882-1902),

agriculturist (broom manufacturer) delivered brooms to penitentiary, wife

Minnie Buck; Josephine M., wife of Rev. R.W. Kohr; Edward md Lulu Buck; ---- [Cora] M.

at home."

Amos Longshore 17----

Thomas 1811

Isaac 1844 - 1930 (couldn't serve in Civil War;

couldn't bite cartridges with false teeth.)

Archibald C. 1882 - 1962 (Isaac's son)

Curtis -1976 Archibald's son



A.C. Longshore, age 91,

Johnston, Ohio. Survived by

daughter, Mrs. Dwight Smith;

son, Curtis L. Longshore,

Johnstown; sister, Mrs. Josephine

Kohr, Pasadena, Calif. Brother,

Edward Longshore, Johnstown,

Service Thursday 2 p.m.

Crouse and Son Funeral Home.,

Johnstown. Entombment in

Otterbein Cemetery Mausoleum,

Westerville, Ohio. Friends may call

at the funeral home...

I-DENTITY (p. 82)


I-DENTITY (p. 82)


[page 82]

[corresponds to unnumbered page 79 of I-DENTITY]

Additional Longshore Information

by Judy (Longshore) Campbell

David Longshore (I) lived in Middletown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. In

the 1800 Bucks County Census, he is listed with the unmarried men. He

and Elizabeth Weaber were married by Isaac Hicks, J.P. on January 20,

1802 in Middletown Twp., Pennsylvania. Elizabeth is listed as a spinster.

(She was 19). Her name on almost all Genealogical records (including,

LDS records) is Warner. Her mother's maiden name was Warner and I

believe that she took that as her own maiden name after her marriage.

The tombstone of David Longshore says that he came to Ohio in 1806. It

also states that he was 79 years 9 months 8 days old. Later census

records say that he came from Pennsylvania. After his wife Elizabeth

(Warner) died on August 8, 1840 he married Elisabeth (Betsy) Benton on

June 20th 1842. Betsy and her husband lived on a farm next to the


David and his brother, Euclydus bought land together in 1811 and

David lived in the same place the rest of his life.

Family of John Longshore

first son of David (1)

John Longshore b. 10/9/1802 d 3/18/1877 married Clarinda Benedict b.

about 9/7/1807 died 12/2/1871

After the family came to Ohio. John spent his whole life in Delaware

County and later owned a farm next to his fathers.


1. David C. Longshore b. 3/16/1827 died 9/05/1907 on 3/12/1851

md Fannie Bailey daughter of James and Eve (Kitts) Bailey.

Fannie was born 3/12/1829 and died 6/11/1901. David fought in

the civil War for Iowa and moved there to live in 1861. He lived in

Valley Junction (Polk County, Iowa), the rest of his life.


1- George b. 1853, Ohio died May 26, 1912, Iowa

m. Rosaline

1 daughter - Bessie b 1874 d 12/20/02

2- Julia b 1856, Illinois lived in Iowa

3- Alice b 1/12/1858, Illinois on 1/11/1883 md William

Youngerman. She died 10/3/1884 and is buried in Iowa

4- Henry Lee Longshore b 7/26/1860 d?

I-DENTITY (p. 83)


I-DENTITY (p. 83)


[page 83]

[corresponds to unnumbered page 80 of I-DENTITY]

on 9/5/1888 md Anna Bell (Drury) b12/1865


1- Hazel L. Longshore b 11/19/1890

2- Edith Blanche b 6/5/1892

3- Gladys b. 9/1894

5-Infant b. 2/15/1863*

6-Infant b 4/1867*

7-Edwin Asa Longshore b. 8/21/1868 d 4/21/1935

on 8/21/1890 married Minnie Grace Chittenden

(b 12/3/1870 d 3/8/1931)


1- Cecil A. Longshore b. 11/21/1891 d 12/4/1971

never married

2- Blanche Marie b. 8/26/1893 d 10/17/75

never married

3- Harold Longshore b 10/12/1898 d 5/28/1960 on

10/12/1929 married Clista Davis (b 6/9/1908)

d 4/21/2002)


Jacqueline md Sam Genovese

Harold Jr. - never married

4-Russell Eldon Longshore b 8/18/1901 d 11/30/1973

never married

5- Ellwyn Edwin Longshore b 2/4/1904 d 10/3/1995

on 7/1/1934 md Audrey Lavona Burk

children: Judith Elaine

David Edwin

2. Aaron Longshore b Apr. 5. 1828 d 1/30/1855 on 10/21/1852

md Lucinda Powell

1 child Phebe who married Noah Coons

3. Hannah Longshore b. 7/8/1842 d. 10/31/1864 on 8/29/1861

md Nathan T. Stanley. Nathan was in the Civil War and away

from home when Hannah died.


1- John E. Stanley

2- Charles Lee Stanley

Note: After Hannah's death, her boys lived with their

grandparents John and Elisabeth. John's Will says that James Lampman

will be guardian of John E. Longshore (Stanley) and that his son, David

Longshore (in Iowa) will be guardian of Charles Lee stanley. Charles
I-DENTITY (p. 84)


I-DENTITY (p. 84)


[page 84]

[corresponds to unnumbered page 81 of I-DENTITY]

Stanley and Edwin Longshore married Chittenden sisters. ---My brother -

in-law is my cousin?

The Family of David Longshore, Jr.

The 7th child of David (1)

There is more to be told of this family than will be told here. David,

Jr. lived with his parents. The rules by which he would take care of them

in their old age and thereby inherit their land was written in deed form.

After the death of David Sr., David, Jr. sued all his brothers and sisters

for the right to the land. In this suit is evidence that Rachel Squires is a

sister of this Longshore family. David Jr, sues her children, since she was

already dead.

David Jr. served in the Civil War. His records show that he enlisted

at the end of the War so he wasn't in very long. He served with an Ohio


David was born about 1822 d 9/5/1871 and on 4/13/1848 married

Sarah Ellen Shannon. (b 2/06/1824 d 10/26/1895)


1- Agusta L. b 4/9/1849 d 10/11/1882 on 11/11/1867 md

Edward D. Lunt (b 7/11/1844)

Children: Charles E., Frank P. Emma L., Inez L.

(After her death, Charles remarried and moved to Wapello, Iowa)

2- Margaret Louisa b. 1850

3- Serepta J. b 1851

4- Frank M. b 10/1855

*David Jr. and David, son of John, both ended up living just miles apart in

Des Moines, Iowa. They are both buried in the same cemetery in a plot

purchased by David Longshore. There is no indication which David. The

infants buried there simply state infant of D. Longshore. It cannot be

certain which David Longshore family they belong to.

After David Jr's death, Sarah lived with her daughter Mary and family.

They went west in the late 1800's and she died and is buried in Mountain

Home, Idaho.

Mark Longshore, son of Isaac Newton

Mark Longshore, son of Isaac Newton, was found by this researcher by

using the Ancestry.com database. He died in 1945. His death certificate is

from Contra Costa County in California. (This includes the San Francisco

area. It verifies that Isaac and Angeline (Bourne) were his parents.

According to the certificate, he had lived in California for 30 years. At

time of death he was working as PBX operator at a San Francisco hotel.

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Longshore family--Genealogy
Longshore, Maxine--Personal narratives
Ohio--Delaware County--Sunbury--History


This book is the history of the Longshore Family, prepared by Maxine Longshore in 1976.


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Author Maxine Longshore, “I-DENTITY,” Delaware County Memory, accessed February 27, 2024, http://delawarecountymemory.org/items/show/13.

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