Welcome to the Village of Galena

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Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 1)


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1816 - 1966

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Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 2)


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Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 3)


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The contents in this pamphlet were compiled and

written by my mother, Doris Fuller Bricker. It took

her many years to trace much of the material that is to

follow. It was her long time ambition to share this ma-

terial with her many friends in the community, and it is

for this reason that I have tried to publish her material

in a way that might be of interest to the community.

John W. Bricker
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Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 4)


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Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 5)


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Zoar, located between Big and Little Walnut Creeks, was founded

in 1809, by Gilbert Carpenter.

In 1834, when it became necessary to establish a post office and

there being another Zoar in Ohio, the name was changed to Galena.

To choose a new name for Zoar, a committee of three was appointed.

Nathan Dustin, grandfather of the late Fred Dustin, was one of the

committee. Unable to agree on a name, the three met one day in

front of the Dustin residence and agreed that each would place a name

in a hat and the first passerby would be blindfolded and asked to draw

from the hat. The name he drew would be the new name of the village.

Galena was the name drawn.

A few of the facts of the early history of our village begins with

two brother who started from Wilkesbarre, Pennsylvania to the state

of Ohio. One of these brothers, the Reverend Gilbert Carpenter, set-

tled in Galena in 1809, and thus became the first Methodist minister

in Delaware County. The other, the Honorable Benjamin Carpenter,

built about one mile north of Sunbury. The former had been a promi-

nent minister in his native state and the latter had been a Congress-

man. ( On May 3, 1962, the Delaware City Chapters, Daughters of

the American Revolution, dedicated a bronze marker at the grave of

Lt. Benjamin Carpenter in the Galena Cemetery for his prominence in

the American Revolutionary War.)

On April 14, 1813, Gilbert Carpenter conveyed to William Carpen-

ter this tract of land in Sunbury Township, which was later divided

between Trenton and Berkshire Townships. William Carpenter thus

layed out the village of Zoar. His layout showed Walnut street, Mill

Race, Middle Street, West Street, the Square, State Road, Front

Street, a meeting house and burial ground.

On April 3, 1816, upon agreement of said plat drawn up by William

Carpenter, to all for whom it may concern, Zoar became a reality.

On January 4, 1924, shortly after the village became incorporated,

the first form of self-government was organized.

The minutes of Council from that first meeting are as follows:

Council met in called session at the call of the Mayor-elect for

organization. Councilmen-elect present, C.C. Bricker, I.C.

Budd, James Van Fleet, Ed Linnaberry and R.E. Fissel.

The oath of office was administered by Mayor W.F. Bennett to

the following councilmen: C.C. Bricker, I.C. Budd, James Van

Fleet, Ed Linnaberry and R.E. Fissel.

Councilman C.L. Smythe had deposited oath of office with Mayor

Bennett, which was executed on December 19, 1923, before O.W.

Whitney, a Notary Public.

Moved by James Van Fleet, seconded by I.C. Budd that R.E.

Fissel act as President of Council. Carried by affirmative vote.

Moved by Ed Linnaberry, seconded by C.C. Bricker that meeting

adjourn to meet Monday evening January 7, 1924. Motion carried.

Attest: O.J. Hancock, clerk

Approved W.F. Bennett, mayor
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Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 6)


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Since W.F. Bennett, who served as the first mayor, several other

men have succeeded. The following is a partial list: I.C. Budd,

John Cockrell, Nathan Dustin, Arthur Strider, Paul Evarts, Harold

Roof, Hugh Strider and presently Gordon Walker.

In 1945, the present town house was constructed. Before this time

the village council held their meetings in the school. The town house

is used for other organization meetings as well as a voting precinct.

A few years later the fire house was added. Before, the fire house

was in the basement of the town house.

Another improvement by the village took place with the installation

of a water system in the late 1950's.

On April 16, 1966, the village of Galena will observe its 150th

birthday. Let us go back first to September 10, 1907, when Galena

celebrated the 100th anniversary of its founding. The celebration

took place upon the farm settled upon and formerly owned by Benja-

min Carpenter. There were about 125 descendents of the founders in



The earliest public building on record in Zoar was an old log school

house near the site of the present school building. It was used for

both school and church purposes, and built years before the platting

of the town on April 3, 1816.

In preparing the ground for erection of the present school house,

workmen discovered it had been formerly a burial ground and from

their findings decided it was graves of Indians.

In 1867, part of the present school building was erected, which

was later in the 1920's remodelled and once again in the early 1950's

into the present building. History records that it is the oldest school

building in the county in use today. It has always been considered

one of the best in the county and while it seemed a little slow in be-

coming a graded school, it was only ten years later than the Delaware

City Schools.

In the early 1900's the Galena School flourished as a preparatory

school for teachers. At that time, there was a state law whereby the

township must pay tuition for students passing what was known as

the Boxwell Test to go to a high school, if that township had no high

school. Galena had a better preparatory course than many others in

the county, so many students came here, secured, lodging and board

in different homes and remained for their course. Mr. Ira Gregory,

member of the county board, was superintendent here at that time.

A few other early superintendents where I.C. Guinther, D.C. Meek,

N.M. Miller, E .W. Van Fleet, Harold Stiles and Grant M. Plumb.

From 1886 to 1951, when the school district was consolidated into

the Big Walnut School District, 540 students had graduated from the

Galena High School.
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Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 7)


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The most famous person to attend the Galena School, although not

a graduate, was the Honorable Frank B. Willis. Mr. Willis was one

term Governor of Ohio and one term United State Senator, and was

being prominently mentioned as a candidate for Vice President of the

United States before his untimely death while speaking at Gray Cha-

pel in Delaware, Ohio. The village is dedicating a memorial plaque

in his honor on the school grounds during the Sesquicentennial Cele-

bration during the first week in July.

The following is a complete roster of all graduates and the year in

which they graduated:

Class of 1886 - I.C. Guinther, Supt.

Edwin B. Dustin Fannie Ferson Coleback

Emmit Van Fleet William H. Campbell

Charles Seymore

Class of 1887 - I.C. Guinther, Supt.

Lola Smythe Emma Slack Whitehead

Estella Van Fleet Cole Francis Van Fleet

Clint Van Hoceten Nettie Adams Tibbet

Zada Roberts South Arthur Bennett

Class of 1888 - D.C. Meck, Supt.

Bertha Williams Page George Page

Arthur Patterson Frank Hoy

Maude Cook Hyde Georgie Utley Cornell

Lizzie Bennett Mary Hughes Ekelberry

Cliff Curtiss

Class of 1889 - C.C. Meck, Supt.

Lester Domigan Edwin C. Bennett William Miller

Class of 1890 - D.C. Meck, Supt.

Ella Leary Van Fleet Irwin Sherwood

Rosa Barcus Marshall Black

Class of 1891 - N.M. Miller, Supt.

Callie Crego Jaycox Alphus A. Rich

Nathan Dustin Edwin B. Slack

Almira Dustin Willis Myrtle Smythe

Allwood Griffith Clara Van Fleet

Dora McCamment Griffith James Van Tassel

Class of 1892 - J.M. Miller, Supt.

Clayton Closson Hester Roberts Aubrey

Clara young Bidwell Mary Van Demark Dustin

Bert Cornell

Class of 1893 - N.M. Miller, Supt.

Etta Bush Teter Fred Dickerman

Stella Copeland Bale Charles Thompson

Jessie Curtiss Heucker William W. Williams

Class of 1894 - N.M. Miller, Supt.

Mary Arnold Marriott Fred Rich

Jennie Crego Carpenter Luella Pinney Curtiss

Bertha Longshore Reisalt Daisy Smythe Stiles

John Lust Blanche Williams Dixon
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Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 8)


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Class of 1895 - E.W. Van Fleet, Supt.

Edna Brevoort Conklin Iva Farman Slack

Nellie Eldridge Hoy Clarence Thompson

Class of 1896 - E.W. Van Fleet, Supt.

Alta Dusenberry Edith Bolton Fishpau Wells

Charles W. Campbell Frank Watts

Class of 1897 - E.W. Van Fleet, Supt.

Nellie Carhart Budd Lee Johnson

Fred Dustin Earl Martin

Jim Cox Lena Phillips Fontanelle

Lizzie Ferris Clymer Ernest Watts

Winford Griffith Fred Wilson

Jennie Horton Dustin

Class of 1898 - E.W. Van Fleet, Supt.

May Linnaberry McLeod Arthur Beard

Arthur Milk Lucy Hughes Curtiss

Class of 1899 - Harold Stiles, Supt.

Mary Burger Brown Ollie Linnabery

Clarence Longshore Clarence Curtiss

Alta Ferris Coons

Class of 1900 - Ira Gregory, Supt.

Mary E. Hall Florence Longshore Hancock Septer

Class of 1901 - Ira Gregory, Supt.

No Class

Class of 1902 - Ira Gregory, Supt.

Alta Freeman Mann Hoyt Curtiss

Class of 1903 - Ira Gregory, Supt.

No Class

Class of 1904 - Ira Gregory, Supt.

Eva Cunningham Grumewald

Class of 1905 - Ira Gregory, Supt.

No Class

Class of 1906 - Ira Gregory, Supt.

Mayme Neilson Griffith Alga Bennett Grove George Eley

Class of 1907 - G.M. Plumb, Supt.

Blanche Jones Beem Bertha Havens Ferson

Grace Buckingham Watton Herbert Howard

Millie Chambers Slack Allen Freeman

Earl Griffith James Ryant

Class of 1908 - G.M. Plumb, Supt.

Frank Cleveland Grace Bennett Johnson

Velmah Cole Bagley Velma Tompkins Williams

Guy Cunningham Velda Tompkins

May Eley Rose Afton Wise

Lela Hogans Baker Edith Trapp Simkins

Jennie Howard Carrie Ryant Cleveland

Vera Hults Benoy Elsie Longshore Luminas

Lucy Work Ranck
Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 9)


Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 9)


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Class of 1909 - G.M. Plumb, Supt.

Emma Bennett Mantor Howard Garlinghouse

Fannie Chambers Walker Joseph Weber

Grace Rodgers Love Carder Burt Mantor

Perfect Miles Harold Hempstead

Class of 1910 - G.M. Plumb, Supt.

George Ekelberry Paul Knopf Pearlee Walker

Class of 1911- G.M. Plumb, Supt.

Floyd C.Barrows Lydia Morris Dresler

Leta Bennett Jenkins Esther Patterson Allen

Miriam Cunningham England Clay Rammelsburg

Amy Furniss Dusenberry Ada Walker Lane

Abie Lee Armstrong Pearl Wise Aubrey

Class of 1912 - G.M. Plumb, Supt.

Esther Bennett Glass Madge Budd Barrows

Benjamin Curtiss Perry Newman

Van Duckworth Robert Oldham

Harold Dustin Edward Platt

Catherine Grove Myers Margaret Platt Koheiser

Lucile Williams Dustin Lester Welch

Elba McCaughey

Class of 1913 - A. J. Lerch, Supt.

Doris Fuller Bricker Ralph Linnabary

Ruth Hammond Edgerly Russell Welch

Leona Hammond White

Class of 1914 - I.V. Geiger, Supt.

Olive Bennett Linnabary Dean Tippy

Leon Cockrell Oliver Johnson

Jay Dyer Grant Plumb, Jr.

Mabel Jaynes Shoaf Harry Rammelsburg

Lloyd Shoaf

Class of 1915 - L.C. Close, Supt.

Oliver Johnson Mabel Jaynes Shoaf Elba McCaughey

Class of 1916 - F. D. Dye, Supt.

Leta M. Curtiss Anna Smith Pabst

Class of 1917 - I. V. Geiger, Supt.

Audrey Bennett Emerson Florence Marriott Mulzer

Helen Campbell Marie Mulzer Johnson

Lucy Ekelberry Hazel Shannon Edmister

Florence Schirtzinger Lester R. Tuller

Ada Looker Simms Belcher Sheldon L. McCaughey

Clarence N. Smith Harry E. Slack

Dwight W. Powell Howaard R. Dustin

Stephen E. Ulrey Ralph P. Linnabary

Class of 1918 - J. B. Snyder, Supt.

Ellsworth C. Bennett Everard Ulrey

Walter B. Linnabary R. Kenneth Platt

Hoyt A. Lee Elizabeth Fontanelle
Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 10)


Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 10)


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Class of 1919 - J. B. Snyder, Supt.

Gertrude Duckworth Lawless Beatrice Huff Platt Richards

Class of 1920 - G. W. Finch, Supt.

Mary Frakes Hathaway Ruth Phillips Rutherford

Edward Cockrell Herman Morris

Harry Bonner Willard Bennett

Class of 1921 - J. S. Edwards,Supt.

Grace Platt Mable Looker Strider

Twila Coons Parosky Charles L. Van Fleet

Kathleen Steele Ross Work

Mary Plumb Lyons Bernard I. Griffith

Mary K. Vance

Class of 1922 - E. H. Hughes, Supt.

Harold Barcus Frank Kendrick

Theodore Bennett Allen McMahon

Charles Biggs Lytle Morris

Robert Shoaf Mary Griffith Kendrick

Lida Ware Morrison Mildred Bonner Smith

Marion Roberts Thelma Bennett Smith

Audrey Looker Helen Baldridge Farris

Class of 1923 - O. N. Johnson, Supt.

Alta Bonner Platt Charles McCaughey

Grace Duckworth Cockrell Kenneth Weber

Edith Morris McCaughey Alvin Keifer

Marie Higgins Edwards Lawrence Mantor

Ethel Johnson Feasel Arthur Goff

Elizabeth Williams Shively James Cockrell

James Platt

Class of 1924 - O. N. Johnson, Supt.

Alice Cornell Platt Josephine Shoaf Fettro

Idella Watts Virginia Cooley Strong

Nina Powell Hartsook Hazel Boston Longhenry

Clarence Bonnett Zelpha Fisher Jaycox

Clarence Fox Beulah Johnson

Class of 1925 - O. N. Johnson, Supt.

Mary Biggs Henry Bonnett

Oletha Huff Pyne Fred Frakes

Clarence Tuller Alonzo Fisher

Robert Platt Francis Myers

Kelly Longshore Ralph Watts

Paul Baldridge Albert Wood

Aerel Cunningham Chester Cole

Walter Goff Curtiss Boston

Class of 1926 - G. M. Plumb, Supt.

Florence Bailey Stockwell Daisy Vernon

Bernice Ballard Hayes Melvin Hewlett Green

Aloma Evarts Goff Floyd R. Shaw

Thelma Frakes James Vance

Hilda Hancock Shaw
Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 11)


Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 11)


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Class of 1927 - G. M. Plumb, Supt.

Kenneth Wood Alice Frakes Smith

Clarence Boston Dorothy Ware Hall Rodgers

Mildred Rose Shoaf Blanche Jones

Clarence De Bolt Martha Fuller De Bolt

Clyde Whitney Lemard Totten

Class of 1928 - G. M. Plumb, Supt.

Robert Van Fleet Mary Freeman Thompson

Charles Evarts Mary Meier Potts

Arnold Buck Margaret Bonnell Ireland

Paul Zimmerman Thelma Harris

Ruth Ruffner Rebecca Wood Moore

Almira Dustin

Class of 1929 - G. M. Plumb, Supt.

Leland Garlinghouse Ruth Downing

Anna Buchannan Earl Watts

Stanley Ballard Philip Baldridge

Class of 1930 - G. M. Plumb, Supt.

Edna Allison Ballard Vaughn Mantor

Regina Buck Miller Irene Watts Smith

Henry Furniss Daniel D. Ware

Dorothy Hamilton Trainer Jay Holt

Pearl Longshore Zimmerman Mildred Cunningham Hensel

Mary Parady Edwards Harold Longshore

Dorothy Shults Stone Dean Miller

Leberta Mullins Hursey Hetty Shultz Harroun

Gordon Wilson Arthur Wood

Class of 1931 - Walter Carpenter, Supt.

Don Miller Leota Mullins Longshore

Pauline Rose Buell Wilbur Van Tassel

Ross Day Ulrey Dorothy Courter Meeker

Lester Feasel Jessie Shoaf Neff

Class of 1932 - Walter Carpenter, Supt.

Dale Bailey Margueriette Freeman

Grace Farris Garlinghouse Dorothy Hackman

Robeert Furniss Loris Watts

Ruth Mentor Ware Mary Longshore Zimmerman

Ida Wood Shick Bernard Myers

Helen Dierdorff Hackman Bertha Bonner Dixon

Robert Lehman Juanita Johnson Parady

Margaret Gerberd Feasel

Class of 1933 - Purcell Mallett, Supt.

Albert Parady Martha Newman Gravely

Dorothy Fissel Poole Louise Skinner

Mary Edwards Louise Van Tassel Dowell

Mervin Garlinghouse Regina Trainer

Dean Walker Lucile Dusenberry Benton

Louise Fissel Dane Baldridge

Roy Lehman
Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 12)


Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 12)


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Class of 1934 - Purcell Mallett, Supt.

Virginia Buck Ihle Eileen Oden

Thelma Feasel Wigdon Dale Shoaf

Herbert James Mildred Garlinghouse

William Meier Pauline Wislon Ide

Pauline Shultz Culver Charles Harroun

Mary Gore Johnson Sterling Johnson

Class of 1935 - Purcell Mallett, Supt.

Lorna McPherson Jayne Grooms Myers Watts

Paul Fontanelle Lewis Chattos

Vincent Linnenkugel Thomas Glass

Gordon Walker Arthur Van Tassel

Robert Walser William Rose

Class of 1936 - Purcell Mallett, Supt.

Betty Johnson Rhodebeck Zelma Walser Deitt

Helen Miller Glass Virginia Anderson

Raymond Fissel Nina Gerberd Thompson

Paul Evarts Irene Freeman Duffey

Leo Trainer Russell Anderson

Class of 1937 - J. Morgan Ruffner, Supt.

Francis Meier Reed Myers

Charles Parody Arthur Deitt

Carolyn Cornell Sautter Lester Stewart

Margaret Haberman Robert McElwee

Bert Moore Dorothy Sands

Dorothy Dustin Bell Edsel Watts

Corwin Crego Eloise Walker Grove

Class of 1938 - J. Morgan Ruffner, Supt.

Vincent Linnabary Darlene Denty Wise Hillard

Barbara Barden Viola Carpenter Potts

Florence Shultz Annabelle Freeman Dick

Everett Miesse Earl Duffy

Class of 1939 - J. M. Ruffner and Thelma Sands, Supts.

Mary Miller Horath Ralph Longshore

Barbara Roof Goodrich Ivan Linnabary

Viola Rose Boston Fred Haberman

Emma Louise Mantor Evarts Harold Smith

Leo Myers Harry Smith

Class of 1940 - J. Francis Carl, Supt.

John Sheward Cleo Ginn Knight

Paul Johnson Gordon Cantleberry

Orval Hancock Robert Newman

Doris Walser Rich Charles Riegle

Constance Miesse Liggett Norma Dusenberry Kitsmiller

Robert Hartsook Claud Fuller

Iva Louise Deitt Herb
Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 13)


Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 13)


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Class of 1941 - J. Francis Carl, Supt.

Mary Evelyn Hartsook Myers Paul W. Mickle

Shirley Chambers Houk Julia Chattos Comstock

Marjorie L. Linnabary Ruth Moore Staley

Gladys McElwee De Bota Gladys Carpenter Green

Cecil Fuller

Class of 1942 - J. Francis Carl, Supt.

Virginia Tilley Booth William Sheward

Rosemary A. Balka Clara A. Haberman

Howard Green, Jr. Florence Cowell Knese

Dorothy Kohberger Vogler William H. Roof

James H. Fuller Mary Jane Crowe Lonsinger

Mildred M. Walser Budd Paul E. Perry

David E. Bricker Laura Jean Miesse Eddy

Class of 1943- J. Francis Carl, Supt.

Betty Whisman Walker Mary Riegel Tepper

Wanda Lyons Alex Balka

Everett Chambers Robert Sheward

Clara Chattos Kitchen Bonnie Ferrell

Clarabelle Denty

Class of 1944 - Hylen A. Souders, Supt.

Charles Burdette William Luthi

Ruth Linnabary Hessler Robert Winner

Howard Bricker Nettie Townley Reigel

Wallace Williams Viola Mullins Sholl

Noah Green Leo Jordan

Class of 1945 - Hylen A. Souders, Supt.

Opal Jackson Denty Charles Bennett

Elsie Chambers Williams Jack Luthi

Edward Townley Julia Hartsook Condit

Ethel May Wanetta Walser Clouse

Homer Mays Mary Ann Flora Christman

Doris Tomlinson Hale

Class of 1946 - Hylen A. Sounders, Supt.

Helen Mickle Joan Williams Rockhold

Delores Meadors Fuller Floyd Johnson

Joan De Vore Farris William Stoker

Charlene Gabriel McCulla Hugh Strider

Luanne Gabriel Donald Work

Harlan Hale Frederick Searles

Class of 1947 - Hylen A. Souders, Supt.

Jacque Tilley Mary Ann Mays

Bonnie J. Watts Tilley Byron Hoke

Lela Diehl Sheward Charles C. Bricker

Jacqueline Watts Fuller Anthony Danna

Richard De Vore Harold E. Farris

Ruth Miesse Bell Robert Smith

Arthur Byrd
Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 14)


Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 14)


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Class of 1948 - Hylen A. Sounder, Supt.

Robert Cantrell Dorothy Luthi Balka

Robert Bell Margaret Johnson Fergueson

Robert Kohberger Jeanne Cushman Snyder

William Smith Betty Cantleberry

Floyd Wymer Rosemary Harroun Briggs

Marlin Roof Virginia Simms

Mary Chambers Nesbitt Barbara Tiffany Hummel

Reva Renner

Class of 1949 - Hylen A. Sounders, Supt.

Robert Jackson Ralph Meadors

Robert McClary Loranne Roof Crowl

Howard Hale Joan Sewell

Charles Edwards

Class of 1950 - Hylen A. Souders, Supt.

Barbara Farris Lois Luthi Cantrell

Marilyn Bennett Fleak Robert Wingo

Nondus Miesse Emler Preston Shull

Bonnie Cantlebury Laslo

[photo of school]
Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 15)


Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 15)


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Before 1906, there was no square in the center of town. You could

drive any place and as it was horse and buggy days a water trough

was near the pump so people could stop and water their horses. There

was also hitching posts to tie the horses. But in 1906 the square was

graded and made into a square instead of driving through which was

caused by the construction of the old 3 C Highway. With the reloca-

tion of roads in later years, the square has once again gone back to

its square shape.

Around this square and throughout the village, many businesses

and homes have flourished and many have disappeared. The follow-

in is a short review of these different homes and businesses.

One of the oldest houses, if not the oldest, was the one formerly

owned by Mrs. Lee on the west side of the square which burned when

the store burned. It was built with three-inch planks inside, which

is thought was intended for protection from the Indians.

The Dustin home, built in 1826, now owned by Dr. L.M. Ihle,

was the stagecoach station with the bar and all things necessary for

such a station. The horses were kept in the barn at the rear of the

house. Also, Mr. Nathan Dustin built scales and a stockyard. Hogs

were brought there, weighed, and they, with their owner, went on

foot to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to the market. In those days there

was a larger frame hog than today and the hog put on fat on its way.

(On Sunday, May 15, 1966, the Delaware County Historical Society

dedicated a historical marker on the Dustin home. The Stagecoach

Inn, as it was known, was built by Nathan Dustin (1791 - 1872) of

brick that was made at the rear of the building.

Mrs. Walter Pabst gave a historical sketch of the Dustin home.

Also present was Mr. Charles A. Jones, personal secretary to Sen-

ator Frank B. Willis. The wife of Mr. Willis was Allie Dustin, a

descendant of Nathan Dustin. Mr. Jones gave a brief characteriza-

tion of Mr. Willis and his visits to Galena. )

In the early days on the property last owned by Mr. and Mrs. Lo-

gan Barrick on S. Columbus Street, was a grist mill, run by Tom

Van Fleet, father of Jim and Carpe Van Fleet. Across the road from

this was a sawmill operated by Nathan Dustin, Sr. Near the saw-

mill was a tannery. Both of the mills were run by water. Two races

were made, one for each mill, taking water from Big Walnut to

Little Walnut. One race was visible until 1956, before the City of

Columbus acquired the land for construction of the dam. The tannery

was a two-story building. On the second floor was the office of Mr.

Ed Sherman, who had a patent on building the covered bridges. The

patent was on the bracing of these bridges, and he built the ones in

the community. There were three of these bridges here, one spanned

Little Walnut on the West Galena Road and was replaced by an iron

bridge in 1931. One was south of Galena on Yankee Street crossing

Big Walnut and was replaced by an iron bridge in 1933. The third

Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 16)


Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 16)


[page 16]

[corresponds to unlabeled page 16 of Welcome to the Village of Galena]

was farther south of town and remained in use until in the 1950's when

it collapsed with a truck. Now, in 1966, these iron bridges have been

removed and the roads abandoned because of the Hoover Dam.

On the present site of the Galena Bank was the Maynard Hotel,

which burned more than eighty-five years ago.

By the side of the Maynard Hotel on the south side of the square

was a drug store, managed by Squire Wells.

The first funeral director in Galena was a Mr. Smothers, then la-

ter Mr. Morrison. At present George DeVore operates a funeral home

on N. Walnut Street in the dwelling formerly owned by Addie Cooke.

The shop on the west side, which burned, was orginally a tailor

shop. The building was later enlarged and made into a store. Some

of the past proprietors of that store were: Hyde & Young, Mossman,

Clint Van Fleet, Merill, C. C. Bricker, Coons, Hancock, Beaver and

William Trainer at the time it was destroyed by fire.

There was a small building located between the store and the Dus-

tin residence used for a voting booth.

In later years, on the east side of town was another tailor shop.

it belonged to Mr. Van Fleet.

Also on the east side was a wagon shop run by Henry Cook, and

a paint shop run by Al Seymour. Joe Adams was the painter, paint-

ing wagons, etc. These buildings were the ones formerly owned by

the late Frank McMahon, his blacksmith shop, etc., but have been

removed by the City of Columbus. On the second story of one of

these buildings was a Woodman of World (W.O.W.) Lodge.

A factory, known as Brown and Hughes employing five men, was

located south of the square. They manufactured polks. It was later

known as Hugh and Smythe, and they made polks, rakes and hand

corn planters. They employed several more men and sent a salesman

out on the road to sell their goods. Most of them sold in the South.

It discontinued in the early 1920's.

[photo of Public Square in Galena]

Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 17)


Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 17)


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[photo of Galena Creamery]

On the site where was located the first sawmill on S. Columbus

Street was a creamery. When I moved to Galena in 1906, it was op-

erated by J. J. Weber. We, like many other residents, purchased

milk at the creamery for seven quarts for a quarter. People went with

their little quart buckets for the milk. After the creamery discontin-

ued, a Sunshine Feed Store operated there for a few years. Then it

was replaced by a house, but now the City of Columbus has taken the


Later, Mr. George Mulzer started a feed store and beer chip fac-

tory in the north end of town where now Mr. E. L. Hoke lives. He

built the house and buildings. The chips were made of beech and

were used to filter beer. They soon discontinued making them and

used all their time on the feed mill, making good corn meal, buck-

wheat flour, etc. After Mr. Mulzer's death it discontinued after

being operated for a while by a son, Walter. His other son, Leslie

is now a retired Brig. General in the Air Force.

Several other hotels besides Maynard have operated here. One was

on the east side of the square owned by Jim Budd and one on the west

side owned by Sam Lee. Also on the south side of the square was

Gelvin's Hotel, which is now the Clock Grill. Later restaurants, pool

rooms and barber shops have been there. At the present time is Aller-

ton's Grocery, Jim Vance's Tire and Battery Service and White's Grill.

Dr Utley had a drug store on the south side of the square and they

operated a fashionable hotel in the house on the bank of Big Walnut.

In the basement they also had a good snack bar, serving school lun-

ches and whatever the public demanded.

The basement house on N. Walnut Street, south of the railroad

crossing was built by Mr. Newman, who operated a restaurant in the

basement. At that time the depot was across the street and many

trains were in operation. Billy Vance was the agent at the depot. The

Newman restaurant was a very convenient place for the trainmen to go

Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 18)


Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 18)


[page 18]

[corresponds to unlabeled page 18 of Welcome to the Village of Galena]

for a snack and they specialized in good ice cream. Mr Newman

was also a mail messenger, conveying the mail to and from the post

office and the depot.

For years, Will Campbell operated a barber shop on the south side

of the square. He was also postmaster in the same building for years.

Carpe Van Fleet succeeded Mr. Campbell as postmaster. Then the

office was moved to the north side with Mr. Fissel as postmaster, the

the office burning while there. The post office was temporarily loca-

ted on the west side of the square following the fire. Finally it was

located at the present site in the Odd Fellows building with George

Hogg as postmaster.

Charlie Platt operated a meat market on the south side of the square

and on the north side over a span of years have been doctors' offices,

barber shops, beauty shops, pool room, millinery store and restaurants.

At one time the Bell Telephone office was in the rear of the Odd Fel-

lows building and the Citizens Telephone office was operated by Mrs.

Frank Budd in her home across from the school.

The north side grocery had as proprietors: John Adams, Mr. Ing-

ham, Hoyt Williams, Will Bennett, I. C. Budd, John Hancock , Bob

Glenndening, Gordon Walker and present it is a new brick struc-

ture under the management of Roy Jahn.

The hardware store on the east side has been removed. Some of

the past proprietors of the old store were: Mr. Moss, Bill Mann, Mr.

McCamment, H.L. Reed, W.B. Vance, Grant Bennett, Mr. Jordan

and Virgil Kincaid.

North of the railroad Hank Campbell operated a shoe cobblers

shop at his home for years. Just east of that, Mr. E. C. Bennett and

Son had a warehouse but it has now discontinued.

Other places of business such as livery stables owned by Jim Budd

and John Rogers and a sawmill by Grant Bennett have been out of op-

eration for years.

Before the construction of the present Galena Shale Tile and Brick

Company, there was a smaller one in the same location. It was known

as the Tile Mill, managed by J. T. Budd, then later by Ed Bennett

and Jim Rose. After being idle for a while, it was organized by Mr.

B. L. Shultz as the Galena Shale Tile and Brick Company, which is

in operation today.

[photo of south side of the Public Square]
Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 19)


Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 19)


[page 19]

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[photo of M.E. Church, Galena, Ohio]

When any building has stood for more than 100 years and has been

in constant use, it has many interesting stories and memories for

those who know it. No building could have more memories, both joy--

ful and sad, than a church, so we are very grateful for "Our Church."

In 1807, the first service on record held in this neighborhood was

in a cabin on a farm two miles south of Galena. It was held by a lo-

cal preacher by the name of John Williams.

Gilbert Carpenter built a mill in Galena in 1809, and services were

held in this mill in summer and the homes during the winter up to 1814

when the Carpenter home was built. This house, built one year after

our church was organized, was used as a place for public worship for

years. While our church here was organized in 1813, with 14 mem-

bers, it was fifteen years later before we had a church building.

The date of the first recorded official meeting is September 20,

1828. These are the words, "At a meeting of the subscribers held in

Zoar, Ezekial Brown, Chairman; Samuel Leonard, Clerk; the follow-

ing resolutions were adopted:

" 1st. That said house shall be built 40 ft. wide and 60 ft. long.

"2nd. That the committee named in the subscription papers shall

continue to do business.

"3rd. That Benj. Carpenter 2nd shall be acting agent for said

house and provide a book and make all necessary entries.

"4th. That the subscribers names and their subscriptions shall

be entered in said book.

"5th. That the agent shall purchase the two Vansicle lots to

build said house upon."

There were subscribers in all, the largest subscription being

$102.50, the smallest $2.00, the total amounting to $1092.
Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 20)


Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 20)


[page 20]

[corresponds to unlabeled page 20 of Welcome to the Village of Galena]

The first trustees of the church property were: Benj. Carpenter,

Enoch Domigan, Barack Weeks, John S. Brown, Samuel Leonard,

Chas. Carpenter, while Benj. Carpenter, Jr. was Sec. and Treas. of

board and superintendent of church building. Later, Samuel Carver,

Ira Arnold, Nathan Dustin and Harlowe Allen were elected taking the

place of deceased or otherwise removed members.

The Galena charge as it was known consisted of eleven points,

namely: Galena, Trenton, Kingston, Bennington, Sunbury, Berlin Sta-

tion, Eden, Ashley, Winsor Corners, Berlin and Berkshire; Galena be-

ing the largest. Samuel Lynch and A. J. Lyons were the pastors.

From 1865 to 1868, Ease Delaware was a part of Galena charge. In

1869, the Conference arranged the charge with Galena, Sunbury, Berk-

shire and Vans Valley. It remained that way until 1915 or 1916.

There is no complete list of pastors until 1844. We know that in

1829, L. Swormstead was pastor and in 1839, William S. Morrow was

the preacher. Then beginning in 1844, follows the list of pastors:

L. Swormstead, W. S. Morrow, John Scholes, Daniel Lambert, S. H.

Alderman, H. M. Shafer, John Mitchell, John Blampied, Sam L. Linch,

A. J. Lyons, ________ Adams, S. Frant, B. A. Webster, Amos Wilson,

W. G. Watters, J. Wheeler, S. D. Seymour, A. B. Brandebury, P. Plum-

mer, O. Webster, J. S. Cutler, A. S. Moffit, A. Lane, F. M. Searles,

H. Safford, Wm. Hudson, F. S. Hoyt, John Whitworth, H. L. Parish,

W.B. Farrar, S. R. Squier, A. K. Ownes, D. R. Moore, S. F. Dunbar,

Uri Richards, J. Matlock, O. Lawrence, B. F. Bell, E. L. Smith. M.B.

Mead, M. Weaver, E. S. Tompkins, B. F. Whitehurst, C. M. McCon-

nell, W. R. Polhamus, J. M. Ackman.

During either 1915 or 1916, after the division of the charge, it

left the Galena and Vans Valley churches together and the Sunbury and the

Berkshire churches. Until this division the only parsonage had always

been in Galena.

Many years later in 1960, the Galena and Vans Valley churches

separated, and so today each have their own minister. The follow-

ing is a list of the Galena and Vans Valley, and Galena ministers.

David A. Morris 1916 to 1920

William Roberts 1920 to 1922

Archibald Brown 1922 to 1924

Edgar Wheeler 1924 to 1928

Kelley Jenness 1928 to 1929

Lonzo S. Green 1929 to 193l

John B. Ferguson 1931 to 1935

Clarence A. Riggs 1935 to 1939

Karl L. Darkey 1939 to 1940

Wm. T. McWilliams 1940 to 1943

E.W. Kreves 1943 to 1945

S. Lee Whiteman, Sr. 1945 to 1949

Alva W. Taylor 1949 to 1952

Kenneth E. Bibbee 1952 to 1956

Willard M. Lockard 1956 to 1958

Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 21)


Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 21)


[page 21]

[corresponds to unlabeled page 21 of Welcome to the Village of Galena]

Francis Norris 1958 to 1960

Donald Taylor 1960 to 1963

Winston Wilson 1963 to 1965

Homer Moore 1965 to

The bell, which has since been removed, was purchased in 1853

with Nathan Dustin and Ezekial Brown raising the money.

The first remodelling of the church took place when Rev. Polhamus

entered his duties of pastorate of Galena Church, September 25, 1909.

He found the church building in bad condition. The building needed

painting, new glass, new paper, the roof leaked, the belfry was bad-

ly decayed, the timbers supporting the floor were spreading.

In January, 1910, a meeting was called for the purpose of remodel-

ling the church and the building of a parsonage at Galena. A build-

ing committee, W. C. Roberts, F. C. Cornell, Joseph Arnold, E. B.

Cole and the pastor was appointed to raise the money. By June there

was pledged $3800.00. On September 9, four days before confer-

ence, the church was rededicated with expenses pledged to $5500.

During the pastorate of Rev. Ackman, 1914-1916, they added to

the church at least 500 members, but lost by death and certificates

and numerous moving away about 100.

During the year 1916, Galena and Sunbury adopted the envelope

system of raising funds for all expenses of the church. An average

of .10 per week per member was decided upon. Some may pay .01

or some .75 a week, but the system has worked well and solved the

financial problems.

With the first remodelling, the interior setting of the Church was

changed. The latter remodelling about 1950, presents an addition to

the front and extra basement. It was started under the pastorate of

Rev. Alva Taylor.

The pulpit furniture was presented by Howard Whitehead in mem-

ory of his wife, Emma Slack Whitehead, on August 17, 1947, during

the pastorate of Rev. S. Lee Whitman, Sr.

The beautiful colored windows have been donated by different mem-

bers in memory of a loved one.

The new Baldwin Orgasonic was purchased in 1955.


The Galena Church of The Nazarene was organized October 29, 1944

with 18 charter members under the leadership of the Reverends Paul

and Eva Hayman, at that time pastors of the Westerville Church of The

Nazarene. Rev. Eva Hayman was appointed pastor of the church,

which she served until January 21, 1945. Rev. Donald W. Woodruff

was then appointed pastor by the District Superintendent, Dr. Harvey

S. Galloway.
Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 22)


Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 22)


[page 22]

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The church was first located at 71 S. Walnut St. and in November

of 1950 moved to 217 Harrison St. During this time plans were being

formulated to build the present brick church building at 127 Holmes

St. These plans were completed in October of 1950, and the con-

struction was completed early the next year, with the opening service

being held Sunday July 1, 1951, with Dr. Galloway as speaker.

The succeeding pastors were:

Donald W. Woodruff 1945 - 1947 D. C. Kelley 1956-1959

A. J. Laird 1947 - 1949 B. R. Kean 1959 - 1961

M. F. Reeves 1949 - 1950 L. M. Tucker July 1961-Dec. 1961

G. F. Poage 1950 - 1951

C. H. Wiandt 1951 - 1953 D. C. Kelley 1961 -1962

B. A. Johnson 1953 - 1956 B. R. Kean 1962 -present

During the early part of Rev. Kean's second call as pastor, the

church planned and built a new educational unit which was completed

in the fall of 1963.

The church expresses its appreciation to all those who across the

years have helped it to become a part of this fine community, and

may it ever stand as a symbol of righteousness and peace.


The Episcopal Church stood on what is now the playground at the

school house. It was an attractive little church built with a base-

ment where social times were enjoyed. The church had a lovely bap-

tismal font and Mr. and Mrs. Knight's daughter was the first person

to be baptized in the new church.

[photo of Episcopal Church Galena Ohio.]
Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 23)


Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 23)


[page 23]

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The Galena cemetery dates back earlier than 1813, for we have

record of Revolutionary soldiers buried in 1813. These grounds ori-

ginally were recruiting grounds for soldiers and the supposition is

that the first burial might have been an early soldier, causing the be-

ginning of the present cemetery.

According to present records, which are correct, more Revolution-

ary soldiers are buried here than in any other cemetery in Central

Ohio. There are records of ten Revolutionary and ten of the War of

1812, eleven who served in the Civil War and three who fought in the

Spanish-American War. Several of these graves were moved in the

early 1950's because of the building of the Hoover Dam.

The following is a complete list of the soldiers buried in the

Galena Cemetery:

Revolutionary soldiers:

James Artheton, died May 5, 1826

Russell Bigelow, Sr. , died June 13, 1836

Ezekial Brown, died April 24, 1841

Hon. Benjamin Carpenter, died September 27, 1823

Rev. Gilbert Carpenter, no dates

Edward Knapp, died March 23, 1821

Gideon Osterhout, died April 8, 1813

James Moore, died August 29, 1837

Rev. Stiles Parker, died September 16, 1847

Morgan Young, died January 1, 1844

War of 1812 soldiers:

Gilbert Weeks, died December 21, 1826

Daniel Weeks, died June 18, 1826

Peter Weycoff, died March 7, 1820

Henry Slack, died June 1, 1830

Addison Carver, died August 31, 1828

Samuel Leonard, died November 16, 1859

John Leonard, died February 12, 1820

James Carpenter, died October 5, 1821

Moses Carpenter died November 8, 1859

John Smith, died June 12, 1822

Civil War soldiers:

Virgil G. Cook, died March 24, 1864

Harrison Johnson, died 1923

Charles Jones, died 1923

Capt. Jay Dyer, died December 23, 1905

George Preston

Merrit VanFleet

Col. Orris A. Lawson, died March 7, 1907

Joseph Adams, died 1924

Lyman Waters

John Dustin, died September 2, 1936

Oscar Weeks
Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 24)


Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 24)


[page 24]

[corresponds to unlabeled page 24 of Welcome to the Village of Galena]

Spanich-American War soldiers:

Franklin Walker Bennett, died 1931

Louis F. Waldron, died 1927

Stanley C. Jones, died February 4, 1937

World War 1 soldiers:

Lester R. Hancock, died 1934

Arthur B. Moore, died May 22, 1924

Hugh C. Hughes, Sr. , died February 14, 1961

Jay Norton Dyer, died 1919

Vernon H. Budd, died 1955

World War 2 soldiers:

Lee R. Fetherolf, died August 11, 1947

Carl R. Thompson, died December 14, 1960

David E. Bricker, died May 19, 1945

Theodore F. Bennett, died january 17, 1959

Earl S. Budd, died August 20, 1947

Clyde Harold Whitney, died October 9, 1951

Edwin Hale Leonard, died November 30, 1943

Allan McMahon, died June 21, 1962

In the early days the cemetery was a briar patch, no caretaker at

all. One night a car load of sheep was shipped in here to John Dus-

tin. As he was trying to drive them home, they became scattered and

he had to wait until morning to find them. They had taken refuge in

the cemetery and cleaned up the briar bushes. The citizens of the vil-

age decided it looked so much better that they kept it cleaned after

that, and, of course, now we have a paid caretaker of the cemetery.
Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 25)


Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 25)


[page 25]

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The G & T Club was organized in 1914, with a membership of


Fredonia Grabiel Leta Likes Hazel Reed

Clara Hancock Mae McMahon Myrtle Smythe

Ethel Hancock Lucy Work Ranck Esther Van Fleet

Bess Hoy Florence Septer Clara Van Fleet

The following is a list of the past Presidents of the Club:

Oral Garlinghouse 1917 - 19 Betty Sheward 1947 - 48

Clara Hancock 1919 - 21 Louise Fissel 1948 - 49

Edith Roof 1921 - 23 Iva Souders 1949 - 50

Ola Zimmerman 1923 - 24 Irma Glendenning 1950 - 51

Mary Fissel 1924 - 26 Lillie Shaw 1951 - 52

Doris Bricker 1926 - 28 Lillie Rose 1952 - 53

Ferne Fuller 1928 - 30 Bernice Potts 1953 - 54

Elsie Bennett 1930 - 32 Edith Roof 1954 - 55

Rose Hancock 1932 - 34 Grace Beaver 1955 - 56

Mary Lyons 1934 - 36 Elsie Bennett 1956 - 57

Betty Sheward 1936 - 38 Jane Walker 1957 - 58

Doris Bricker 1938 - 40 Marguerite Williams 1958 - 59

Hetty Harroun 1940 - 42 Iva Souders 1959 - 60

Ola Zimmerman 1942 - 43 Laurabelle DeBolt 1960 - 61

Maud Shoaf 1943 - 44 Lillie Rose 1961 - 62

Louise Coolely 1944 - 45 Lillian Keple 1962 - 63

Luella Kintz 1945- 46 Edith Roof 1963 - 64

Lavinia Griffith 1946 - 47 Barbara Goodrich 1964 - 65

Marie Bates 1965 - 66

The Club has undertaken many worthwhile projects that have bene-

fited the community, such as sending Christmas packages to local

servicemen at Christmas, assisting local needy families at Christmas,

assisting families during times of sorrow, marking soldiers graves

for Memorial Day. The Club's most recognizable project was the erec-

tion of the brick soldiers memorial on the village square, honoring

the local men who served their nation during World War II. The me-

morial was dedicated on July 4, 1945.
Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 26)


Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 26)


[page 26]

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The Woman's Advance Club was organized and federated in 1898.

The club has been a member of the Ohio Federation of Women's clubs

since it organization 68 years ago, being the first club in Delaware

county to join the Ohio Federation. The club has studied our own

country, many foreign nations, literature, psychology and progress,

the Bible, the home, notable men and women and many miscellaneous

programs. The first cause for organizing was to promote civic im-

provement in Galena.

The club when organized consisted of a membership of twenty-one:

Mrs. E. C. Bennett Miss Sallie Johnson Mrs. N. Ekleberry

Mrs Emily Cox Miss Ella Leary Mrs. H. A. Furniss

Mrs. Will Campbell Miss Ella Roberts Miss Elmine Ginn

Mrs. D. N. Dyer Miss Rose Youmans Mrs. H. Hills

Miss Nellie Eldridge Miss Alice Brevoort Miss Margaret Hills

Mrs. A. Griffith Miss Edna Brevoort Miss Allie Pierce

Mrs. E. Hall Mrs. D. C. Curtiss Miss Clara Van Fleet

The following is a list of past presidents:

Mrs. A. O. Griffith 1898 - 00 Mrs. W. J. Kohberger 1945-46

Mrs. D. N. Dyer 1900 - 02 Mrs. E. N. Johnson 1946 -47

Mrs. D. C. Curtiss 1902 - 04 Mrs. E. G. Zimmerman 1947 -49

Mrs. Mame Eckleberry 1904 - 05 Mrs. J. C. Lyons 1949 - 51

Mrs. H. C. Young 1905 - 07 Mrs. G. R. DeVore 1951 - 53

Miss Lucy Hughes 1907 - 09 Mrs. C. C. Bricker 1953 - 55

Mrs. J. J. Weber 1909 - 11 Mrs. A. L. Strider 1955 - 57

Mrs. Emily Cox 1911 - 12 Mrs. G. R. Shoaf 1957 - 58

Mrs. D. N. Dyer 1912 - 13 Mrs. L. M. Ihle 1959 - 60

Miss Rosa Barcus 1913- 14 Mrs. C.R. Grove 1961 - 62

Mrs. A. O. Griffith 1914 - 16 Mrs. E. B. Mathews 1963 - 64

Mrs E. C. Bennett 1916 - 18 Mrs. G.E. Henry 1965 - 66

Mrs. G. E. Henry 1965 - 66

Mrs. W. H. Campbell 1918 - 20

Mrs. C. L. Smythe 1920 - 21

Mrs Nate Dustin 1921 - 23

Mrs J. J. Weber 1923 - 24

Mrs E. N. Johnson 1924 - 26

Mrs Harold Dustin 1926 - 28

Mrs. F. C. Cornell 1928 - 30

Mrs. E. B. Cole 1930 - 32

Mrs. W.B. Vance 1932 - 34

Mrs Purcell Mallet 1934 - 36

Mrs. F. D. Miller 1936 - 38

Mrs J. J. Weber 1938 - 40

Mrs E. C. Bennett 1940 - 42

Mrs H. E Williams 1942 - 44

Miss Mary Hall 1944 - 45
Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 27)


Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 27)


[page 27]

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The Odd Fellows building was built in 1826, to house a school on

the first floor and a Masonic Lodge, named Charity Lodge. When the

present school was constructed in 1867, the first floor was vacated

and the same year the Masonic Lodge disbanded. On July 22, 1868,

the original Odd Fellows Lodge was instituted. The following are

the first minutes of the Lodge:

Galena, O.,July22,1868

The MWGM James A. Semple came this day, and at 2 o'clock p.m.

met the following petitioners for a Subordinate Lodge of the Independ-

ent Order of Odd Fellows to be located at this plat to wit: G. A.

Fleet, R. Cook, John C. Farrier, C. Closson, Wm.Brown, Wm Har-

roun, J. P. Maynard, E. O. Nutt, and Thos. Kline.

The above petitioners all being present, the Grand Master assis-

ted by,

P. G. J. M. Zigler of Central Lodge #23 acty as RW. D G. Master

P. G. Theophilus Jones of Rainbow #327 acty as RW . G. Warden

P. G. Secy Joseph Dowdall of Capitol #334 acty as RW. G. Secty.

P. G. Chas. Spring of Rainbow #327 acty as RW . G. Treas.

P. G. James Spooner of Rainbow #327 acty as Gr. Warden

proceeded to obligate them in due form and presented the charter, de-

signating the Lodge as Galena Lodge #404 I. O. O. F. at Galena, Dela-

ware County, Ohio, and declaring them duly instituted and ready for


The following Brothers were in attendance, David Clark of Capitol

Lodge #334, Bro. Wm. Cox and D. Cook of Excelsior #145, P. G. R.

W. Richardson of Ark #270. P.G. 's, Platt, Evans and Bros. Smith

Alexander and Owenstein of Olentangy #53. P. G. Sharp, Robinson

and Park, and Bros. Dusenburg, Ramsey, Brown and Boulk of Rain-

bow #327.

The G.M. then conducted the nomination and election of officers

with the following results:

NG G. A. Frambes Per. Secy. W. C. Maxfield

VG W. E. Copeland Treas. Thos. Van Fleet

Rec. Secy. D. L. Ferson

The Grand Master then installed the elective officers in ample


The Noble Grand then made the following appointments:

Conductor L. S. N. G. John Farrier

Warden J. P. Naynard R.S.V.G. C. Closson

Inside Sentinal E. O. Nutt L. S. V. G.

Outside Sentinal Thos. Kline R. S. S. Wm. Brown

R. S. N. G. R. Cook L. S. S Wm Harroun

The meeting was then adjourned and the Galena Odd Fellows Lodge

had come into being.

One of the present members, Charlie Bricker, has celebrated his

fiftieth year.
Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 28)


Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 28)


[page 28]

[corresponds to unlabeled page 28 of Welcome to the Village of Galena]


Zoar Rebekah Lodge No. 887 was instituted on the 25th day of

October, 1947, with the following in attendance:

R. L. Bennett Joan DeVore

C. E. Fuller Fern Hale

H. Christy Helen Campbell

J. Hancock Helen Kohberger

Judson Edwards Benedene Edwards

Lewis Potts Elsie Bennett

Gordon Walker Delores Meadors Fuller

Paul Evarts Julia Hartsook condit

Helen Mickle Cleora Ann Bennett

Lela Sheward Bernice Potts

Jane Walker Virginia Booth

Emma Louise Evarts Iva Souders

Doris Bricker Virgina Ihle

Betty Sheward Helen Huddleston

Ethel Hancock

Although the Rebekah Lodge is a women's organization, it was ne-

cessary that a certain number of men from the Independent Order of

Odd Fellows be included. Today the Lodge's membership roster is

soley women with a membership of fifty-five.
Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 29)


Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 29)


[page 29]

[corresponds to unlabeled page 29 of Welcome to the Village of Galena]


In 1901, a bank was started in the Odd Fellows building and in

1906, the present bank was built. The original board of directors

consisted of:

C. W. Hughes G. J. Roberts C. Horton

S.F. Bennett A. O. Griffiths J. H. Dustin

J. J. Adams W. F. Miller G. W. Bright

J. R. Smythe E. Hall

The first president from December 23, 1901 to August 1902, was

George Hughes. From 1902 to 1908, the president was George Rob-

erts; from 1908 to 1928, William Miller; from 1928 to 1942, Dr Noah

Gorsuch; and from 1942 to 1965, Fred Dustin. Late in 1965, the Ga-

lena Bank merged with the Delaware County Bank of Delaware, Ohio.

The Galena Bank, like other banks, sometime during their lifetime,

experiences the misfortune of being held up or broken into, and the

Galena Bank is no exception.

On Tuesday, October 4, 1932, eight yeggs blew open the safe and

looted the bank of about $3500.00. All but $300.00 of the loot was

recovered by two men on a road west of town five and one-half hours

after the safe had been opened. The following is the story of the bank

robbery as it appeared in the Wednesday, October 5, 1932, Columbus


While bandits blew the safe of the Galena Bank early Tuesday,

five men were being detained in a barber shop across the street by

guards who prevented them from giving an alarm. The men were

Ralph Watts, Charles Franklin, Pearl Allerton, Carl Cunningham and

Gilbert Jones.

Hidden behind barber chairs, lying on the floor and seeking cover

around a stove, a group of seven men spent four hours in the Galena

barber shop from 12:30 to 4:30 A.M. Tuesday, whispering to each

other to "keep still" as bandits blew the safe of the Bank of Galena

Company across the street.

The men in the little barber shop were the only ones who knew of

the bandits in the bank building, but they could not get out for guards

were posted in front and rear.

B.B. Miller, cashier of the bank, said Tuesday that not more than

$100.00 was taken by the robbers, who blew the outer door of the safe

and used an acetylene porch to cut a hole into the safe.

This hole was so small that only two drawers containing pennies

and nickels could be reached and the bulk of the money was not ob-


Telephone wires in the village were cut and guards were posted by

the gang to give warnings.

Entrance to the bank was gained through a side window and as soon

as the men entered all windows were covered with tar paper to conceal

the flames of the torch, but these were visible to the men in the shop.
Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 30)


Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 30)


[page 30]

[corresponds to unlabeled page 30 of Welcome to the Village of Galena]

The only car in which the bandits were seen was a 1927 pale blue

Buick sedan with two spare tires in rear and bearing license plates


After the safe had been blown the men got into the car, according

to the men in the barber shop and drove toward Columbus on the 3C


C. F. Myers, marshall of Galena, knew nothing of the robbery un-

til called early Tuesday morning, he said.

Visions of putting up a brave front and putting the bandits to rout

went glimmering when the men in the barber shop saw the guards, who

said nothing but watched the men in the shop.

A revolver in the barber shop was the only weapon to be used in a

fight and after a whispered conference the revolver was placed on the

floor out of reach. The conference was not one of war but of peace

and discretion was decided to be the better part of valor.

The bandits won a wordless victory for not a thing was said by any

of them and not a shot was fired.

All was quiet except for the creak of the town pump as the robbers

pumped water to cool the safe and walked to and fro as they guarded

both front and rear of the barber shop.

When questioned about how they spent the four hours, the men said

they were sure they did not talk. "Every time I head the stones in

front of the door make a noise I thought sure that fellow was coming

in here, and if he had I know I would have fallen dead right on the

floor," Charles Franklin said.

Pearl Allerton and Gilbert Jones, the barber, said that it was about

midnight when they heard there were several suspicious looking men

in town and that it was decided to sit up in the little barber shop and

watch them.

The light was turned out and the radio turned off and all was quiet

until one man looked out the window and saw the two guards on watch

and a few minutes later the other man was discovered in the rear of

the building.

Ralph Watts,Charles Franklin, Pearl Allerton, Carl Cunningham,

Gilbert Jones, T. P. Hamer and Kenneth Platt were the men who spent

the wee small hours of morning in the barber shop.


No more faithful nor loyal people to their country, conscience of

church, can be found than here. Nor shall we wonder when we re-

member that of the thirty-six Revolutionary soldiers buried within

the county, ten of them are buried in the Galena cemetery, where

also, our own Rev. Gilbert Carpenter was laid to rest.

As the next generation will build on the foundations we lay for

them, may our foundations be equalled to the foundations of our

Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 31)


Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 31)


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[corresponds to unlabeled page 31 of Welcome to the Village of Galena]

Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 32)


Welcome to the Village of Galena (p. 32)


[page 32]

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Dublin Core


Welcome to the Village of Galena


Public schools--Galena--Berkshire Township--Ohio
Village of Galena--Berkshire Township--Delaware County--Ohio


This book contains a brief history of Galena, OH, as well as information about the construction of the Galena School and the names of graduates from 1886-1966. Old homes, businesses, churches and clubs are also featured.


Doris Fuller Bricker


John W. Bricker










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Doris Fuller Bricker, “Welcome to the Village of Galena,” Delaware County Memory, accessed May 22, 2024, http://delawarecountymemory.org/items/show/162.

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