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The Souvenir of Forty Years (p. 1)
This souvenir book is about the Ohio Wesleyan Class of 1871's 40th reunion in 1911, with biographical information about each of the graduates.

Remembering Ohio Wesleyan University: a sketchbook (p.1)
Sketches by Carol Bateman Hannum (OWU Class of 1966) drawn between 1966 and 2016.

L. A. Beeghly Library (p. 1)
Dedicatory brochure of L. A. Beeghly Library at Ohio Wesleyan University

Build Yourself a Living Monument (p.1)
Ohio Wesleyan University booklet encouraging alumni and friends to donate to the school.

OWU As You Like It Program (p. 1)
Program from As You Like It (Shakespeare play) produced by Ohio Wesleyan University/Theta Alpha Phi, with special tribute to Professor Rollin C. Hunter upon his retirement

Ohio Wesleyan Concert Choir European Tour Program (p. 1)
Program for Ohio Wesleyan University Concert Choir's European Tour

Ohio Wesleyan University Bulletin (p. 1)
Ohio Wesleyan University Bulletin of campus photos

A Hundred Years (p. 1)
The Ohio Wesleyan University booklet in celebration of its 100th Anniversary is also a petition for donations to help to keep the University growing.

Ohio Wesleyan University: A Fountain of Good in the World (p. 1)
Book explaining OWU's history and life at OWU in 1922

Bulletin of Ohio Wesleyan University (p. 1)
Illustrated bulletin detailing life at Ohio Wesleyan University in 1901
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