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Sessional Records of the 1st Presbyterian Church of Trenton Delaware County Ohio 1873-1937 (p. 1)
This collection contains the Sessional Records of the 1st Presbyterian Church of Trenton Delaware Co. Ohio 1873-1937 and is housed at the Condit Presbyterian Church in Trenton Township, Delaware County, OH.

Hopkins House Day Book 1925-1930 (p.1)
This is the Hopkins House Day Book for the years 1925-1930. Entries include the names of the people served, the locations where they were taken, and how much they were charged to get to their destinations.

Big Walnut High School Yearbook. 1957: The Flame  (1)
The Big Walnut High School Yearbook 1957 : The Flame, includes photographs of the graduating seniors as well as the upcoming graduating classes of 1958, 1959. and 1960. Photographs of administrators, teachers, school staff, and students engaged in…

Harlem Township Enumeration of Youth Sub-District 2, July 23, 1895 (1)
This book lists the names and ages of students attending school in Sub-District 2 of Harlem Township in 1895. Teacher and township clerk names for each year enumerated are also included.

A Hundred Years (p. 1)
The Ohio Wesleyan University booklet in celebration of its 100th Anniversary is also a petition for donations to help to keep the University growing.

Ohio Wesleyan University Bulletin (p. 1)
Ohio Wesleyan University Bulletin of campus photos

Some Delaware County Women Past and Present (p. 1)
This brochure contains biographical information about notable women in Delaware County from its earliest settlers to the mid 1970s.

Berlin Township Program of the Delaware County Historical Society (p. 1)
Program of a community presentation about Berlin Township history and its pioneers, given on April 25, 1949 in Berlin High School.

Big Walnut High School Yearbook. 1960: The Flame (p. 1)
Big Walnut High School Yearbook. 1960: The Flame, contains color images of the high school building and the Big Walnut river. School administration, class pictures, sports, student activities and advertisers appear in grey-scale. This yearbook was…

Ohio Wesleyan University: A Fountain of Good in the World (p. 1)
Book explaining OWU's history and life at OWU in 1922
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