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World Wide Games (p. 1)


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Ancient and traditional games that have been played and

enjoyed for centuries by people all over the world.

Distinctive and attractive additions to your home.

Made of durable fine-grained hardwoods, sturdily constructed

for rugged use, with a warm natural finish that becomes more

beautiful with use.

Fun for the whole family, from children to grandparents.

[image of ornament]

Instructions included with all games. These games are not available

in stores. Order your Christmas gifts now from:


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World Wide Games (p. 3)


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An old North American Indian game of

skill played from Canada to Mexico.

It was originally carved from bone, the

spear a sharpened rib and the rings

were steak bones. [image of game]

[images instructing how to play game]

To play, swing rings up in an arc and

try to spear them in the air. See who

can catch the most rings in 10 tries.

Each ring counts 1 point, the triangle

counts 10 points. It is easy to improve

your skill with practice.

Pommawonga rings are of hard maple, spear and

triangle are of other hardwoods, mostly black

walnut, and game is fastened together with

braided cord.

Postpaid $1.75
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World Wide Games (p. 4)


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Box Hockey

An exciting and noisy

game - for all ages.

[images of game]

Box Hockey is an exciting and noisy game for 2 to 4 persons.

Each has a stick which he holds in one hand and attempts

to hit the puck through the goal to his left. A point is scored

when the puck is knocked through the goal.

Box Hockey is sturdily built with sides and ends of walnut, bottom

of 5-ply hardwood board. It contains 4 walnut sticks and 2 hardwood


The box measures 18 x 60 inches when open and folds to 18 x 30.

It has strong hinges and fasteners and leather handles so that it

makes an excellent carrying case for other games. All games except

Kicket and Marble Football fit inside Box Hockey.

F.O.B. Delaware, Ohio $16.00

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World Wide Games (p. 5)


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Mexican Balero

[image of game]

This game of skill is probably famil-

iar to tourists who have traveled in

Mexico. Players develop skill at

catching the ball in the cup and real

experts can try to catch the ball on

the peg at the other end.

[images showing how to play the game]

One person may play alone or try an exciting

relay with a Balero for each team. Player must

catch ball in cup before he passes Balero to

next person in line.

Balero is turned from Hard Maple and is a golden

honey color. (7 1/2 inches long)

Postpaid: $1.00
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World Wide Games (p. 6)


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[image of game]

Hindu Pyramid

Hindu Pyramid Puzzle was developed in a Hindu Temple

in India where it was used for the mental discipline of

young priests. The object is to shift all the blocks from

the center peg to one of the outside pegs. Always place

a smaller block on top of a larger one and move only

block at a time. One individual studies this out alone.

Each of the seven blocks is a different hardwood. Base is 3 x 9

inches. Puzzle is sent flat to prevent breakage. Just put the

pegs into holes in the base.

Postpaid $1.50

Nine Block

This old-time American puzzle was formerly

known as the piano puzzle because the object

is to move the "piano" (largest block) from

one corner of the room to another by shifting

furniture (smaller blocks). Nine Block Puzzle

will keep a persistant person working over

an hour.

The blocks are made of heavy black walnut, 1/2 in.

thick. They fit into a wooden box measuring

about 6 1/2 x 8 inches.

Postpaid $2.00

[image of game]
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World Wide Games (p. 7)


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For 4 to 8 players

Easily learned and

fun for all ages.

[image of game]

Kicket, a fast exciting game for 4 to 8 persons, is similar to

table polo or soccer. A wooden ball is dropped in the middle

and players on each side, holding the rods, try to hit the

ball through the goal at their left.

Kicket is a large game (18 x 41 inches) with sides and ends of

black walnut, and a tough bottom of 5-ply hardwood board. The

rods are of birch and black walnut.

F.O.B. Delaware, O. $20.00

[image of family playing the game]


Radnor Road, Delaware, Ohio
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World Wide Games (p. 8)


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Adi Board

Adi, an ancient game for two persons,

is played on the African Gold Coast

today just as it has been for hundreds

of years. Indoors people play Adi on

game boards carved from wood, but when

outside, they dig holes in the ground

and use Adi seeds from the Aditi bushes

as counters.

Adi is one of an ancient family of games

played in Africa, Asia and the islands

of the Pacific. The histories and in-

structions for these games may be found

in the book "Count and Capture" which

we give with each Adi Board.

[image of people playing the game]

[image of the game]

We suggest that you try Adi first because it is

easy to learn from written instructions and can

be played by children as young as 6 or 7.

Adi Board is a solid block of thick black walnut

or cherry lumber with a warm natural finish and

will last for generations. It measures 6 x 23 inches.

Marbles and "Count and Capture" book included.

Postpaid: $5.00

Additional copies of "Count and Capture" book may be

obtained from Cooperative Recreation Service, Inc.,

Delaware, Ohio at 50? each.
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World Wide Games (p. 9)


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Adi Table

Adi is now so popular that we have

developed a fine piece of furniture for

your living room with Adi carved into

the table top. It is a large (9 1/2 x 30 in.)

solid block of black walnut 2 inches

thick with a beautiful hand-rubbed nat-

ural finish. There is a small drawer for

marbles; and the legs are black wrought

iron. Two persons play at the Adi table.

Marbles and "Count and Capture" book


Limited Quantity.

F.O.B. Delaware, Ohio $15.00

[images of game and children playing the game]
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World Wide Games (p. 10)


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Bonum Board Scoop Golf

This is now a combination paddle on which one may

play two games.

Bonum Board apparently originated in the United States

around 1880, when the paddles were decorated by wood

burning. Bonum Board is easy to learn, just catch the

ball in the holes with the highest scores. One person

may play alone or a small group may take turns to see

who gets the most points.

[photos of game]

Scoop Golf is on the reverse side. Play golf

rules for LOW score. Count the number of

tosses required to catch ball in hole number

1, then try for hole number 2, and on around

the "course" of nine holes.

Paddles are 14 inches long, made of 3-ply hard-

wood board, have cherry or walnut handles and

hard maple balls. Green numbers are printed on

both sides of paddles.

Postpaid $1.50
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World Wide Games (p. 11)


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Chinese Friends

[image of game]

Two persons play Chinese Friends, each having

two men on the board at the start. All men are two

colors. By placing one man on the board at each

turn, player tries to sandwich opponent's men.

Sandwiched men are turned over, making them the

same color as the capturer. Men are added until

board is full. Player with the most men of his color

turned up wins game.

Playing field is silk screened on a 3-ply hardwood

board about 12 inches square. 64 men are two-color


Postpaid: $1.50

Korean Yoot

[image of game]

Yoot is an ancient game of Korea and is still a

popular game in that country, especially for two

weeks around New Year's Day. It can be played

by 2, 3, or 4 persons, also teams. Each player

has four men which move around the board to

home, moves being determined by 4 throwing


Playing field is silk screened on a 3-ply hardwood

board about 12 inches square. White birch Yoot sticks

are marked on one side by woodburning and then hand

rubbed with a natural finish.

Postpaid: $1.50

WORLD WIDE GAMES Radnor Road, Delaware, Ohio
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World Wide Games (p. 12)


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The Japanese game of Gomoku or Gomoku-Narabe is

centuries old. Similar games are O-Mok in Korea and

the very ancient "Go" in China which dates back to

2256 B.C.

Two persons may play Gomoku and the object is to

get five marbles in a row in any direction while pre-

venting your opponent from doing the same with his


In Japan the game is played with black and white

stones which are placed at the intersection of verti-

cal and horizontal lines. However, we use marbles

instead of stones and have drilled holes where the

intersections of the lines would be. On this board,

the stones or marbles can't slide around, but will

remain where they are placed.

[images of game]

Board measures about one foot

square with 13 rows of 13 holes.

Marbles and instructions are


Postpaid: $3.00
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World Wide Games (p. 13)


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World Wide Games Kit

In answer to many requests we have assembled

this collection of games that will provide recre-

ation for 24 persons or more at one time. The Box

Hockey folds into a sturdy case for storing and

carrying the other 14 games.

We recommend this kit for families where lots of

children gather for fun, for recreation leaders,

county agents, 4-H clubs, churches, school social

rooms, hospitals, community centers, camps....

[images of box with games]


1 Box Hockey, also serves as carrying case $16.00

A - Ancient Table Games

1 Adi Board (African) 5.00

1 Gomoku (Japanese) 3.00

1 Chinese Friends 1.50

1 Korean Yoot 1.50

B - Games of Skill

2 Pommawonga at $1.75 3.50

2 Mexican Balero 1.00 2.00

2 Pic-E-U-Nee Ping Pong 1.00 2.00

2 Bonum Board-Scoop Golf 1.50 3.00

C - Puzzles

1 Hindu Pyramid Puzzle 1.50

1 Nine Block Puzzle 2.00


Total Value $41.00


(F.O.B. Delaware, Ohio)
World Wide Games (p. 14)


World Wide Games (p. 14)


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Ping Pong

Play ping pong

by yourself!

Be an individualist!

See how many times you can bounce the ping

pong ball back and forth across the miniature

net on this siamese twin-type paddle.

New and different! Postpaid $1.00

[images of game]

Marble Football

Your football team is a huddle

of marbles at your end of the

field. Make a touchdown by

rolling marbles down a ramp

until they knock the "football"

into your opponent's end zone.

Size: 20 x 43 inches.

Green field has silk screened

white numbered yard lines and

end zones. Bottom fits into sides

and ends. Marbles and 4 ramps

furnished. Instructions included.

F.O.B. Delaware $10.00

[images of game]
World Wide Games (p. 15)


World Wide Games (p. 15)


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You will find an order blank with this catalog

for your convenience.

All games will be sent postpaid inside conti-

nental U.S., with the exception of Kicket, Box

Hockey, Marble Football, Adi Table and the

World Wide Games Kit which will be sent Rail-

way Express Collect.

Write for special rates on quantity orders.

Do you want future ads and information? Just

send us a postcard and we will put you on our

permanent mailing list.




industry located three miles west

of Delaware, Ohio, operated by

Warren and Mary Lea Bailey.

[images of ornament and pine trees]
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World Wide Games (p. 16)


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[images of pine trees with labeled games on them]

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This brochure details the products of the World Wide Games Company, located near the the city of Delaware, Ohio. The brochure includes instructions for playing each game.


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