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This photograph shows the construction of the Sunbury Creamery from the inside

of the building. In the upper left quadrant of the photo, two men are standing

at the top of the scaffolding.

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This photograph shows a home at 141 Letts Avenue, likely the home of John Loar,

the driver of the car. The car is not a Ford and it would have been expensive.

John Loar owned a restaurant.

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Atlas of Delaware Co. Ohio (p. 9)
This map shows the area known locally as Berkshire Corners as it was in 1866. The map includes a key identifying businesses and advertisers in the area.

This photograph shows participants in the 1919 Women's Rally in Sunbury, Ohio.

The house is at 21 S.Columbus Street. The 19th Amendment to the US Constitution

was ratified August 18, 1919, giving women the right to vote.

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Building the library float, Big Walnut Marching Band practice, flea market, parade staging, parade, award presentations at Big Walnut High School, girl’s softball dunk tank, Piper Puppets, sack races, backward races, and water balloon tossing.

A Hundred Years (p. 1)
The Ohio Wesleyan University booklet in celebration of its 100th Anniversary is also a petition for donations to help to keep the University growing.

This video is covers the history of the Nestle plant in Sunbury of the Nestle plant and its employees.

A Service of Dedication of the Methodist Theological School in Ohio Apartments (p. 1)
This is the program of the Service of Dedication of Apartments at Methodist Theological School in Ohio (MTSO), in Delaware, May 12, 1962. The program includes the names of Administrative Officers and Faculty.

A Short History of Medicine and the Physicians Of Delaware County, Ohio (p. 1)
This re-printed article from the The Ohio State Medical Journal, August-September- October, 1959, covers the history of physicians in Delaware County beginning in the early 1800s.

Annual of the Sunbury High School, Sunbury, Ohio. 1915 (p. 1)
Annual of the Sunbury High School from 1915. Includes class photographs, athletic team photographs and ads from local businesses.
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