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Mrs. Daisy Wheaton did not write a description for this stereograph. It appears that the people are standing in a birch tree forest that has boulders and a small waterfall. It is possible that the first man on left is Mr. Charles Wheaton and the…

Taken about Oct 1922 on

a bridge over Muskingum

Riv. five miles south of

Zanesville, Ohio

Not far from Howard

Chandler Christy, River


We went to Zanesville for (crossed out) ^to

attend a called meeting

of Ford…

This photograph shows Fred McMahon saluting the camera, and another man in the doorway to the right. The man in the doorway appears to be smoking a pipe and is smiling.

If you can tell us who these man are and the name of their business, please…

This photo of the front porch of a house with a little girl standing between a pillar and a flowering bush is located at 125 Letts Avenue.

If you have any information about this photograph, please contact the library at 740-965-3901 or…

I bought a book giving

Indian day history of this

port of Wis. The very first day [crossed out] time

Chas. and I walked down to the boat

landing, carrying the book in my

hand, an Indian stepped beside

me and reached for my…

The woman on the left is Marie Speigel, the basketball coach at Galena. Miss Shane is the woman on the right.
They are on the north side of Galena Square.

This color photograph shows the damaged steeple of the Old Blue Church, Kingston Township, Delaware County, Ohio, with lightening rods.

This photograph shows the train wreck in Galena with men, women and children gathered in groups. Some men are sitting atop the wreckage, and a women in a white dress is coming down the hill.

If you can tell us more about this photograph or can…

This photo shows two young men in a garden. The one on the left is holding a slice of a large watermelon.

If you can tell us who these young men are , please contact the library at 740-965-3901 or

Wheaton Reunion of 1923
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