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This collection contains items related to the history and development of Galena, its residents, businesses and schools. It contains John Bricker Sr's postcard and photograph collection featuring images of Galena and Delaware. The book Welcome to the Village of Galena was written by Doris Bricker, Charlie (C.C.) Bricker's wife. The personal correspondence of David E. Bricker and his son, Charlie (C.C.) Bricker, appears here courtesy of John L. Bricker, son of John Sr. and Shirly Bricker.

Collection Items

John Bricker Sr.'s Postcard Collection
This scrapbook contains 236 postcards and photographs related to Galena and the city of Delaware. The photographs and postcards were collected and organized by John Bricker, Sr of Galena, and made available to Community Library by his son, John L.…

Charlie C. Bricker World War I Letters
This is a collection of letters written during World War 1 by Charlie C. Bricker to his parents Nora Waldron and David E. Bricker, and to his girlfriend, Doris Fuller, whom he married after returning home from the war. These letters appear here…

David E. Bricker Letters
This is a collection of business letters written by and to David E. Bricker (1848-1922) between the years 1882 and 1917. This collection of letters appears here courtesy of John L. Bricker.

Welcome to the Village of Galena
This book contains a brief history of Galena, OH, as well as information about the construction of the Galena School and the names of graduates from 1886-1966. Old homes, businesses, churches and clubs are also featured.
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