A Nestle Family Album


A Nestle Family Album


Verna Bergandine

"A Nestle Family Album"

(Factory whistle blowing)

(Background music "Sunny Side of the Street")

Located on land just north of the plant's current site, the Sunbury Cooperative Creamery was founded
in 1892. Later a new plant was constructed nearby. Horse-drawn wagons delivered milk to the plant and
distributed products throughout central Ohio. The Sunbury Creamery was famous for its products.
Milk, butter and cheese were among its mainstays. The tradition of the butter cow at the Ohio State
Fair was originated by the Sunbury Creamery, and its displays of creamery products were frequent award

In 1919 the Creamery was acquired by the Nestle Company of Switzerland. Famous for high quality infant
formula, Nestle introduced its production to the Sunbury plant.

(Background music "You're the Cream in my Coffee")

Sunbury's reputation for getting things done right, coupled with its close proximity to the Marysville
Research Lab, made it a natural choice for the production of new products. In 1939 the first production
of Nescafe in the United States came from the Sunbury plant.

(Background music "American Patrol")

During World War II production of K rations to support the war effort consumed the bulk of this plant's
capacity. Production goals were exceeded and as a result the people of the Sunbury facility were awarded
the Army/Navy E for excellence.

In 1946, Nestea was first produced in Sunbury. Numerous specialty products were added as the plant soon
found itself producing a wide variety of items. Production of coffee and tea continued throughout the
early 1960's until a new coffee product was introduced.

I'd like to tell you about the best coffee news in years. This is ground roast coffee the best coffee
you can make. This is instant coffee the fastest coffee you can make. They've always been this far apart
(motions with both arms spread out). Flavor (looks left), convenience (looks right). But now we've
finally brought them together with a completely new kind of coffee, Freeze-Dried coffee. The name is
Taster's Choice.

Now, what's freeze-dried coffee? It starts here, fresh from the percolator. We pour a perfect cup of coffee,
freeze it in a split second then vacuum away the ice. Dry, so not one bit of that flavor and aroma is lost.
There, you've got fresh brewed coffee, freeze-dried. All you do is put back boiling water and you have a cup
of coffee that looks like, smells like, tastes like your own fresh perked. Taster's Choice the Freeze-Dried Coffee

Try it.

In 1979 construction began on NTE, an all natural coffee decaffeination process that used coffee oil as a
solvent to remove caffeine from coffee. The process was commissioned in 1981. Following the commissioning of NTE,
employment at the plant reached an all time high of around 280 people. Twenty-five years after the first
case of Taster's Choice rolled off the line the freeze-dried process was shut down. Environmental concerns,
coupled with over-capacity and sagging sales led to this decision. In June of 1993 the decision was
announced to close the decaffeination facility also.


For many years people have reported to work here. They have celebrated birthdays and retirements.
Shared good times and bad.

(Background music "I Remember You")

For over 100 years the people of Sunbury have been here, producing quality, working together. Our family
album is like that of any family, rich with memories. Friendly faces, friends, and most of all family.

(Factory whistle blowing)

(Background music "Too Marvelous for Words")

Our records are sketchy,
therefore the following list is not
entirely complete, but here is our
best effort at identifying those
people with which we have worked
over the past 102 years.....

Gail Abolins
Bill Adams
Earl Adams
Ronald Adams
Marie Akers
Marilyn Akers
Tom Akers, Sr.
Daniel Albrect
Diana Allen
Marilyn Allen
Mary Altizer
Alberta Anderson
Mary Anderson
Don Andrewjewski
Daniel Andrews
Damon Armstrong
Larry Armstrong
Leroy Armstrong
Linda Armstrong
Sue Armstrong
Pat Arnold
Carolyn Azbell
Sandy Bailey
Austina Bailey
Jack Baker
Rosemary Baker
William Baker
Robert Bale
Michel Ball
James Ballard
Russell Ballard
Ronald Bally
Pauline Bane
Bob Banks
Marcia Barbeau
Stephen Barbeau
Carl Barber
Reno Barber
Curley Barcus
Harold Barcus
Robert Barcus
Mitzi Barnett
Keith Barney
Leta Spear Barnhart
Mike Barry
Hans Barthmus
Frank Basham
Mable Basham
Same Bates
David Baughman
Geneva Baughman
Homer Baughman
Doug Beach
Ed Beacom
Lewis Beacom
Bob Beatham
Billie Beaver
Rosemary Beckel
Dale Beddow
Carl Bell
Ed Bell
Robert Bell
Rose Bell
Bob Bentley
Frank D. Bergandine
Jeffrey Bergandine
Betty Besch
Richard Biggs
Annette Birch
Dwight Birkel
Bernard Bishop
Herbert Blair
John Blair
Bruce Blank
Elmer Blankenship
Betty Blanton
Gerald Bleakley
Jo Anne Boggs
Karen Boggs
Ralph Boggs
Robert Bolton
Mary Bonner
Jeffrey Bormuth
Cecil Boston
Ronald Boston
Wilmer Boston
Beverly Boudinot
Freida Boudinot
Franklin Boyce
Donald Boyd
George Bradford
Kathleen Bradley
Chriss Brannon
John Bravo
John Brennan
Tammy Brice
John Bricker
Carol Brooks
Larry Brown
Steven Brown
Retha Browning
Arnold Bryant
Donald Bryant
Lillian Bryant
Mary Bryant
Patty Bryant
Richard Bryant
Willie Bryant
Gary Buckingham
Maxine Buckingham
William Budgeon
Glenord Buel
Thomas Buel
Warren Bullock
Bob Buntane
Nikki Burke
Charlie Burkett
Mike Burkie
Patty Burns
Richard Burson
Denver Burton
George Burton
Dorothy Burwell
Walter Burwell
Katherine Butler
Moses Butler
Dianne Byers
Allen Caldwell
Robert Callan
Margaret Cantrell
Larry Carnes
Rick Carr
Frank Carson
Ray Carter
Carla Cass
Liz Caudill
Charlie Chamberlin
Pauline Chandler
Charles Chapman
Geneva Chapman
Tom Chapman
Florence Chattos
Mr. Cerrington
Dan Childress
Nola Christian
Rushie Christian
A. J. Clark
Joe Clark
Marshall Clark
Ralph Clark
Sheila Clark
Elmer Clayton
Gail Clayton
Pauline Clayton
Steven Clayton
William Clayton
Sharon Clemmons
Thomas Cleveland
Marty Clippinger
Pete Cochran
Ronald Cochran
Carl Cocklin
Helen Cole
Edward Colegrove
Dorothy Coleman
Rip Collins
Richard Colopy
Mary Compton
Ralph Compton
Agnes Comstock
Robert Comstock
Bertha Conley
Floyd Conley
Henry Conley
Daniel Conner
Catherine Cook
Wilma Cook
Arnold Cooper
Hester Cooper
Jerry Cooper
Roy Cooper
Truman Cooper
Patrick Cordray
Edna Corwin
Rick Corwin
Franklin Counts
Teddy Courtright
Christine Crawford
Bill Crego
George Crego
L. Crippin
Gerald Crowl
James Cullman
Donald Daniels
Oscar Darst
Walter Datson
Dan Davidson
Melinda Davidson
Art Davis
Eric Davis
Lewis Davis
Norman Davis
Walter Davis
Pawl Dawson
Charles Day
Gerald Day
Hallie Day
Lela Day
Herbert Dearing
Ida Dearing
Sue Delewese
Fred Delong
Wanda Delong
Bob Dible
Thelma Dilger
Denny Dilger
Lute Dilinger
Rodella Dill
Charles Dillon
Esther Dixon
Gladys Dixon
Howard Dixon
Leroy Dixon
Jess Doane Sr.
Raymond Doane
Richard Doane
William Dolan
Theodore Dowalter
Maude Dowden
Percy Downing
Virginia Drake
Millie Drumm
Velma Duckworth
Joe Dunn
Karen Dworczach
Kathleen Ealey
(Background music "Dream")
Mr. Ernsburger
Herman Edmister
Dan Edmonds
Larry Edmonds
Beth Edwards
Judson Edwards
Larry Edwards
Raymond Ehrig
Karen Ehrman
Jim Elcessor
Betty Eley
Paul Elfrinks
Joeseph Elkins
Marvin Elkins
Russell Elsom
Charles Elswick
Donald Evans
Kathy Evans
Mae Evans
Olive Evans
Russell Evans
Milton Farber
Raymond Facemayer
Jennifer Farris
Anita Feazel
Elsie Feazel
Don Feeney
Tok Fife
Donald Fitch
John Fitch
Ernest Fivas
Ethel Fletcher
Marilyn Fletcher
Mattie Fletcher
Geneva Flute
John Flynn
Richard Ford
Sally Ford
John Forgraves
Pat Forrest
Doris Forwood
George Fowler
Donna Frakes
John Fraley
Al Franklin
Mary Franks
Raymond Franks
Roger Fravel
Terry Fravel
George Freeman
Steve Frensos
Robert Friesz
Barry Fry
Jim Fry
Louis Fry
Luke Fry
Michael Fry
Russel Fry
Terry Fry
Elizabeth Fuller
Howard Fuller
Everett Fultz
Janet Gallogly
John Gallogly
Charles Gamble
Frederick Gantt
Rick Garrabrant
Terry Garth
Tim Garwood
Dennis Geary
Betty Geddis
Florence Gerlach
Ronald Gillum
Frank Glaze
Helen Glaze
Lloyd Glaze
Marcia Glaze
Virginia Glaze
Virginia Godby
Laurlene Golden
Bill Gorge
Jeffrey Granger
John Green
Thomas Gregory
Kennith Griffin
Mike Griffith
Chris Grist
Clarance Grist
Mary Grist
Kathy Groseclose
Jaymes Grove
Robert Grove
Stanley Grove
Sterling Grove
Lloyd Grubbs
Lewis Guodotti Jr.
John Guthman
Edward Guthrie
Gary Hahn
Flora Hale
Song Hale
Carol Hall
Dewight Hall
Greg Hall
Laura Hall
Margaret Hall
Steve Hall
Gordon Halverson
Anthony Hamilton
Bessie Hamilton
Joe Hamilton
John Hamilton
Sheri Hamilton
Warren Hamilton
Louise Hanson
George Harbaugh
Oral Harper
George Harris
Edwin Harry
Betty Hatfield
Don Havens
Harry Haycook
Eddie Haynes
Laurene Helton
Mike Helton
Frank Hensel
Janet Herren
Niawana Hicks
Jack Higgins
Roger Higgins
Rolland Higgins
Lenny Highland
Bob Hill
Bill Hilton
Mike Hilton
Jim Hinchliffe
Charlie Hodges
Gary Hoffman
Terry Hogue
Susie Holbrook
Greg Holdren
Gail Hollis
Brenda Holly
Jerry Holly
Bob Hoover
Helen Hopkins
Carl Hopper
Olive Hopper
Roberta Horton
William Hostetter
Gordon Houck
John Howard
Martha Howard
Ira Howell
Jack Hubbard
Lawrence Hubbard
Ruby Hubbard
Frank Hubble
Bob Huddleston
Bud Huddleston
Howard Huddleston
Mr. Huddleston
Walter Huggins
Mike Hughes
Linda Hullenkramer
Bob Hunsucker
Helen Hunt
Mae Hunter
Marilyn Huston
Charlie Hutchinson
Beth Hyatt
Ronald Icenhower
David Jackey
Melvin Jackey
Judith Jackson
Larry Jackson
Mertie Jackson
Florence Jahn
Raymond Jahn
George James
Scott Jeffrey
Ann Jenkins
Gail Jewney
Don Johns
Bob Johnson
Carl Johnson
Dave Johnson
John Johnson
Ruby Johnson
Ruth Johnson
Shirley Johnson
Talmadge Johnbson
Larry Jones
Mr. Jones
Vincent Jones
Russell Jordan
Guy Kay
Rodney Keeler
Jim Kelly
Wayne Kelm
Herbert Kempton
Paul Kennedy
Allen Kenny
Sue Kerecman
Neina Keys
Jimmy King
Frank Kirby
Howard Kiser
Leland Knoder
Vonna Kohler
Chuck Krause
John Krohn
Martin Krohn
William Kulhman
Arthur Kull
Donald Lake
Jack Lake
Erma Landis
Larry Lane
Lucy Lane
Ed Langley
Jack Lantz
Jack Lantz Jr.
Michael Larussa
Janet Laudermilk
Deborah Lawless
Debbie Lawson
Fred Lawry
Carolyn Layton
Debbie Layton
Jana Layton
Jewell Layton
Kevin Layton
Larry Layton
Patty Layton
Jim Lee
Violet Lee
Daniel Leedy
Barbera Lemaster
Florence Lemaster
Logan Lemaster
Roy Lemaster
Ben Lesley
Danny Letzinger
Roger Levings
Charles Lincoln
Eugene Linkous
Jeannine Linnaberry
Mable Loar
Huey Lockhart
Judy Longshore
Russell Longshore
Ray Looney
Betty Lowery
Betty Lucas
Mr. Lucas
Patty Mackley
Andy Main
Donald Main
Brad Malatesta
Clyde Marcum
F. W. Marhofke
Mike Marquez
Emma Martin
Florra Martin
Doris Martindale
Ruth Martindale
Bob Mason
Mark Matheys
Jeffrey Matney
Bernie Maxfield
Dan McCormick
David McAffee
Elizabeth McCardy
Judy McCray
Leanne McDaniels
Merle McElroy
Roger Mcgloan
Larry McGloughlan
Elva McGraw
Dolpha McKenzie
Crate Mckenzie
Diana McKenzie
Ilene McKenzie
Jack Mckenzie
Bob Mckenzie
Keith McKenzie
Virgil McKenzie
Larry McKibben
Sun McKinney
Donald McNamee
David McPherson
Gary McQuiniff
Helen Meade
Virginia Meek
Harold Meeker
Les Mercer
Larry Merla
Bernice Metzger
Dale Metzger
Dora Middaugh
Plummer Milburn
Winona Milburn
Carl Miller
Harold Miller
Bertha Milligan
John Milligan
Matilda Milligan
Teresa Miracle
Darrell Mitchell
Donald Mitchell
Mark Montgomery
(Background music "You're the Cream in My Coffee")
Charlie Moore
Donald Moore
Maurice Moore
Greg Mooso
Mary Morris
Willa Morris
Paul Morse
Dannie Moss
Michael Moss
Redgel Mullins
Elzie Murray
Ethel Murray
Jerry Myers
Ronald Myers
Roseann Myles
Larry Nauman
Martha Neil
Opal Neilson
David Nelson
Mary Nelson
Rebecca Newell
Terry Nicely
Bob Nichols
Mack Nichols
Wanda Nicholson
Cheryl Nick
Larry Nickle
Ronald Nicol
Tony Nissl
Tom Nolan
Ray Norman
Ricky Norman
Roy Norman
Jay Norris
Bennie Nutt
Geneva Nutt
Daniel Nutter
Richard Oberdier
Winnie Ogle
Bill Orbis
Curtis Osborne
Kermit Osborne
James Otto
Larry Overholser
Ben Overturf
Donald Overturf
Kennith Owen
Warren Owen
Faye Owens
Noah Owens
Bob Paap
Bob Pace
Christos Pardos
Anne Parker
Carolyn Parnell
Doris Patrick
Ruth Patrick
Thomas Paul
Kathy Pawlowski
Ted Payne
David Payne
Mr. Peck
Gertrude Peel
Ron Peoples
Walter Peterman
Doris Peters
Brookie Pettry
Bill Pfeiffer
Bill Phillips
Dinah Phillips
Don Phillips
Ruth Pillips
Joyce Pittman
Eddie Poe
Richard Poling
Jerry Potter
Margaret Potter
Rick Potter
Merle Potter
Ronald Potter
Ruth Potter
James Potts
Linda Potts
Lisa Powell
Samuel Powell
Anna Pratt
Oliver Presley
Chris Price
Leona Price
Michael Priest
Thelma Propst
John Proudley
Ed Pruett
Grace Pryor
Earl Ramey
Sheri Ramey
Alka Ramsey
Joe Ramsey
John Ransom
Virginia Ransom
Bill Rayburn
Chuck Reese
Ruby Reffitt
Pat Remley
Estelle Renner
Franklin Reynolds
Grace Reynolds
Bertha Rice
Dixie Rice
Virginia Rich
Herma Richardson
Pat Richardson
Ronald Richardson
Kevin Riffe
Louis Ritzman
Dottie Roberts
Gary Roberts
Mildred Roberts
Jette Rogers
Don Roof
Larry Roof
Thelma Root
Emerson Roshon
Donald Ross
Ernie Ross
Ernie Ross Sr.
Herschell Ross
Isaac Ross
Wayne Ross
Rex Rounds
Francis Rowe
Bertha Ruhl
George Rumery
Dean Runyan
Gloria Runyan
Neil Rutherford
Douglas Ruthig
Francis Ruthig
Thomas Ruthig
Carlton Ryder
John Ryder
John Saltamach
Rick Salyer
Michael Sample
Jeannette Sands
Sandeep Sanyal
Larry Sardina
Fred Sauer
Arthur Saunders
Daniel Saunders
Gary Saunders
Gene Saunders
Jayne Sawyer
Bradley Schaaf
Rick Schnabel
Wallace Schooler
Ernie Schoonberger
Bob Schuessler
Rodney Schultz
A. A. Scott
Carl Scott
Terry Scott
Clyde Sears
Norman Sears
Richard Sears
Robert Seitz
Harley Sesser
Dale Setters
Richard Severance Jr.
Richard Severance Sr.
Dawn Shane
William Shane
Art Shannon
Donald Shannon
Fredrick Sharp
Betty Shaw
Tom Sheets
Tom Sheldon
Fred Sheppard
James Sheppard
Ronald Sherman
Melinda Shields
Roy Shields
Mary Shingleton
Norma Shirk
Joseph Shoaf
Joseph Shoaf Jr.
Nelda Shoaf
Don Shoemaker
Emma Shoemaker
Neil Shoemaker
John Shrimplin
Walter Shuran
Irene Simkins
Larry Simmons
Virgil Simmons
Daniel Simpson
Mary Simpson
Michelle Simpson
Robert Skeens
Bill Smith
Clara Smith
Donald Smith
Evert Smith
Glenn Smith
Harvey Smith
James Smith
Jerry Smith
Lawrence Smith
Mary Louis Smith
Mary Ziggler Smith
Myrtle Smith
Richard Smith
Robert Smith
Roberta Smith
Roger Smith
Ron Smith
Russell Smith
Sarah Smith
Vivian Smith
Walter Smith
Leota Snow
Arthur Snyder
Chester Snyder
Albert Soltis
Genie Spangler
Bennie Sparks
Cecil Sparks
Selcie Sparks
Edward Sparks
Theodore Sparks
Allen Spearman
Barney Spearman
Clyde Spearman
Don Spearman
Pete Spearman
Ralph Spearman
Dorothy Spencer
Ruth Spencer
Pamela Sperling
Hank Spreha
Bob Stafford
Michael Stalter
Christopher Stanley
Gene Starr
Forest Steck
Fred Steck
Gertrude Steck
Ida Steck
Marjorie Steck
Gary Stemler
Beulah Stewart
Mary Stewart
Phil Stith
Mark Stockwell
Russell Stockwell
Dale Stopher
John Stoppera
Jim Stout
Zane Stout
Zelphi Stover
Elsie Street
Dutch Stronseider
Delorne Stump
(Background music "Sunny Side of the Street")
Mr. Sturdent
Mary Sullivan
Colin Swift
Mary Swope
Beatrice Taylor
Cindi Taylor
Rod Taylor
Richard Temple
Carrie Thomas
Terry Thomas
Boyd Thompson
James Thompson
Sarah Thompson
Shirley Thompson
Ruth Thompson
James Thorpe
Edward Toite
Gail Townley
Laura Trimble
James Trimmer
Elsie Tucker
Walter Tuller
Daina Turney
John Twyford
Steven Ulery
Gregory Van Houten
Sue VanBanschoten
Jan Vaughn
Margaret Vaughn
Mervin Vesperman
Sue Vest
Vonna Vohler
Frank Walker
Joe Walker
Neva Walker
Gordon Walter
Thomas Walton
Jim Wampler
Minnie Wampler
Carl Ward
Flora Belle Ward
James Ward
Paul Ward
Beulah Ware
Liz Warner
Mary Warner
Oshell Warner
Patrick Watkins
Charles Watts
Jayne Watts
Sam Watts
Sandy Waulk
Donna Wayan
Daniel Webb
David Webb
George Webb
Ralph Webb
Ruth Webb
Richard Wertz
John West
Diana Westfall
Deborah White
Elmer White
Emmitt White
James White
Raymond White
Ron White
Stanley White
Tom Whiticker
Jack Whitney
Jim Whitney
Georgia Whitt
Loretta Whitt
John Whitten
Allen Whittington
John Whittington
Linda Wickline
Roger Wiekle
Bonnie Wilcox
Byron Williams
Charlie Williams
E. J. William
Harry Williams
Helen Williams
James Williams
Neil Williams
Troy Williams
Bruce Williamson
Rita Williamson
Lydia Willis
Edwin Wilson
Goldie Wilson
Rusty Wilson
Sam Wilson
Jim Wimmers
June Wintermute
James Witt
Glenn Wolf
Jim Wolf
David Wolfe
James Wolfe
Beulah Wollum
Blair Woods
Wright Wormell
Debra Woyan
Herb Woyan
Tom Wroblewski
Ken Wulff
Harry Wymer
James Wymer
Mareanne Yorde
John Zeck
Eulah Zoldak

Written and Directed
Jeff Bergandine

Verna C. Bergandine

Production Support
Donald Bryant

"Sunny Side of the Street"

D. Fields/J. McHugh

Performed by Harry Connick Jr.

Columbia Records 1987

"You're the Cream in My Coffee"


Performed by Nat "King" Cole

Delta Music 1986

"American Patrol"

The Glenn Miller Orchestra

LDMI Distributors

"I Remember You"

Johnny Mercer/Victor Schertzinger

Performed by Ella Fitzgerald

Verve Records

"Too Marvelous for Words"

Johnny Mercer/Richard Whiting

Performed by Ella Fitzgerald

Verve Records


Johnny Mercer

Performed by Ella Fitzgerald

Verve Records

Dublin Core


A Nestle Family Album


Delaware County--Sunbury--Ohio
Nestle Plant--Sunbury--Ohio
Sunbury Co-Operative Creamery--Ohio--1892-1919
Sunbury Creamery--Ohio--Sunbury--History


This video covers the history of the Nestle plant and its employees in Sunbury, Ohio.


Jeff Bergandine; Videographer; Verna Bergandine; Narrator


Nestle; Sunbury, Ohio










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Jeff Bergandine; Videographer; Verna Bergandine; Narrator, “A Nestle Family Album,” Delaware County Memory, accessed July 15, 2024, http://delawarecountymemory.org/items/show/3018.

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